Tladianta: vegetable was, became decorative

20 years ago I bought some seeds and tubers tladianta, which in our country is found in nature as in the Far East. I received a package in October, so we had to land the plant before winter. In mid-May, I noticed shoots, similar to the potato sprouts. I’m fed by a weak solution of chicken manure, and a week later markedly podtyanuvshiesya shoots tied up to the anvil. Overseas turned out of the sand vine: clinging multiple antennae for the slightest ledge, she quickly braided two-meter support. In late June, vine bloomed bright yellow «lights» bell-shaped flowers with delicate

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How to keep the vine from damping off

I want to share experiences on the conservation of winter green (nevyzrevshie) vines in the shelter.

In the spring of 1961, 24 vines I planted early varieties: Beauty Don, Lel, Pearl Saba, Amber large-berry (Friendship), Bogatyrsky I. vaccinate vrasschep. May was rainy and his eyes began to grow late. By the end of the growing season the vines grew in length of 2-3 meters. Despite the minting of vines, they were green, that is nevyzrevshie. In front of me there was a question as to keep them until spring. Then I decided to bushes to hide in two ways:

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Grapes fan

I №3 read an article in «Urals grapes» Ivan Petrovich Sailer and was very surprised by his care for the vines. Besides, the author refers to a new variety — CP F1, while stressing: «my own brand.» And it is with such knowledge? ..

Firstly, the author, in my opinion, gives wrong advice on formirovke vines. When shtambovoy formirovke, as I understood from the description, it carves a four vines and annually to replace her annual leave. But the vine — not currant, which has an annual cut was four-branch! In this age of the vine is just starting

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1. It took us about 15 minutes to set up and 45 minutes to shoot. We typically don’t storyboard any of the Vines we shoot. Instead we decide on a visual effect we would like to achieve and then figure out the rest of the stuff — dialogue, sound effects or camera techniques -during the shoot.

2. I have an Olloclip, which has been the staple of almost every single Vine we do, and I just recently bought a telephoto lens. I do have an assortment of lighting equipment, but haven’t dug too deep into lighting Vines yet. As Vine


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