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Belarusian MFA: reads the opening date of the Commission’s office until early

Press secretary of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Andrei Popov said that the delegation met with Deputy foreign minister Minister Valery Voronetsky:"They discussed a wide range of issues related relations between Belarus and the European Commission. The issue of opening the office of the European Commission still passes domestic reconciliation process. Read the opening date until the cabinet in advance. "The visit was part of an ongoing exchange with the views of the Belarusian municipal organizations and non-governmental sector.The Delegation reiterated the EU’s willingness to cooperate more closely subject to official Minsk 12 criteria that exhibited Belarus EU. During the visit,

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Iranian president to visit Minsk

The embassy also said that tomorrow arrives in Minsk press attache of the Iranian President, who will bring to the media for more information. Managing the press service President of Belarus Paul Light to our question about the days of stay in Belarus Iranian president said:"I’m sure answer this question only tomorrow. "Earlier visit, they want to cook several agreements for the development of bilateral cooperation in various fields, including economic.President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko visited Iran in December 2003 and in November 2006.And in September 2004 an official visit to Belarus then Iranian President Mohammad Khatami.

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N.Bazylevich: Check dad recently fetched

Sous: Natalka, please tell me how you think, perceive if the invitation of the Belarusian leader Pope Benedict XVI? And what criteria he can come to Belarus?Bazylevich: Already sounded different ideas, but it should be noted that a similar invitation to President Yushchenko come to Ukraine Pope said that the last time he come to Ukraine failed, and that he had a large plot, because I think it is also for Belarus hardly will find time. If we compare the number of believers who are waiting for him in Ukraine and Belarus, then this number will be different.As for the

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