On the hunt with Ilyich

P. Kwiatkowski

P4 1919 to 1923 I worked as head of state farm «Scherbinka-Zakharino» Podolsky district, Moscow province. I had had while two hounds harlequins named Cathay and Kara. On the hunt I had many occasions to meet with Nikolai Krylenko, with an experienced and well-known while in the Podolsk district forester MF Lukin, a forester from the village Korobovsky Bogdanov, who are often on the hunt with Vladimir Ilyich. Krylenko knew that my hounds work perfectly.

And once, during the second half of October 1921, on the hunt in the parish Voronovskaya Krylenko and Lukin suggested that I

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Vladimir Nosov, «I like to change the system»

Yvlskogo graduate and graduate student at UCLA after studying in the United States and worked for eight years, having achieved recognition and best practice in a clinic in Los Angeles, he suddenly moved to Moscow. Dr. Vladimir Nosov, head of the gynecology clinic and cancers of the European Medical Center, told why he came back, why there is no classical oncology patients than Hollywood are different from ours, and what it takes to defeat the deadly disease.

Yesterday I had an operation, which lasted seven. Women more than a year ago did not completely remove the tumor which eventually

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«Obsession people move PROGRESS»

Vladimir Fedoseyev and Symphony Orchestra

In the future, the Symphony Orchestra. PI Tchaikovsky and Maestro Vladimir Fedoseyev celebrate the 40th anniversary of the joint creative work. And this year the firm «Melody» in Milan received the prestigious International Classical Music Awards for the CD «Russian Seasons» with the three ballets by Igor Stravinsky. The earliest submitted on CD recordings were made in 1982, is «The Rite of Spring» performed by the TSO. Offer to listen to the previous «Spring» ballet composer by the same team only recently, in 2007. «Petrushka» was first introduced to the Parisian public for more

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In Kurapaty victims commemorated

At the memorial service in Kurapaty gathered more than 2-10’s people. Among them were activists of the unregistered organization "Young Front", chairman of the section "Memorial" Society for Protection of monuments and historical heritage Vladimir Romanovsky, helpers "case of 14" Anton Koipish and Vladimir Sergeev, representatives of the intelligentsia.

After about crosses laid flowers and lit candles placed, held an impromptu rally. The first speaker was Vladimir Romanovsky:"There was another form of punishment as a disqualification.’s Specific disqualification, inability to express the people the right to choose their own power and using power — and this is at

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Gomel UCP activist Vladimir Katsora arrested for 7 days

Vladimir Katsora promptly taken to the tribunal railway area. Kozyrev referee punished activist 7 days of arrest. According Katsora his arrest is connected with 2 political events, to be just after this week:Katsora: "At Actually, I think it is — a provocation. So I wrote. Another way, provocation. It is connected with the fact that arrived after EU states. I think this is the main reason. I owed this meeting to organize our side on Friday. And the second reason — it is the European March, held in Minsk. " This is the fourth arrest of activist recently principal political

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Ul.Arlov: My heroes worked on me — as a person and as a writer

Heroes in the midst of the book "Names of Liberty" a huge number of people whose fates are linked with the Vitebsk region. It is internationally recognized painter Drozdovich Isaac, founder of the Belarusian theater Ignat Buynitsky, eminent writers Vasil Bykov and Vladimir Korotkevich also contemporaries writer Vladimir Orlov and his readers — Anatoly Konopelko poet, painter Leonid Borozna, a member of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Vladimir Pleschenko. According to the views of the Chairman of the Vitebsk Regional Council TBM Navumchyk Joseph, these people, who have already passed away, certainly deserves to be the heroes of the book.

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Election night

At the press conference, which began in the second half of the night, the CEC chairman Lidia Yermoshina said the election results to 99 of 110 aurugav. Middle of the elected deputies or 1 representative of the opposition is not. If Yarmoshina asked why, in her eyes, one of the opposition candidates did not become deputy she replied as follows: "We can not say that our citizens were highly praised the authorities, can not say that about them they say that they are either in chocolate or zefiry, but even more of our citizens are afraid of sudden movements. They

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Vitebsk beat Vladimir Bazan

In Vitebsk, about 20 o’clock in the evening and beat the editor of the independent newspaper "Kurier from Vitebsk" Vladimir Bazan. When he along with his wife, he vorachivalsya home, the house he was attacked by unknown, banged his head against the wall, smashing it to the blood.’s Wife called "fast assistance ", which drove Vladimir Bazan to the emergency room. Similarly, in mon in his porch was beaten independent candidate Andrew Levine.Vladimir Bazan, together with Boris Khamaida was an observer of the elections on the plot number 34-Vitebsk Kastrytsnitskay electoral neighborhood number 20

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Viktor Lukashenko gather around young bureaucrats?

Which group surrounded Alexander Lukashenko has the best chance to seize more principled leadership positions? "Narodnaya Volya"Provides an analysis and forecast of the situation, made a political scientist Yuri Baronchykam. Creator does not preclude the arrival of the young generation of politicians and even names names. "I believe that the main participants of the latest commands are Vladimir Mackay Natalia Pyatkevich Vladimir Matyushevsky, deputy chairman of the State Bank, and Vsevolod Yanchevskii Viktor Lukashenko. Specifically, this configuration of people rather young age, within the limits of 35-40 years, and appeared in the power, maybe will replace today’s leaders. Especially since

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OSCE election did not meet standards

Your rating yesterday’s elections. Discussion on the loose 

Z.Paznyaka: "Blind artists stupid instructions Europe" Elections to the Chamber did not take place. Election farce regime abdurvanni people absolutely failed. That in spite of all the trivial failure, the Central Election Commission announced that Tipo 75 percent of voters voted, testifies frank and sassy usurpation of power in BelarusGuardian: "The severe fluctuation in sincerity Lukashenko" Western media comment the results of elections in Belarus.

Human rights activists and election resultsCommissions, the opacity of their work, forcing a premature voting closed on seeing during the count — it’s all for

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