Flight to the Moon by Jules Verne

December 20, 2011 17:38

Number of amazing prophecies Verne became public property in his unpublished essay "Paris in XX century", whose existence became known a few years ago. The manuscript was found by chance the great grandson of the writer, and this event has become a sensation.

Readers of the novel, composed in 1863, Verne takes the power of imagination in Paris in 1960 and details the things about the invention which in the first half of XIX century, no one guessed: the streets are moving cars (although they have Verne do not operate on gasoline and hydrogen —

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Sensational prophecy of Jules Verne. GMOs. Video.

October 25, 2011 12:29

The full version of the novel by Jules Verne, in the late 20th century, scientists have learned to administer the so-called "living atoms" that are responsible for heredity of plants and animals …

Cutting from the movie "The Secret History".

Started European spaceship

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Was Captain Nemo, really?

February 7, 2013 5:40

Jules Verne — a name known to all lovers of science fiction and adventure. The protagonist of the works of this remarkable writer — Captain Nemo — scientist-oceanographer and inventor who built a submarine "Nautilus". In the days of Jules Verne that ship seemed incredible and fantastic literary fiction. Interestingly, the legendary Captain Nemo was just a figment of the imagination of the writer, or he had a prototype of real people? To answer this question, examine the facts about some interesting people.

The adopted son of an Indian Raja

Jules Verne's literary talent is

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