In Kaliningrad pilots died from Belarus

As reported by the media is now Kaliningrad, in their kitchen was incorporated gas burner, and the house was suffocating smell sour. Specialists have found that death occurred as a result of suffocation about two hours before departure of pilots in their next flight.Vladimir Strezh came from Bobruisk, and Nicholas eyelid — from Minsk. After an internship in the United States have both been invited to fly on "Boeing" in Kaliningrad.Nicholas was the only offspring of parents. In Minsk, he also left a five-month daughter and wife. Vladimir did not manage to become a dad. Shortly before the crash his

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Bald Mountain

Now located on Bald Mountain Elizabethan courtyard of the monastery. But the glory of Bald Mountain bad as before.In past times, pochetaemye listeners, we broke up in the village on Zhukavets Dolginovsky tract. Talking about the times Kupala ancient Maria knows about the current times. And most of sore dilemma neighborhood.

Mary: "And now men are evil. Each other not love, evil. "Reporter: "And why are they evil?" Mary: "Yes, certainly, God gave. Right now the thief wanted to strangle me."Reporter: "Yes?"Maria: "Through the fence jumped. I say," I’m not alone. "And I do not have anybody." I’ve got a

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Naumov: Kozulin amnesty can not count

Recently the days of militia Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov gave a press conference. Reporters asked about the loud criminal cases, the fight against drugs and recognizable political prisoners.At the end of last year started in Belarus Amnesty. By the summer of 2008, when the amnesty ends, at will, according to the Minister of the Interior, will be released to 1.5 thousand people. Can and will be in the midst of their last presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin? "I will say this: we have no reason to apply for his amnesty. Amnesty implies that convicted Radzivil doing their duties while serving their

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And this Pavlinka lived under dry mountain …

No matter how trying the Bolshevik government to make war and kill palaces down landowners’ estates, and they all the same continue to live. And although from the houses was gone, but the former estate was left to live in the landscapes. That will spread over the old collective farm buildings and ash branches, planted there for not Jagiellons. Then in front of the village council namalyuetstsa accurate pond dug obviously not kambedavtsami. That middle of the field flicker former alley. These alleys of the big larch attention is drawn to the village Small Besyady. This ancient road of Small

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Malady questioned about January 10

Men suspected of involvement in the mess. Criminal case collected 10 January, after a street protest in a symbol of protest against government policies in relation to small business.Malady Vladimir Sergeyev questioned in the presence of a lawyer Mariana Semeshko. Vladimir said, "Freedom", which the district visited him at the tractor factory, where the young man working as a turner. The policeman handed him a summons to the investigative committee to which it was written that his cause as a suspect in a criminal case on Article 342 (role in mass mess).Recall, January 10 about 2- thousand people, in the

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Our homeland: the campaign is boring and uninteresting

On the streets of Russian cities virtually no campaigning, and for a televised debate of presidential candidates does not look more than a quarter of voters. Why did it happen? The most memorable episode of TV debates in Russia were not the violent disputes, and hassle. On the days of, immediately after recording the debate on one of the channels, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, coupled with its own security held little boxing match against Nicholas Gotz — a proxy for another presidential candidate Andrei Bogdanov. With all this Zhirinovsky, according to witnesses, recommended own protection "shoot" your own opponent in the hallway.

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In Ukraine, read and pray in Belarusian

Belarusian-Ukrainian dictionary — is the first foreign-Belarusian dictionary, published by an academic institution other countries. He appeared on the government applets "Dictionaries", adopted in Ukraine in 1999.In the dictionary of 723 pages. Circulation — 5 and a half thousand copies. His doctor put Pivtorak Gregory and assistant professor Alexander Skapnenka.Creators of the dictionary was not at the event. The Ukrainian side was represented by salting this country Igor Likhovyi:"This is, for sure, disingenuous, and maybe even bogaznevazhalna when people do not pray to God in their own language if they honestly thought transmit other languages that are not perfectly even

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Gomel arrested for distributing leaflets

Kuznetsov sovereign spread in 17 district town meeting invitation with ex-presidential candidate Milinkevich planned for the south on February 15.Witnesses in court were two main ideological management professionals of the Gomel Regional Executive Committee — Mykola Lysenko and Sergey Kirichenko. They claimed that on 12 February the emperor Kuznetsov handed them a flyer on the street.February 13, and for leaflets about the meeting with Alexander Milinkevich, chairman of the district court of Homel Russian Alexander Kostrikov punished with arrest for seven days the regional coordinator of the movement "For Freedom", UCP member Vladimir Katsora. Charges against Vladimir Katsora was the

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Tribunal over Vladimir Katsora lasted three minutes

He is accused of violating the order of organizing and holding mass events.On the morning of Vladimir Katsora summoned Russian district police chief of law enforcement police Major Sergey Yarutsich. Later Major Yarutsich, taking Katsora went to do a search in the office of the UCP Polessian street, 52.This is due to the fact that the houses on the street Barykina — 94 and 98 — were vserasprostraneny leaflets about the meeting with Alexander Milinkevich to be held on February 15 in the yard of the houses marked also in Yanka Kupala Park on Rechitsa highway. Ex-presidential candidate has

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Vladimir Sulkowski: Freedom Day — is everything

Reporter: "How better to Your views, mark this date? "Vladimir Sulkowski: "In our criteria, I think, the most important thing — that in the memory of man that goes prazdnichek. Need to conduct outreach activities to make people realize that this — our whole country prazdnichek. Naturally, you need to go out, so that people realize that there are still individuals who are not afraid. Now people are supposedly obsessed with horror. How much can be afraid … We painters usually organizes exhibitions on this date Varvasheni or elsewhere. " Reporter: "And what do you personally is this date today"?Vladimir

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