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The power of push-ups — the power of man to watch

"The power of Push — Fat Man "- is an explosive and dynamic fitness videos. Recognized and pochetaemy to the world expert on fitness of HIT Calisthenics Kingz made a good, memorable and educational video. Although push-ups is one of the first exercises recognizable person, HIT, due to its good physical data indicates species Push, that many hitherto unknown. With all this, it looks very natural and it seems that each exercise — a piece of art. HIT also knows about the advantages of push-ups and provides educational materials to meet the extraordinary kinds of push-ups, due to which

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Magic Ben Earl (Season 1) (4 episodes) watch online

April 26 at the popular on the English Channel 4 kicked off the new show «Trick artist», the star of which was the magician Benjamin Earl. Ben Earle — already a big-name magician, which was one of the first who managed to fool Penn and Teller show at the famous «Fool us». This question, by the way, remains open, as Penn and Teller were not ready to accept that their fool. You can see the video. For those who are not strong in the UK, we explain — a dispute ensued due to the fact that Penn mentioned phony

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Galileo (all series) watch online

Research and entertainment programm. Any series "Galileo" is part of the studio and video stories on a variety of non-fiction topics. Flight of ideas Galileo knows no bounds. Galileo is not afraid of no confusing issues, because the theme for Video stories Galileo programs from inexhaustible. With this program there to answer the endless children "Why?"Will not be difficult: Why Swiss watches never were? Why Napoleon lost the first game of chess bot? How to create the most luxury cars and ensure the safety of their passengers? How to paste in tubes is colored? And for adults Galileo has

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Family from A to Z. The video for new parents to watch

Documentary series, which necessary by the way all the young couples who are in an exciting anticipation of a born baby. You will learn all the necessary information that will certainly help you to behave correctly in this crucial period for at least what family.

Starting from the most basic, must know that any pregnant woman: how to eat right, what mode of life followed in this time, what exercises to do. For you posodeystvuyut choose the right hospital, prompt ladies, it is true to breathe time own labor, so the pain was for all that small.

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Time-lapse video in motion Krasotischa! watch online

Time-lapse video in motion Photos are taken through a pretty long period of time, and scroll to the normal speed. For a video clip for 10 seconds to about 300-400 photos.

1) Views of St. Petersburg. 2) The "Canary Sky". 3) Panoramic views of Tokyo, Japan. 4) Light Arctic.

Views of St. Petersburg.

The "Canary Sky"

Light Arctic

Panorama of Tokyo, Japan.






New-york, Manhattan Ekaterinburg



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Romantic sunsets / Romantic sunsets (relax video) Watch online

Appellations of sunsets in this edition alone for itself already sounds like a little vacation — San Antonio de Portmany Cala Benirras (both in Ibiza), Carmel-by-the-Sea (California). The most beautiful and romantic beaches invite you to get pleasure, becoming a witness of a unique action — the sun, and he disappeared into the sea. The spectacle full of power, elegance and grace. Sweetens this video at the request of choosing natural sound atmosphere coast or Myagenko music dreams at sunset in surround sound.

Nature (rivers, mountains, landscapes, etc.)

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