Is there any incorrect Vileyschine bards?

Center Vileika meets newcomer with posters warning about the festival. At the entrance to the Palace of Culture did notmany people: first participants, n» chinyaya beer and sandwiches await the start of the gala concert and the announcement of the results of the competition.I have used the pause to figure out why in the program no-independent Vialejka bards. Public activist Alexei Syudak led, for example, the well-known far beyond Vileika bard Ales Narkevich:"They are afraid that Narkevitch sing a song about a white-red-white flags. Basically, even if organize such a festival at Vileika district, there is someone to speak. Just

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Earned site

Society "The site is working normally and do not be turned off," — said a person unrelated to the resource.

Website stopped working at the beginning of July, in the early days of action of new rules governing the Internet.

"The reason was that before the wound criminal case, Site physically present in Belarus. While a move abroad, decided to temporarily disable "- said the source," Freedom. "

About criminal cases against the creators also became known in early July. Cases brought "for libel and slander." Head criminal case for slandering the Director Vileyka high school number 1, one

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