Will the Lithuanian funds in Belarus?

Currently the Lithuanian side expects proposals from Belarus in matters of oil transit through the port in Klaipeda. This was stated by Minister of Economy Vytas Navickas. In the case of such a project in Belarus will be able to come through Klaipeda to 6 million tons of oil.Member of Parliament of Lithuania is Vaclav Stankevich in parliament specifically Klaipeda. He says that three weeks reverse salting Belarus Vladimir Drazhin came to the port to examine the situation on the spot.Question to purchase shares of one of the Lithuanian stevedoring companies involved loading and unloading of transport ships, explains sovereign

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In Vilnius died Galina Voytik

Galina Voytik studied at Vilnius Belarusian gymnasium at Vilnius Institute, defended his thesis in Moscow in 1963. She specialized in the history of the German language, taught in educational institutions — Grodno (5 years) and Vilnius (35 years). In Vilnius the first 1990s Galina Voytik taught German language from the Belarusian for students in Belarusian. Until recent days, Galina Voytik nursed Belarusian cultural and educational transfer in Lithuanian public radio. "Portraits of the inhabitants of Vilnius" and Belarusian broadcast Galina Voytik took over in 1997, after the death of their founder, her husband, the famous Vilna Belarusian leader Leon Lutskevich.

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Lithuania prepares for Belarus TV

As the edition Valtictimes, future transfer from Vilnius — a joint effort by the Lithuanian television and radio (LRT), the Polish public television (TVR) and the team of Belarusian journalists new channel Belsat TV. This was approved as the structure of the Polish TV satellite channel Belarus will take effect in November.New applets from Vilnius will be a one-hour talk show dedicated to the most diverse nuances of life in Belarus and adjacent states with her.As stated in connection with the start of the project CEO LRT Kestutsis Pyatravskis, "Lithuanians are willing to build a good neighbor Belarus and want

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The Presidium of the United Democratic Forces met in Vilnius

According to the chairman of the UCP Antola Lebedko, decided to quickly ratify and sign an agreement to participate in future parliamentary elections, also create a plan of the company, taking into account that there may be early elections.Also resolved a number of issues related to the activities of agencies that would help lead to the preparation of both campaign, and to the Public and Euro marches.The question of why the meeting was held outside of Belarus, Chairman of the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka said:"From time to time it is necessary to talk honestly. We all party offices —

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Why the opposition again going outside Belarus?

Anatoly Lebedko — One of the co-chairs of the Political Council of 4 united democratic forces, states that hold the conference in Belarus is rather difficult. He gives this explanation gathering in Vilnius: "Where is cheaper, and where some costs — it is not always determined only by the price of tickets. Vilnius for the coming all regional centers of Belarus. Well and money it does not exceed the rate of ordinary expenses. Humans have a visa … This — not Rio de Janeiro. And based on beliefs of security, a frank and open discussion anything close in Belarus will

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Meeting democratic forces: after Vilnius again in Minsk

Regional and Minsk city meeting will be preceded by the national Congress. Will also consider issues of election favorite democratic forces, the composition of the Political Council and other organizational matters.Head of the Political Council of the United Democratic Forces Alexander Milinkevich says that in Vilnius, the opposition was able to move forward: Milinkevich: "There is an agreement about things, where previously there was no consensus. Agreed on how to conduct the regional conference on how to conduct the Congress. Not agreed still relatively Regulations, concerning the functions of the leading bodies. And this will be a discussion. But I

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Or opposition could overcome the contradictions?

Members: the chairman of the Joint Party Anatoly Lebedko civilian and a member of the Political Council of the United Democratic Forces Viktor Kornienko."Decisions in Vilnius — a big step in the search for a compromise"Valery Karbalevich: "Opposition favorites eventually have gained agreement on the contentious issue. This refers to the holding of the Congress of Democratic Forces.The websites had enough conflicting information about the conference in Vilnius. What is the composition of this forum? As delegates will be determined on the CBC? "Anatol Lyabedzka: "Vilnius Conference proved to be successful event. There it was decided more than planned. We

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Presentation Square in Vilnius

Presentation of the book "Area" was go to every Belarusian town. It has the right to In fact, to go in every European capital, also in America, because of size and wrote very many everywhere. Why second after Minsk presentation takes place in Vilnius? Remember how the name of this size — the title of "Area Kalinowski" appeared already on the second day. April 16 — Solidarity day, which is celebrated in Belarus and in the morning we book editor Sergey Dubovcy with artist Gennady Matsuura, one of the heroes of the book writer Vladimir Orlov were on Castle Hill,

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In Vilnius discussed small Belarusian Constitution

In the first day, participants, and their was more 40 people working in 3 sections, open a discussion where the main documents that are prepared democratic forces. It — Small Constitution, financial platform and strategy for action. Then a plenary session. Chairman of the State Committee Anatoly Lebedko so commented this work: "I think we have become stronger before the Political Council and to Congress. I mean those who have advocated and Congress» unity around positive candidates with which to go to the people. "And now in Vilnius hosted a round table discussion on the brand new Congress of Democratic

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Leteryynaya poshests in Vilnius

Good day! Offered in conjunction browse Belarusian newspapers in different years, dated March 9."Goman" in 1917 signed by local and under the heading "Leteryynaya poshests in Vilnius" notes "and Havruziya meystsovyh together with those not local residents … was engaged at the moment leteryynym gazardam … Aburyvae abdiranne us our poverty, achmurenay nimble genyh predpryemtsov advertising in the form of exposed bait attractive Phantom: sacks of potatoes, loaves of bread, slices of corned beef, kelbasy, chickens, turkeys, rabbit, tselyat and even pig with piglets. Vyzbyvayutstsa people repeatedly tried in vain last penny of their own happiness. ""Reddish Polotsk region", year

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