As the apple of his eye

What should be done to preserve vision, how to get something that is not preserved, — issue of concern to all, and a lack of publications on this subject does not happen ever. We offer readers news from the front edge of science, and start with the good: the summer in the middle lane is not only useful because you can eat a lot of fruits and berries, and go on vacation away from your computer …

Long spring and summer days are pleasing to the eye, literally — at this time the development of myopia in children is

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A blood test for markers of viral hepatitis

Hepatitis A

Analysis of Hepatitis A (Anti-HAV-IgM, IgM class antibodies to hepatitis A virus) — laboratory testing to determine the presence of antibodies to hepatitis A.

Why do the analysis for hepatitis A?

With a view to the diagnosis of acute or recent infection with hepatitis A.

When detected antibodies to viral hepatitis A?

IgM antibodies to hepatitis A virus detected in the very early appearance of clinical symptoms of the disease, their concentration increases during the month, then reduced to normal within a year.

What are the indications for the purpose of analysis for

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Sore Throat in Children

Angina (sharp tonsillitis) is one of the most common diseases in children of all ages, starting from the 2nd half of life. It is most often caused by a virus (adenovirus, rhinovirus, corona virus, respiratory syncytial virus, Epstein-Barr virus, cytomegalovirus), bacteria are the cause of angina in about a third of cases. The vast majority (90-95%) of cases exciter bacterial tonsillitis — is β-hemolytic streptococcus group A. The viral forms of acute tonsillitis prevalent in children up to 3 years, after 5 years of more frequent bacterial form of the disease.

Streptococcal angina — Is a serious

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Chickenpox: How to move more easily?

After a brief cold events — cough, runny nose, raising the temperature, redness, throat and eyes — on the body of the child appeared fine pink rash. Most moms would guess that the child infected with a common viral infection — varicella, commonly chickenpox. It causes virus Varicella-Zoster from the family of herpes viruses.

The rash of chickenpox is a small (2-4 mm in diameter) red and pink nodules with jagged edges that appear on the face and body, at least — on the limbs. After a few hours on the nodules formed by small blisters filled with clear

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What is it?

HIV infection— A slowly progressing disease of the immune system viral leading to weakening of the immune defense against tumors and infections. Stage HIV infectionwherebybecause ofimmunosuppression in humans appear secondary infectious or neoplastic diseases, said acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

The first reports ofHIV and AIDS appeared in the early 80th of the twentieth century. Now these names are known even to a child. Such a global information campaign was a result of the fact that the disease is spreading at an exponential rate, the cure for it is still not found, and the only way to

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The second wave

Currently statistics clearly shows that the first wave of a pandemic influenza H1N1 (in some countries, there were already two) passed its peak and is now the incidence has declined. The same can generally be said of the "seasonal" strains of influenza and other viral respiratory infections.

Cases of swine flu registered in 209 countries, 14,142 laboratory-confirmed cases of the disease led to the death (the real number of deaths is much higher). However, forecasts the spread of the virus in 2009, made on the basis of information about previous pandemics have been exaggerated: the actual mortality and morbidity

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Herpes is usually referred to as small painful blisters on the lips and face, appearing at prostude.No actually variations of it so much more. His reason — highly contagious virus, transmitted from an infected person to a healthy one. Scholars have identified eight types of herpes virus, of which "cold" on the lips can cause two: the herpes virus type 1 (often) and type 2 (rarely). A distinctive feature of all herpes viruses, the ability of finding the hidden within the cells until such time as the decrease in immunity will not allow him to begin to multiply.

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Scientists of the Novosibirsk Center for Biotechnology developed an analog of swine flu vaccine

Swine flu. First started talking about it two years ago. A pandemic of fear, illness Mexico and the United States. Siberian scientists Vectors immediately receive the task — to ensure national security. Develop a vaccine that does not depend on foreign producers.

Tatiana Senkin, head of the laboratory culture of viral vaccines: "In April 2009, it was first isolated in July, we received the mother strain of St. Petersburg. In September, was the first experimental series. " The vaccine against swine flu produce large corporations in Germany, Belgium and the United States. But only here and

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The success of Russian scientists in the fight against HIV


Head of the Laboratory of Immunochemistry Institute of Virology RAMS Ivanovsky Edward Karamov spoke about the work of Russian scientists in the study of HIV / AIDS at the conference of the Russian-American scientific forum.

In recent years, the territory of Russia has sharply increased the number of people living with HIV / AIDS. If before 1995 the entire country was not more than 1000 cases of HIV infection, but now according to official data, there are more than 600,000 people infected, but experts estimate their number as high as 1.5 million. "In recent years we

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Flu Attacks!

According to preliminary estimates of physicians, the number of victims of the epidemic of influenza and SARS in the fall will be, at least at the level of the previous year. Even today in the capital, according to the Moscow Health Department, the number of cases increased by 60% compared to the summer period. Recorded outbreaks of SARS and other regions of Russia.

It is not necessary to guess what type of virus attacks your body and try to remove the torment you have symptoms and seek medical advice immediately!

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