The years biggest deals

Everybody loves a bargain, but photographers in particular thrill at the prospect of great gear for less. In our annual roundup, we present equipment that we deem top value, whether you’re shopping for travel shooting, everyday use, or studio work.


Tamron SP 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC USD

This latest addition to the class of pro-grade, weather-sealed, f/2.8 constant-aperture telezooms wowed us in our March 2013 lab test. With excellent sharpness, low distortion, and Vibration Compensation that gave us an edge of 3.5 stops on average, it was a winner. And at a price of $1,499, this full-frame optic comes

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The Go-To Guy

“Become the guy that makes good stuff, knows I people, and makes things happen, and you’re the one they’re going to hire», says Northampton shire-based Adam Duckworth, whose client list ranges from Las-toilet to Suzuki and the Royal Horticultural Society. «Then, once they’ve hired you, you need to over deliver.

«There’s no point looking back to how the industry used to be: it’s about working out what the new normal is, and how you can add value to the things that you do.

«For me, it’s about knowing how editors think, and what the issues are in their market, and

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The art of a sound image

Marrying photos and film, professional wedding photographer Neale James has nailed a niche with his audio-visual displays. Feel inspired to kick start a special DIY presentation that goes beyond the still with his advice.

Hailing from a background of more than a decade in radio broadcasting, perhaps it was only a matter of time before I somehow managed to shoe-horn the medium of sound into my day to day photography workflow, specifically weddings.

By sound, I’m referring to the recording of real actuality from a shoot; audio from a wedding ceremony, for example, the speeches, the general murmur of the

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Phantom Phinale

— The Video

(Bad) Manners Production, c/o Flight Simulator, RAF Coningsby, Lines, LN445Y.

Music by Queen.

Running time approximately 35 minutes, £15.00 + £1.50 p & p.

THIS PRODUCTION HAS been made by serving RAF aircrew and the proceeds are for charity. It is a tribute to the long-serving and apparently much-loved F-4 Phantom — designed in the 1950s and still a very powerful weapon. It takes us on tour with active squadrons in the Falklands and Cyprus, and on some of the displays performed last summer to mark the end of an era within the RAF. Throughout the video

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On the Tube

IT’S been said that the Internet is becoming more like the Wild West every day — it’s developed into quite an anarchic and lawless medium, where anything goes with barely a gun-toting Sheriff in sight. The web grew as a silo of information that lacked the instantaneous interactivity that its users craved. Facebook and Twitter came along at the right time, offering social networks that were superimposed onto the underlying world-wide web. Now users could post their own daily experiences, images or thoughts, direct from a mobile phone app, to enlighten their friends or the public at

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Lighting for Video

I enjoy shooting video on my DSLR, but often feel the need for extra lighting. Is there an effective fill light option for video, the way one would use a flashgun for stills?

If you are a Canon or Sony user, these companies manufacture flashguns that have an inbuilt video light as well. Third party manufacturers provide LED light options too that can be mounted onto a camera’s hot shoe.

If you are on a budget and feel ingenious, try this out. There are several mounts available that let you attach a smartphone onto a hot shoe. The dedicated ones

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Its in your Nature

Change is afoot in commercial photography. Depending on how one chooses to see it, the convergence of stills and video is either a new opportunity or a sign of the coming apocalypse. Photographer Tyler Stableford has chosen to embrace the change. It’s energizing his creativity and reinventing his business.

«The marketplace is going to change tremendously in the course of my career,» says Stableford, «beyond even what I can predict. I’m going to strive for the intersection of profitability and creativity. From a business perspective, if you can hold onto that, you’re not a victim of change; you’re an agent

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Onyx Productions/Aerospace Communications Services, approximate running time 90 minutes, £14.99.

DESCRIBED ON the cover as the «official video of the UK’s most spectacular airshow», this, in fact, provides more than just a video record of Famborough 1994 — it delves into selected areas in some depth and includes interviews with aircrew and designers. The whole package is a very professional production, unencumbered by intrusive music and fatuous comments — some might call it — rather dry, but Mark Ashley, as the commentator, does the job well.

Naturally the video opens with foreign military aircraft (there being little representation from these


Edit Video in Blender



Like with any high-quality video-editing software, Blender needs a lot of drive space to work with.


The open source 3D Modeling suite is available at

Blender, available for free at, is the best-known open-source 3D-rendering software around. However, it’s not only useful for 3D modelers — it actually has a built-in nonlinear video editor, as well.

If you’re willing to stumble around a complex interface, the flexibility of Blender’s editing capabilities is its clear advantage over other free options like Windows Movie Maker.


The biggest stumbling

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Get an invitation to hang out at Chloe Grace Moretz’s house on a Friday night, and it would definitely include a Keeping Up With the Kardashians marathon, tons of Instagramming, and a massive Call of Duty battle. Not exactly what you’d expect from one of today’s hottest new stars, normally seen rocking major designers on Hollywood red carpets. But Chloe likes to be a bit of an iconoclast. “There’s definitely Chloe who’s an actress, and then there’s Chloe who’s with her friends,» she reveals.

“When I’m

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