The Venezuelan Humvee

In early 2004 the Venezuelan Army requested the production of a locally built, multipurpose, lightweight vehicle. In answer to the request, CAVIM (Compani a Anonima Venezolana de Industria Militar), a state owned weapons factory, joined forces with CENARECA (Centro Nacional de Repotenciacion C.A.), also a state company, located at Fuerte Tiuna, dedicated to military vehicles modernizations, and together they developed the vehicle using the American Hummer as a basis for their design.

After finishing the blueprints and initial tests in just 22 days, the prototype vehicle (named Tiuna), was completed, and after some further testing was exhibited during a military

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Specialising in the exceptional

5cm f /1.1 Nikkor-N Lens

The very impressive 5cm f/1.1 Nikkor-N lens was announced in February 1956 and was exhibited in Tokyo. The 5cm f/1.1 was a very radical lens for its time, consisting of nine pieces of glass, some of which were very thin split elements and others containing rare earth components. This stunning f/1.1 lens would reign supreme as the fastest lens made by the big four 35mm rangefinder camera makers, until the Canon 50mm f/0.95 lens was introduced in the early 1960s. The 5cm f/1.1 Nikkor-N weighed 12.25 ounces (355gm) and it could be stopped down to

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News from the black & white world. Edited by Mark Bentley.


Magnum photographer Rene Burri has been awarded the Leica Hall of Fame Award 2013 for his contributions to photography.

Born in Switzerland in 1933, Burri’s most famous picture is arguably his portrait of Che Guevara smoking a cigar.

Photo sharing website Smugmug has said it will not strip key metadata from pictures placed on its site. The announcement comes after controversial plans were unveiled by the government that could potentially allow free use of orphan photographs — images where the copyright owners cannot be contacted because the

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Third — in order

At the time, RAV4 their appearance in the world opened a new segment, which proved to be extremely popular. Competitors woke up at once, and for a long time, «Toyota» spud bed of compact crossovers in splendid isolation. However, even after the «Rafik» declared rivals, «Japanese» did not give their onslaught, showing consistently high sales due to the carefully balanced set of properties. In particular, the machine of the first two generations differed enviable reliability. Does it in the list of advantages of the third generation machine? It’s time to find out.


For almost twenty years the

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Attack on Zeno Lomat: cause or resignation Sukharenka obvious hassle?

The fact that the Attorney General’s Office are investigating the case of an attack on the National Audit Office Chairman Zenon Lomat said "Freedom" procuracy official Yegor Love."At this point in the General Prosecutor’s really being criminal case on the assault Zenon Lomat. The attack was indeed, and the suspects were detained. It was last Thursday in Mogilev. Until no more additional disk imaging. "Version 1: attack — local KGB provocation?Meanwhile, non-government sources report that against Zeno Lomat Mogilev staged provocation members of the local KGB.According to this version, several people who identified themselves as police officers used force against

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China is developing a carrier-based fighter SPECIAL VERSIONS, J-15

China began mass production shipborne fighter J-15 and plans to set up its base special purpose aircraft, reports now It is reported that in 2014, J-15 fighters for the first time perform the practical application of the attachment arms. Double version of the aircraft made the first flight of November 3, 2012. Also scheduled to make two more variants — EW plane and tanker aircraft. Broadcaster «Shenchzhen TV» reported that «the next 3-5 months» will be performed first flight tanker aircraft based on the J-15. It is noted that the establishment of such aircraft is justified because the criteria

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Celebrated 65 years since the death of Yanka Kupala

Latest exposure up certain things and manuscripts Kupala war period. Balances railing Russian hotel "Moscow" and door number 414, where the poet braked during his own compulsion and last visit to Moscow. Of documents — from the Russian FSB response to the request for extradition Belarusian researchers criminal case on death Yanka Kupala. Knows researcher Lena Burbovskaya museum. "It is said that after 75 years will open these documents. But will there be true? Realize when we in this unsubscribe wrote that the poet died Lutskevich, confusing even the name Kupala, because Lutsevich true, it is unclear whether there that

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PROGRAM F-35 LIGHTNING II exceeded 5 THOUSAND flight hours

Programmke on flight tests of the F-35 Lightning I held more than 5 thousand flight hours, according to a press release from Lockheed Martin on December 3. This limit has been reached on the plane F-35 series mounting SDD (System Development and Demonstration). In achieving this goal involved all three variants of F-35 — F-35A ordinary takeoff and landing (CTOL), F-35 non-long takeoff and vertical landing (STOVL) and the F-35C carrier-based variant (CV).   Since the first flight in December 2006, the F-35 aircraft completed 3464 flight. This amount includes:   91 flying a plane AA-1 2510 flights on

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Grodno beer precipitates

Pros and cons of Grodno beerIn the center of town, I could hardly find in a store two plastic bottles of local beer, and not so long ago the authorities did in Grodno obstacles even for "Lida" and entire refrigerated cabinets were installed Grodno beer. It actually speaking, could not compete, although the plant since 1877. We asked its director Andrei Losev now is whether beer, or not?"Not yet I can tell neither yes nor no, — responsible Losev. — Therefore, that utter release — releasing and utter not let — do not release. So it’s a little commercial maybe

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«Dziennik»: Lukashenko and Russia firmly supports her version of the story

"Dennik" writes that the opening of the monument to Marshal Zhukov held in Minsk in time when "small Estonia obliged to repel the next attack of its own powerful neighbor.""Lukashenko, of course, wants to show that he strongly supports Russia and its Soviet version of history, and Tuscumbia policy pressure on sovereign country," — emphasizes the newspaper."Dennik" quoted words minsitra dropped Belarus Leonid Maltsev during the festivities associated with the opening of the monument, and notes that "the Minister unless forgotten what people should represent, because he is a minister in Belarusian, Russian and not the government."The newspaper recalls awards

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