Snapshots vs. Virtual Copies

The snapshot and virtual copy functions in Lightroom share some similarity some significant differences. Each has a valuable place in a Lightroom workflow, and it’s important to understand the differences to use each one effectively.

Every adjustment you make to your photos in Lightroom is stored in the catalog file as a set of instructions that’s only applied to copies created during output, such as exporting copies, printing, uploading a Web gallery, and so on. The snapshot and virtual copy functions allow us to leverage the power of the Lightroom catalog to store and display multiple

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Tips for SQL Server Virtualization

It’s hard to believe, but some people still believe that SQL Server can not run on a virtual machine. This is not so. SQL Server can operate successfully in a virtual machine. However, in view of its high resource requirements, I want to give a number of recommendations, which it is desirable to follow. Maybe the biggest difference between poorly performing a virtual instance of SQL Server and virtual instance, ensuring exceptional performance. The examples in this article, tips will help ensure a successful virtualization of SQL Server.

Council № 1. Take advantage of the second level address translation


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Real money

Texas Court acknowledged BitCoin virtual currency for real money. This decision was passed by judge Amos Mazan as part of the proceedings fraudster Trendona Shavers.


The judicial system of America arranged otherwise, their courts are used to get to the point.

The bottom line is: Shavers committed a crime and should be punished. We can not allow such characters to seep through the holes in the bill. This could be a bad example for citizens.

The most popular in the US and Europe.

I would live in the world Trendon Shavers, who made a living by

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Who is online war against Estonia?

What began to happen in May with web browsing in Estonia, has been dubbed the war in cyberspace. Estonian authorities have a duty to protect their country from a very small huge flow of data that almost blocked the entire virtual infrastructure of Estonia. In mailboxes many users of the web started rolling trash, garbage requests, data flows from many sources. So, on the night of 8 to 9 May traffic volumes have grown many thousands of times. Were overwhelmed by the web sites of the president, prime minister, parliament and other municipal agencies, intermittent work websites of several newspapers.

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Georgia-Russia in a virtual reality

"A fascinating phenomenon I observed in the virtual environment Second Life September 9, 2008 Anyone who has visited the peninsula of" United Our homeland ", which is placed near the Kremlin and the shape resembles a bear, there could really see the dark bear. When approaching predator began generously let Georgian flags that when a discharge uniformly disappeared. But when you try to approach the bear began to constantly produce them in countless numbers. Creep up unnoticed animal I have not fortunate and the observed phenomenon assured that complex relationship between Georgia and Russia is currently expanding not only a

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Exposition complex virtual museum

In the "virtual museum" implement the following concept: a special computer-controlled equipment stereoscopic projectors and plasma displays) creates on the walls, floor and ceiling of one or several "rooms" a kind of "virtual space of" inside of which it is a realistic way to "move" the museum visitors . Exhibits of a museum mozhdet be anything, ranging from technical models of the weapons or equipment of any era, to as much as battlefields, and, unlike traditional museums, "artifacts" appear in both statics and dynamics, with the most spectacular angles, audiences are in the thick of things, literally "diving" into what

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In Sarov developed programs for supercomputers

In the Russian Federal Nuclear Center (Sarov, formerly Arzamas-16) created the first version of the software package to meet the challenges of hydro, nuclear power and aerodynamics. This is the "AN" According to the Department of Communications of Rosatom.

All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics (VNIIEF), Sarov was selected by the Government of the Russian Federation government orders the sole executor of the project "Development of supercomputers and gridtehnology." In 2010, Rosatom spent on it 1.1 billion.

Development of the software package was conducted in the Department of Mathematics of the Institute of Theoretical and Mathematical

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Motorized troops received a new simulator for conducting

virtual battlefield


Motorized Rifle Brigade in the suburban Alabino got a new trainer "Combat", by which the soldiers will be able to work out the interaction on the virtual battlefield, the representative of the press service of the Defense Ministry and information on ground forces Colonel Nikolai Donyushkin.

Scientists have made for astronauts virtual reality helmet


Institute of Biomedical Problems (IBMP RAS) has created a hardware and software system of virtual reality for training astronauts key operations to land on another planet and offers a compact version of its use during the long stay of astronauts on the International Space Station, "Interfax-AVN" Director of the Institute, Igor Ushakov.

"In a complex world into account parameters, weather, geographic, seasonal, temporary conditions, the proposed model of space technology — lander, robotic rovers. Additional testing of emergency situations — accidents and dust storms. Complex has been praised by the astronauts who

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Interactive project Virtual Aerospace School

December 11, 2012

At the initiative of Governor Alexander Vilkul in the Dnipropetrovsk region started the first in Ukraine a unique electronic project "Virtual aerospace school." This interactive project allows young people aged 12 to 18 years, regardless of place of residence via the Internet to get aerospace education. This includes listening to lectures by leading professors of Dnipropetrovsk and Ukraine.

Dnipropetrovsk — cosmic capital of Ukraine and one of the world’s centers of space-rocket engineering. The area boasts the names of his fellow countrymen Michael Yangelya, Alexander Makarov, Stanislaus Konyukhova who are the creators of domestic

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