Khaschavatski area — in Washington

Audience spectators This time consisted of American politicians, political scientists and journalists interested in the political process in Belarus. We called Yuri KHASCHEVATSKY in Washington.Khaschevatsky: "I beheld real enthusiasm. Very staring film, very good reacted. Laughing wherever you need … The reaction was human and very Cancel. The movie has attracted. This view is organized by the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Lithuanian side has brought a lot of copies of this disk, but are not enough. Their dismantled simultaneously and even had to make additional copies of the computer. We did a lot of them, but all

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Lithuanian Prime Minister Belarusian Freedom

Sovereign Kirkilas during their own visits Radio Liberty / Radio Free Europe spent half an hour in the Belarusian service and answered questions from the "Freedom":Shupe: What do you like to have a Lithuanian Belarus?Kirkilas: Belarus — our neighbor, I myself do not just have to be there. This historically we are very peace-loving government, Lithuania never had any dispute with Belarus. And Lithuania is now very worried about Belarus and its future, with the overall situation, and we help we can. We not only have a common majestic history, we have many common cultural figures of Belarus itself, there

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