Polaris VP of Motorcycles Illuminates Indian’s Future

As Vice President of Motorcycles at Polaris Industries, Steve Menneto is the one who ultimately sold fellow board members on the idea of acquiring Indian in April 2011— now he’s entrusted with the task of making that acquisition pay off. Menneto started as a Polaris dealer in New York before joining the company 15 years ago as Director of Sales. He assumed responsibility for Victory Motorcycles in May 2009 and was promoted to Vice President of Motorcycles in August 2011. In this first major interview since the acquisition, he reveals the company’s plans


A.Milinkevich: victory Tymoshenko bloc schematic for Belarus

"And Belarus, certainly, it is also fundamentally, because for us European orientation, European values mean a lot. And this victory, of course, support the Belarusian democratic forces in their pursuit of European civilization. "• "Lukashenko is very interested in the orange power in Ukraine.", 01.10.2007

In Minsk, the anniversary of the beginning of the exhibition victory at Blue Waters

The Company Belarusian language celebratory meeting dedicated to the Battle of the Blue Waters. Olga Ipatova unveiled its latest book, a historical novel about the events. Poets read poetry — and their students, who sent them to the TBM from the regions of the country. On the walls — pictures kids and students.Salting Ihor Likhovyi expressed confidence that with time in Ukraine will stand a monument Prince Algirdas.The defeat of the united Mongol forces» at Blue Waters was the first great victory over the Golden Horde in Eastern Europe. He was an inspiration to the eastern Slavs, who suffered under

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Help about football» connect Iraqis?

After the sudden victory own team over three-time champion of Asia — Saudi Arabia’s national team — thousands of Iraqis in the evening on Sunday took to the streets. Many wept and danced obymalis.In Iraq’s national football team players come from all main groups of Iraqi society — Shia Arabs, Sunni Arabs, Kurds and turkamany. Prospect team looked pretty bleak, and least three potential coaches refused to lead the team. In the end, two months before the main competition was the coach of Iraq’s Brazilian Zhovan Vieira.Many Iraqi supporters believe that victory can contribute to national unity. Here that reads

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Manage Belarus interfere in the internal affairs of Estonia, without taking any measures to vandalism in Kurapaty and Yama memorial in Minsk

Man: "Pochetaemaya edition! All media propaganda destroyed ears of stateliness victory of our people. And what kind of victory? For most Belarusians war began in September 1939 after, as two international bandits Hitler and Stalin had agreed among themselves to divide Europe. As a result, many of our countrymen have a 39-year combined heads who are at the front, who are in the camps, and who in the Katyn forest. Later, as usual in the bandits, the Allies began to sharpen knives on each other. Hitler attacked first, but managed to get a victory Stalin. As a result of this

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Youth drunk tears flags on the streets of Minsk

It turned out that drunk bully attacked the 1st member of Goretskogo, but he gave it back. While police figured incident by guys heard of a police radio that the young drunk, vorachivayas with fireworks, colorful flags rips near "Minsk-Hero City" and throws them in Svislach. Report such incidents to the role of youth intoxicated on Independence Avenue near Victory Square.Observers point out that today’s celebration of the days of Victory impressed huge amount Young people on the streets of Minsk in a drunken state.

Victory day — it’s every Russian citizen prazdnichek

Lady: "I will answer for you: especially dear to me, Easter day and Victory. I 10 years was, when we thrashed, strangled, hanged, drowned. My father was a partisan, we were sitting in the dugouts hungry, drinking water putrid. And at the moment we are living well. "Reporter: "What is the most important thing you prazdnichek?"Lady: "New Year’s days of birth and babies."Woman: "For me the coming prazdnichkom that note throughout the state, all together. For example, New Year, Victory day, which are very important Belarus . "Man: "All prazdnichkom not bad. Example, the day of birth, the New Year."Lady:

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Lukashenko congratulates Governors 10 CIS

The message Lukashenko expressed confidence that on May 9 th century remains funny day memory of "heroism of those who sacrificed their lives defended the right to freedom and a bright future." President of Belarus also sent congratulations to a number of political and public figures of — Yuri Luzhkov» w, Boris Gryzlov, Sergei Mironov, Boris Gromov, Pavel Borodin, Misha Fradkov, Patriarch Alexy II. Governors of Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and the Allies Alexander Lukashenko Victory not congratulate congratulated.

What is more important — role in either victory?

Or burning now last Olympic motto — "the main thing — not to win, and the role"? Or normally when the winner of the Olympics the Chinese, for example, will pay million bucks (Belarusians, by the way, 100 thousand, and the Americans — only 25 000)?Start Olympics overshadowed the war in South Ossetia Let’s forget for two weeks mocking phrase "The main thing — not to win a role." Maybe it is suitable for competition in summer camps. In today’s world, where as once wrote Chingiz Aitmatov, the number of goals determines the merits of the political system, sports victory

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The tragedy at the Victory Square

Injured drivers mc. From a collision with a bus at the car "Porsche" paadlyatali wheel.Photo Pechanko Seeds:

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