As professional property renovators, Victoria and Lee Alderson bought their current home as a business venture, and certainly never expected to settle in it themselves. Located in an attractive village with fields all around, the house was an ideal project. ‘The interior was very shabby and old-fashioned with orangey-brown pine everywhere,’ recalls Victoria.

‘It was really damp, too — there were lots ofwoodlice!’

Victoria and Lee, who have three children — Isabella, eight, and twins Eloise and Madeleine, six — had just begun restoring the house for resale through their company IME Properties, when their personal circumstances changed. ‘We’d decided

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After she downsized from a spacious home in the country to a long-term rented townhouse, Victoria Clive was determined to transform the tall, thin four-storey property into a stylish place to share with her two children, Roisin, 14, and Finn, 10.

‘The house was full of character but it was very basic with just two rooms on each floor,’ she explains. ‘Its vertical design meant it seemed disjointed and I needed to pull it all together. I wanted to make it my own, but I didn’t have a lot of money, so I went for lots of different fabrics, searched

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Wild Wind

Script writers — Zivojin Pavlovic, IGOR Bulgarian, Victor Smirnov directors — Alexander Petkovic, Valerie Jereghi operator — Vadim Yakovlev artists — Nemanja Petrovic, NIKOLAI APOSTOLIDI composer — sound engineer Eugen Doga — I. ZHAKICH

Roles performed:

Nat — Lyubov Polishchuk

Nikolai — VICTOR Proskurin

Carmelita — Svetlana Toma

Angelina — ELENA Kondulainen

Zlata — SYLVIA Berova

Costa Sekulic — MILAN PUZICH

Svetozar — Svetozar FLOWERS

Mitre — Bronislaw LECHICH

Nesterovich — George Montgomery

German officer — ROBERT DALE Cummings

«Moldova-Film» (USSR) —

• FILM-Danas. (SFRY)


Imprint according to the permissive certificate.

3 .2 / 5

The action of

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Tribunal returned from Svetlogorsk businesswoman seized watches

Tax and the police in a number of entrepreneurs took the product, accusing them of violating trade regulations. This caused a backlash: a symbol of protest small traders August 6 went to the area to Svetlahorsk executive committee demanding finish baseless confiscation products.A businessman Anatoly books, namely, arrested carpets and linen for the amount of 13.7 million rubles. Tax Svetlahorsk against him made the report of the Administrative Code Article 12.17.4 — "selling of food without documents that attest to their quality." Russian certificates are not recognized in Belarus.Since inventory products had great impropriety referee Victoria Laputa deferred consideration of

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Max Mirnyi will play the 19th player in the world

Max Mirnyi — The only representative of Belarus in the men’s tournament — met with the representative of Germany Nicholas Kiferam. German Olympian occupies in the world ranking 19th place, while Belarusian is now only the third best players Sotk planet.In the women’s tournament Belarus are already four tennis. Not lucky Olga Govortsova, which immediately fell to the fifth-ranked American woman Syrynu Vilyamz. Will be even easier Victoria Azarenka, which play a Ukrainian Tatiana Perebiynis. In the women’s doubles together with Victoria Azarenka Tatiana Poutchek met with the Estonian duoMaret Ani— Kaya Kanepi. And Olga Govortsova with Darya Kustova will

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The failed move infuriated whores

FEMEN activists planned to desecrate the cross of St. Andrew in Kiev on the day of the Baptism of Rus

Text:Russia Today

1025-the day of the anniversary of the Baptism of Rus’ movement FEMEN activists planned to hold an unprecedented audacity share and relieve themselves at the Cross of St. Andrew in Kiev. This was reported by the deputy of the Dnipropetrovsk regional council Victoria Shilov, Interfax-Religion.


According toVictoria ShilovFEMEN activists were planning to dress up as a nun in order to get to the place

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In Donetsk, commissioned a new 24-storey building goodies Victoria

Inspection of State Architectural — building control in the Donetsk region was commissioned 24-storey hotel complex "Victoria" at Prospect Mira, 14 "and" in the Kiev region of Donetsk.

As the press service of the ministry, "Victoria" — is a sports and entertainment hotel complex, which brought to the program of preparation and holding of finals of the 2012 European Cup.

The complex area (8.4 ha) is located in the central part of the park Donetsk. Now the complex asset already has a four star hotel with 38 rooms. Along with this, construction of the new building — the

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East Australia again "sink"

East Australia again "sinks" Natural Disasters

In the eastern part of the Australian state of Victoria announced the threat of flooding. Hazards include floods in Gippsland, whose level rose to an impressive height of the last few decades. Victoria liable to flooding, as there are already night torrential rains brought to 200 mm in 24 hours. In the next day the staff waiting for about 50-60 mm.

Several dozen residents of low-lying parts of the city Traralgon were forced to leave their homes after diving areas around the city by the bay water. Reported damage to 45 homes

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Two tornadoes have gone through several cities in Australia

March 22, 2013. According to several small towns of the Australian state Victoria, Located in the south-east of the country, swept two tornado. The fault of the disaster suffered at least 20 people. Condition of two of them with serious head injuries, is critical.

Hurricanes are moving at a speed of 20 to 50 km per hour. They tore off roofs, uprooted trees and overturned cars, leaving the "destruction of the band" up to 200 meters.

More than 150 residents of the affected communities and about a thousand residents of Victoria appealed for help to rescue workers.

Source: Lead

Kamchatka is preparing for an earthquake. Video


15.02.12.Kamchatskie seismologists warned of a possible earthquake. The strength of aftershocks can be expected to reach 7 points, residents of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to urgently examine safety and collect "disturbing suitcases" of provisions, documents and things essential. In high alert translated all the emergency services of the peninsula.

Report Abros'kina Victoria.

— Canned food, medicines, documents to still know who I am, if anything happens.

Xenia Mikita hastily gathers "alarming suitcase" — a bag with the necessary things. A few days ago the experts of the Kamchatka branch of the Geophysical Service reported that in the next month residents of

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