New products.

1. Theo is a modular sofa system by Matthew Hilton for Case that offers versatile and comfortable seating options. Theo is available in leather or soft cover in various colors, in a three and two-seater sofa, armchair, chaise and corner unit. Tel: 020 7622 3506

2. Sweetpea & Willow’s on trend industrial style Spear Warrior coffee table shouts character and age. Its distressed metallic spear-like legs stand strong below the weathered surface. Made from eco-friendly reclaimed pine with an antique facade. Visit:

3. Cormar Carpets has boosted the number of its Express Collect centers from 10 to 16 throughout

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Flying Visit.


Rich Goodwin is a former RAF Tornado GR.1 pilot who flew 21 operations in the first Gulf War.

Currently an airline pilot, he is also now flying G-EWIZ both on the air show calendar and for competition aerobatics. The aircraft is a Pitts Special S.2S that has been modified so extensively over the past few years that it is truly one of a kind in the UK — fulfilling Rich’s lifelong dream of flying a modified biplane on the UK circuit. He recently spoke to GARETH STRINGER about his aviation career

What is your first aviation memory?


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In Minsk Delegation of the European Commission

The visit will last until October 11.Head of the Minsk office TACIS Aizsalnieks Janis said:"Mrs. Gardeman arrived in Minsk under the constant exchange of conceptions with Belarusian municipal organizations and non-governmental sector. Purpose of the visit — again reaffirm the EU’s willingness to cooperate more closely — of course, provided that the issues mentioned in the 12-pt that the EU could bring to Belarus, will be made.One of the specific points that will open a discussion and that we are very interested in is the time of opening a consulate of the European Commission in Minsk. Willingness to take such

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Milinkevich: power lost youth

Milinkevich: "Power lost youth. Authorities did not know how to talk to her because destroys active young people, but not to kill. During youth the truth, she is strong in spirit and still awaken others to fight. I see it as a lot of meeting with moladdyu. But power does not feel that the fight against youth does not make sense. "Alexander Milinkevich also commented on a visit to Brussels foreign minister Minister of Belarus Valery Voronetsky and statement by the Foreign Ministry poslkaga who called the visit "a good sign."Milinkevich: "I’m for economic cooperation, but such meetings should not

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Chavez flies again in Belarus

According to Prensa Latina, visit Hugo Chavez China begins on Tuesday, September 23. In Beijing, he plans to hold talks with Chinese President Hu Jintao, other government officials, and leading entrepreneurs in China.After Beijing, Chavez will visit Russia and Belarus, and then France and Portugal, reported Prensa Latina. "The main purpose of this tour is to expand bilateral ties and the signing of agreements in the economic, social and cultural spheres, the expansion of political dialogue on international issues of mutual enthusiasm" — said the agency.Recall, Hugo Chavez has visited Belarus three times — in July 2006, in June 2007

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Karen St salting U.S.» Ewart visited Grodno

Karen Stewart in communicating with Vladimir Savchenko interested: what the Grodno verbovaniya ability for foreign investment, privatization? Rising prices for energoelementy — or he reflected on the economy of the region, namely, the big gas consumers — "Ashdod"? Sovereign Savchenko assured that everything is in order, product profitability even increased, because they have learned to conserve energy and find new technologies. Asked about the future and guest parliamentary elections. And we asked the American ambassador impressions from meetings with local representatives political parties.Stewart: "The purpose of this meeting was to introduce the position of regional favorites after Congress incorporated Democratic

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Tomorrow may decide the fate of Brazilian tender FX-2

Some Brazilian media reports that at a meeting on December 18, Dilma Rousseff President (Dilma Rousseff) with the Minister of Defence and the armed services may be decided to determine the favorite F-X2 tender for the purchase of 36 fighter for the Air Force functional, reports now aereo.jor. br. If tomorrow will not be decided and it will be delayed until the elections in 2014, we can assume that the tender once again «died.» Brazilian Air Force fighters seek out the substitution of obsolete since the mid-1990s. During this «period of indecision,» the Air Force withdrew from service fighters Mirage

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Cover windows: partnership between Belarus and Iran

International Herald Tribune writes that his rapprochement of Belarus and Iran are trying to show that they are able to survive without the United States and Europe. Belarus Iran — another source of energy other — the newspaper quoted the Polish professional Grzegorz mufti of Stefan Batory Foundation. But the Polish expert notes that even if Belarus will really get oil from Iran, it will go through the Russian countryside, so that dependence on Russia to continue. According to the British Center for Conflict Research, working at the Ministry of Defence, there is evidence that Iran has already received assistance

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A.Milinkevich speak at the Congress, but in advancing the co-chairs will not

Milinkevich vyznat gratification that the Minsk city authorities permitted a Congress at the Palace of Culture of Minsk Automobile Plant:"In Congress, I will participate. And express my view the situation without fail.But I think this is a big step backwards, when the Congress will not be elected chairman of the Political Council. I always read it very principle to demonstrate our unity. And the impact on society. If we are fighting a round table with the dictatorship, the society is really unclear. And I will not nominate his candidacy in the co-chairs. But will participate in the Congress. "Release of

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Can the Council of Europe assist the Belarusian democracy?

Listen: Discussions are political analyst Andrei Fedorov and past officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Karen Akopov.Indicating that the barometer?Valery Karbalevich: "The position of the Council of Europe (CE) can be regarded as a specific case barometram European institutions regarding Belarus. In the near future this position in relation to the Belarusian management was quite suitable. In January Minsk visited President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) Rene van der Linden. Position new rapporteur on Belarus PACE political committee of the Italian deputy Rigoni also aimed at dialogue. So regular visit of the

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