Brest recorder heresy against police

At the court session was Brest defender Vladimir Vyalichkin. He proves that Turchenyuk detained on 25 April in order to avoid the role in "Chernobyl path" in Minsk:"According to the report Bazilyuk police lieutenant allegedly" Denis Turchenyuk when checking documents behaved provocative and foul language of hooliganism. " Attached to this report more clarification mate policeman. But Denis whole conversation recorded on his own recorder. Well, in addition to all these papers — the protocol and report explanations — decorated without Denis Turchenyuk no his signature. When the referee saw them, then sent back for revision. "Said human rights activist

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Pilgrims come, drink, steal …

Pilgrim: "I here from time to time come as a pilgrim."Reporter: "From a distance?"Pilgrim: "With Borisova." Reporter: "You’re driving from Borisov here?"Pilgrim: "Yes. Want at least one trip to the post."Reporter: "Why did you drive here specifically? In Borisov, there is a temple."Pilgrim: "Temple — this temple. A monastery — it completely different. In the monastery of other furnishings. Father here very great. Listen. "Reporter: "And you will find here …"Pilgrim: "Help. Divine assistance."Holy Annunciation Orthodox monastery started its activities in 1994. Need to pay tribute to the churchmen. They are not distorted view of the temple where

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The award named Vl. Katkovskaya — Web Site Your Style

The competition received more than 200 content of the web Belarusian projects in 12 categories. The purpose of the contest — enable new exciting project to declare themselves known project — confirm its own status, says one of the managers TUT.BY Cyril Voloshin: "Our primary goal — to those projects which are not yet publicly known, to push, to give a prize not only in the form of emotional support, diploma, and a real help, we can give this project — hosting or free marketing company."Leonid Katkovsky "Award we decided to organize to keep the memory of Volodya"In This year

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Night Siege — 28 March

The forums web site "Charter’97" comment about Belarusian-Russian integration, and namely — the words of Pavel Borodin Russian policy on the ability of a confederation if border issues, customs and pricing policy is delegated to Russia. Comments:"Not a lot of them to Chechnya";"What about the people doubt — half there (in Russia) feeds";"We should not only scare people price for gas. Sustain. Mixture was kept for Belarusians and such. All this confrontation between the groups in the nation."On forums portal discussions are the statement of the Interior Vladimir Naumov that during a rally in Freedom day was arrested lady

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Militsyyant: Detainees themselves were to talk to the paddy

15 days in jail — now this sentence against youth activists Guerrilla in the district court of Minsk was the most frequent. His first was an activist Vladimir Sergeev. Arbitrator Veronica Abramovich Man found guilty of participating in an unauthorized march. Vladimir himself pleaded not guilty. "On the charge of participating in an unauthorized march, I remind you that the Constitution of Belarus guarantees freedom of assembly and demonstration, even more so if question holiday celebrating the anniversary of the BPR. "Acts police who blocked the exit from Yakub Kolas people with flowers and white-red-white flags, Vladimir described as "illegal."

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LDCs: Seltzer sick .. and gets in the bullpen far not all medicines.

According to the creator of the film Vladimir Kozlovsky remand KGB "American" — as a launderette. "Prisoner" American "Zeltser diabetes, gout and arthritis gets slammer far not all he needed medicine.""Pharmaceuticals Zeltser also need a lot. His friends suggest that he constantly takes some pills. Very hard present for yourself, so that in Minsk bullpen was such a range of medicines, both in New York. Because health status Zeltser, who among his Emiko known as a cause for concern in the midst of his family. In addition, Belarusian court does not apply to the creation of an exemplary "- says

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Tribunal: the existence of legitimate Gomel Bangalore

Subscriber action, coordinator of the movement "For Freedom" Vladimir Katsora so commented judge’s sentence:"It again confirms that our courts dependent on the authorities. We have many years can not draw on the most urgent issues — the abolition of social benefits, the consequences of Chernobyl — no rallies or marches, although orders were fed 10’s. "In court, Vladimir Katsora and managing regional organization PKB Vladimir Sekerka been explained that its decision establishing the one and only place to hold meetings, rallies, pickets — a platform at the DC Association of the Deaf "Vipra" City Council significantly violated the rights of

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Vladimir Lysko: Take torment for the Motherland — honor

Roots: "The Emperor Vladimir, what sense do you personally invest in the day Will What prazdnichek you this?"Lysko: "Will a day, day Belorussian People’s Republic of — this day of our independence. And I am convinced that it is the largest in our prazdnichek Belarus. "Roots: "It so happened that you — one of the first independent Belarus, who was punished for political activity. And significantly, condemned just for his role in the campaign to the anniversary of the BNR. Do you regret that became "the pioneers"?Lysko: "No, I do not regret. Besides, from the appointed time I left only

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Died Vladimir Fedotov

On Sunday, a 67-year life of the Botkin hospital died, former head coach of the Moscow "Spartak" Vladimir G. Fedotov. Vladimir G. worked in "Spartacus" in 2002-2003, assistant Oleg Romantsev, then the technical and sporting director of the club. In 2003 and 2006 he was the acting head coach, and from May 2006 to June 2007 — the head coach of "Spartacus." Under the guidance of Fedotov's team won the silver medal in the championship of Russia 2006, advanced to the group stage of the Champions League. Vladimir G. was a very kind and sympathetic person. On his official website,

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Discuss gas issue March 21

About it now said the first deputy prime minister of Belarus Vladimir Syamshaka. Currently Belarus buys Russian gas for 119 bucks for a thousand cubic meters. March first salting of in Belarus Alexander Surikov said that cost of gas increase in over this year Belarus 7-10%.Session of the Union Council of Ministers will be held in Minsk on March 21. "Gas" will open a discussion question in the narrow circle. Currently Belarusian side negotiates with "Gazprom" and the Russian government. "We’re trying to explain the need to adjust the formula and calculation gas prices"- Said Vladimir Syamshaka.In "Gazprom" these statements

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