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Vietnams unmanned ambitions

In an effort to secure its offshore resources, Vietnam is looking to enhance its C4ISR capabilities: a move that opens the door to a host of opportunities for industrial collaboration in-country and beyond, writes Jon G.

A strategic requirement to enhance capability to secure and protect assets in the South China Sea is driving Vietnam to invest in the development and procurement of a range of indigenous and foreign C41SR-related systems, particularly unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Vietnam’s industrial capabilities in these areas are limited, given the country’s traditional focus on land-based procurement, but a number of developments in 201 2-1

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Vietnam Gun Trucks

On September 2 1967, a US Army 8th Transport Group convoy of 39 vehicles was ambushed a few miles west of An Khe by a company of Viet Cong (VC) soldiers. With only weak convoy protection of two Jeeps armed with guns, the results were predictable. Seventeen American soldiers were killed, 13 wounded, and 34 of the vehicles were damaged or totally destroyed.

In another ambush in late 1967, a U.S. Marine convoy of 10 trucks, escorted by tanks, heading for Camp Carrol from Ca Lu on Route 9 was stopped by mines, and then came under attack from small

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Our guest magazine «Dien Anh»

The first issue of «Dien Anh» was released in 1957. Teach mass audience to focus on issues of cinema art, to acquaint readers with the news of the national and world cinema — these are the main tasks set before our publication.

«Dien Anh» -organ Cinematographers’ Union of Vietnam and Vietnam Kinoupravleniya, published 6 times a year. Attract the attention of readers of our regular columns by which publishes articles, reports, interviews, reviews, informing about today’s cinema of socialist countries, introducing the actual problems of the theory and practice of cinema. We are happy to reprint interesting materials from the

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Eye Witness


Back in March 1975, photographer Dirck Halstead was taking snapshots of the rich and famous, staying in plush hotels and living a «photographer’s dream assignment» — but he wasn’t happy. The war in Vietnam had passed a pivotal point and now the scales had swung firmly in favour of the communist North Vietnamese army and the Viet Cong.

As they made their relentless march towards Saigon, the Americans made plans to pull out. By 21 April, nine days before the final evacuation, Dirck found himself back in the country that had nearly

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How many planes did the Americans lost in Vietnam???

Upon request PELEGRIM gathered information about losses of Russian and American aircraft during the Vietnam War. Vouch for the accuracy of one hundred percent of all the data I can not, but many of their logic is absolutely justified. Necessary information found only in Wikipedia, which in turn refers to the South American almanac Vietnam War Almanac. I can say only one thing — how to not lie. But if I’m wrong, you can point to any specific inconsistencies in the figures. And to begin with I wish to quote from the journal «War in the Air,» in which

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Bush: We will insist on ensuring freedom in Belarus

With all of this George Bush stressed that the U.S. "should help others (countries) to understand the blessings of liberty majestic, RIA" Announcements ".Stating that his administration would pursue a "strong foreign policy"The head of the White House official said that one of these areas is the fight against corruption in zabugornyh countries." We challenged corruption wherever we find her, "said prezydentZShA.Earlier, the U.S. administration imposed a ban on all defense supplies from the U.S. to Belarus, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela and Vietnam, adding them to the list of states to which the license for such supplies are

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Belarus in the black list of the U.S. defense

"U.S. policy is the denial of licenses and other approvals for exports and imports of defense products and defense services that are designed for specific countries or coming from these states. This policy applies to Belarus, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela and Vietnam, "says the order signed by U.S. Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Robert Joseph.As told RIA Announces U.S. Department of State, a corresponding order was signed on January 12, but came into force on February 7. Ordinance puts adjustments available in the U.S. Administrative Document "Conduct of international trade weapon", based on which

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TSAMTO. Top 10 most significant exports to Russia in 2011 in a segment of TDC


In the top 10 most significant events in the segment of exports of naval equipment Russia in 2011 TSAMTO included two contracts (one of which is still under discussion) and 8 of delivery of programs (by previous agreements).

Top TSAMTO rating of up to 2011 is the transfer of the Indian Navy to lease for 10 years, the K-152 "Nerpa" Project 971U "Pike-B." At the same time, the first place of this program so far been issued in advance (in the case of transfer of nuclear submarines to the customer before the end of December 2011).

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Causes of the U.S. attack on Vietnam

War was the next four years and by 1954, after the defeat of the French at the Battle of Dien Bien Phu, the situation has become virtually hopeless. U.S. had already paid more than 80% of the costs of this war. Vice President Richard Nixon recommended to use tactical nuclear bombing charges. But in July 1954, was signed the Geneva Accord, according to which the territory was divided Vietnam temporarily at the 17th parallel (where there was a demilitarized zone) on North Vietnam (under the control of the Vietminh) and South Vietnam (under the authority of the French, who

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Vietnam not only Lukashenko

My first recollection of Hanoi — the streets, hung with reddish posters with portraits of Ho Chi Minh and modern favorites and communist slogans. They are fun to look in the midst of Neon advertising of expensive boutiques and CPCs: paradoxical combination of communism and capitalism.Vietnam and BelarusIn the midst of my friends vietnamtsav — educated people — many heard the word "Belarus" — here responds: "Minsk". In the main, however, it is the older generation, many of them trained in Minsk and there were travel, traveling to the Soviet Union during the cool times of war. But virtually everyone

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