With Saul Leiter in the East Village

The East Village block where Saul Leiter lives and works is a short walk from any number of reminders of what the neighborhood used to look like—the Strand Bookstore, the pierogi emporium Veselka. In mythic times this was a landscape hopping with artists who frequented the Cedar Tavern and the Club, among them Richard Pousette-Dart, who early on encouraged Leiter to continue his explorations with a camera. That is a distant memory in this stretch of the East Village, along the streets that Leiter famously photographed during that Ab-Ex decade, today in the shadow of the gleaming new towers that

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When Mariana Esterhuizen and her husband left the city, the dorp they moved to was a choice of the heart.

In 1983 my husband, Peter, and I decided 10 exchange our lifestyle from a city-bound existence for life in a country village. We spent many pleasant weekends visiting villages in search of the perfect place. We looked at the architecture and infrastructure of several dorpies, we compared the affordability of property in a number of them, we paid attention to how we could earn a living in a particular area, but it all became too confusing. In the end we



Boasting a test score of 92% in the July 2013 issue, the Canon EOS 700D is a great camera for taking your next step in photography. Its 18-megapixel CMOS sensor, Hybrid AF and powerful DIGIC 5 image processor deliver brilliant image quality, while its ergonomic design, ‘ light weight and vari-angle 3in LCD touchscreen monitor make it a joy to use. These are just some of the brilliant features you’ll find on this fantastic entry-level model. Whether you’re a ‘ beginner or an enthusiast, it’s packed with features that allow you to indulge in creative photography and capture your best

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September 1985. The State of Emergency raged on across

South African townships, schooling was disrupted, government property assaulted by both protest graffiti and flames.

There were hushed conversations among grown-ups, conspiratorial almost, on how Tembisa Township was a dangerous place for young, impressionable minds. For my brothers and I who, for eight years of our lives, had been creatures of the city. City lights. City ambience. City food. A metropolitan existence.

The hushed conversations yielded an unforeseen «cultural» shock — a Great Trek to the bundus. to my grandparents’ headquarters in the Hill of Mice, a small village northeast of


Shining Path

Kemphill «Svetlana» for special people does not look like a place where people usually live with a disability.

This is a neat village in the Leningrad region with barn, bakery and cheese factory. Annual maintenance costs of the village in 4 ~ 6 million rubles — a donation from Scandinavia and Russia.

In early childhood, Sasha was in a state of clinical death for 17 minutes. Doctors advised the mother to abandon it, but she did not give him to his feet. However, raising a son with a disability on a modest pension it was very hard, and my mother

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Victor Hursik: I do not deny the Holocaust

Kalinowski: "Good day, Victor, what prompted you to write this book?"Hursik "My journalistic role here is limited — only as a technical artist. Necessary to pay tribute to himself drazhnentsy, and first, Nikolai Ivanovich Petrovsky — the main witness of the disaster. In-2, I would have thanked gone from us medic Historical Sciences Vladimir Lemeshenko managing compilation books "Memory", and that is very worked on me, telling that the guerrillas were in fact ".Kalinowski: "Briefly remind listeners that still left in the village Drazhna April 14, 1943?"Hursik: "Was the Passover, it was 4:00 am when around the village, which was

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The village where the rescue baby showers

Outside the German, in fact — BelarusPrayazhzhayuchy inadequate past, I always directed attention to the plate with an unusual title for the eyes — "SOS-Kinderdorf". The smallness of knowing the German language, it’s just translate — "SOS-Children’s Village." Later in the subway ad read: "SOS-Kinderdorf» — Orphanage home type — finds moms. " Almost 15 minutes from the center of Minsk — and taxi stop near the "SOS-Kinderdorf". It can be seen from afar — two 10-ka houses completely Belarusian type lure eyes. The grounds are very common for rural landscapes in Germany. Stream with fountains, neatly clipped trees, manicured

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Topics night air — crime and guerrilla television lottery

The theme of "Night of research" — Belarusian television lottery. Is it true that they are addictive in the audience and the players? On this topic traders will speak lottery and psychologists. And the inhabitants of Minsk utter, whether they believe in the integrity of the lottery.In addition — reports from rally supporters of the "United Our homeland" in Minsk and from filming a movie in n» play Kupala "Tuteyshyya" which leads director Valery Mazynsky near Bialystok. And our correspondents inform, now happened in Minsk poetry festival "word order" and as a recognizable DJ Laurel processed Belarusian songs.In the "record"

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Tatiana Borisik Life surpasses all imagination

Znatkevich: "As I understand it, you have begun to write poetry earlier than prose, even at the festival in Krapiuna field of Orsha in 2002 you defeated in the nomination poetry — and itself that you put more value, own poetry or prose?"Borisik: "I do not know, I did not even result in another, more valuable for me. Prior to his own work, I very seriously» sur am not, therefore, let people decide what is more valuable.""To assume that only creativity and nothing else — I do not have such …"Znatkevich: "If you do not treat it seriously» Sur, you

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Night Siege September 4

Now Soligorsk and passed Nyasvizh Trials activists of the unregistered organization "Young Front" Ivan Shyla and Anastasia Azarko. They blamed on criminal charges "in the role of an unregistered organization". Tribunal fined Anastasia Azarko to 1 million 240 thousand rubles, Ivan Shyla issued a warning.Oh, so guests are responding to this newspaper "Nasha Niva": Lis: "Shame country that judges young for her eyes … Thank God that this is not a white-red-white flag. "Liusterka: "repeating! Succession of generations of political prisoners and their executioners: Ernest Sabila Nyasvizh met with Anastasia Young Front Azarko, granddaughter of prisoners of the Gulag Alexander

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