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Vladimir on the phone said that the police were waiting for him at home and forced open the door. According to Vladimir, during a search police found nearly two thousand copies of the newspaper freshest "Here and now." 11.20 In search lasted more. Vladimir Kazeko states that this time the room was already 5 employees Drogichin police department."They constantly use mobile communication. Ask questions like that to find where to find and how to find? Warned me that there would be a protocol, and can be taken to the police station building," — said Vladimir Kazeko.Vladimir Kazeko 45 years, he

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Ada Gallery — triumphant international film forums

Filmmaker Vladimir Kolos continues to collect premiums popular European Documentary Film Forum. After nedavneshnego Russian triumph in Khanty-Mansiysk, his film "Ada Gallery" dedicated to former prisoner of the ghetto, the former village teacher Ada Raychonok, received one of the highest awards at the festival in Berlin — a special prize of the European Parliament. Recall that Ada Raychonok art gallery founded in Hiermanavičy under Sharkovshchina and conduct open-air role and zabugornyh Belarusian painters. Now Vladimir Colas returned from Germany, spoke to him Igor Carney. Berlin "Europe Prix" — one of the most notable European competitions television and radio programs. Festival

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Storozhevka: soldiers’ bones were left in the ground until

Representatives of the Belarusian Society for Protection of Monuments claimed that this violation of the law.

Historian Vladimir Denisov said: "City officials promised 10 years that this area will be landscaped. Will be restored to the old church, chapel, designed by designer Ming Nektarevskaga a helmet old warriors. What there will be displayed lists buried in this cemetery. And will be made typical Memorial Center Remembrance of the First World War I in Belarus. Unfortunately, nothing is made. "

Sovereign Denisov said:"Just in order to hold utilities, heating mains, sewer and other networks, the Ministry of Culture, despite the fact

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APL «Prince Vladimir»

According to sources in the shipbuilding industry bmpd planned to be the official tab recently on JSC «PO» Sevmash » (SMP) in Severodvinsk fourth nuclear missile submarine strategic focus of Project 955 «Borey» (And the first revised draft 955A) will receive the official title of «Prince Vladimir» — In honor of ancient and baptized Rus Prince St. Vladimir, aka Vladimir reddish sun (life years — 960 — 1015). As you know, originally the fourth «Boreas» practically started the construction of the NSR in 2009 (estimated building number 204), the control of the Russian Navy proposed to assign the name

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In his heart was satisfied

"With the historical action has been 20 years, but she remembered very clearly, as if there was yesterday.I remember, in the souls of a certain category of "local" terror reigned. So, one of the "local" (I will call him) states that it recently summoned to the prosecutor’s office and warned not walking in the cemetery, because there will be peel. G. This is very afraid and asked me, and so I did not go. He stayed at home, of course, you have to write another one of his note about how he likes to go to rallies.Buying flowers on the

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Disabled punished for picket on 70 thousand rubles

Now Lenin Mogilev tribunal sentenced wheelchair Vladimir Usikova a fine 2-small quantities — it is 70 thousand rubles. Referee Ira Magpie found him guilty in September to hold a second unauthorized picket at the structure of the Mogilev city executive committee. Invalid ensure that its back in the queue for public housing, also compensated price vouchers for spa healing.In court, Vladimir Antennal defended himself. Sorry for himself, he did not recognize.

In the Tribunal Vladimir Usikova carried, and leaving the court, he had to zleztsi of strollers to walk down the stairs."Fact, that all the laws prescribed for punishment. And

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Can be a means to bring together web civilization?

Ira and Leonid — classmates, in 1974 graduated from the Physics Department of the Belarusian State University.Emperor Leonid — Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Senior Researcher, Institute of Applied Physics problems.Ira — Chief Accountant of one of the capital companies, as well as a private businessman is assessing mental facilities.The youngest daughter, sister settle Daria — a lawyer by training, has polutoragodovalogo offspring Olesya spreads on public principles newspaper "Nasha Niva"Maintains his own diary in the" Learn ".Ira and Leonid Lord instructed reporters the freedom to cook the transfer on the topic: "Can the Web become a means of

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Chamber will manage regional vertikalschika

His deputy was 53-year-old Valery Ivanov, formerly chairman of the executive committee of Shklovsky. Both candidates were elected unopposed basis. Candidacy Vladimir Andreychenko in a secret ballot in favor 107 deputies. The lone dissenter, and the next newsletter invalid.

Vladimir AndreychenkoThe new speaker said the main thing in the legislative process on the coming four years led Alexander Lukashenko — Create high-quality laws. Proceeding from this, the emperor Andreychenko identified before the House follow the triad:"We need to conduct legislative work so that she, in the 1-x, crepes, and tsementavala Belarusian statehood translation into the language laws value domestic

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Another war. Other favorites

Remind davneshny case. Once, during a trip my friend asked for a lighter at 2-age veteran guys. Wanting probably make a sweet and thanked them for the USSR-ovsky victory in the second world war. I. .. was just cut by saying that, he says, they served in the Home Army. In meetings with the heroes of the current applets, I realized that, in their own words, there are unknown for most of the official TV screens invisible "other war, other favorites."Shkirmankov: "Divide on the white and dark. Who in the Red Army -" fair "who fought against fascism, but outside

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In Vitebsk, the premiere of the movie Hell Raychonok

Most of them know how Mrs. Raychonok local Democratic activist who founded an art gallery in Hiermanavičy Sharkovshchina area and has almost 18 years in a row organizes open-air role and zabugornyh Belarusian painters.As an actress, many saw Hell Raychonok the first time, meanwhile heroine herself tape revealed that once wanted to act in films, and this his dream fulfilled filmmaker Vladimir Kolos.Introducing the film, Vladimir Kolos stressed that such figures as Ada Raychonok, there is definitely unique. And because the tape expressed enthusiasm for the company over 10 European countries. Neighbors of the Vitebsk region also discussed hot seen,

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