The homestead Lyutsinka honor Dunin-Marcinkiewicz

But that said "Freedom" commemorative events organizer historian Ales whitewashed:"Our museum — regional, on the edge of Lyutsinka. Here — photo Kryzhanskih grandchildren Dunin-Marcinkiewicz, from the 1930s. Lyutsinka maps and plans and circles in 1830. Museum also photos that reflect different stages of reconstruction wood houses a museum. exhibited works of painters.Create exposure helped me Member public associations "Historian." Now at the opening ceremony there’s a lot of painters, musicians, artists. Example, painter Vladimir Kondrusiewicz, writers Valery Bulgakov, Vladimir sodalite, Vyacheslav Ragoysha. "On this time it became clear that Lyutsinka visited descendants Dunin-Marcinkiewicz — Stanislav Plavsky Agnieszka Tadeusz Kryzhanskiya.Farm Lyutsinka

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Triumph Putin Lough Erne or who is behind Yakunin

 17 and 18 June 2013 G8 summit took place in Loch — Erne, Ireland, to discuss a wide range of issues, but the main interest was connected with the situation around Syria. The cornerstone of Russian foreign policy has hit on the head with the Prime — Minister of Canada, who said: "Putin and his government support of the Assad regime thugs on the basis of own reasons, which I do not consider legitimate." Of course, for a politician who called May 17, 2013 more actively assist Israel as an outpost of the "democratic" countries in the Middle East,

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New elections will not

5 people sought to recognize the results of elections to the House of Representatives 4th convocation in their own surroundings invalid, four more sought a recount at some polling stations.Secretary of the Central Election Commission Nikolai Lozovik said "Freedom":"Complaints although they were quite bulky, but certain violations of the electoral legislation, which would give a reason for canceling the elections surrounded or revise the results of voting at some polling stations, it was not. ‘Cause all the complaints were without gratification." Among those who are now denied CEC — Sergei Kalyakin, Vladimir Navasyad, Leonid Nevar, Vladimir Sekerka and others. Sovereign

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One day political prisoner Vladimir Lysko

Vladimir Lysko — Surveyor with over 30 years of experience. The specificity of the geodesic that 9 months of the year — continuous trip, so called field season. During the first years of work as a surveyor Lysko actually walk walked almost all of Lithuania and Latvia. And then I saw how piitetam with their "small homelands" are Balts, as for some reason disparage their own pages thoroughly soaked Russian ideology Belarusians. And as if that was ever to be independent Belarus. At first meetings were strolling whole "expedition"

Vladimir flattened "Freedom"

The fact that not all is hopeless, Vladimir

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Peat: from the fields to the battery

Twelve hundred of the boiler in the Vladimir region in this cold season, will move to the new fuel. Burning in boilers, peat region braces will bring savings in other resources, from which officers will be satisfied, and the business will be able to earn. The correspondent of "Business Navigator" was held on peat fields and visited the halls of the boiler in order to understand how to get the money out of the land which is under our feet.

360 hectares of money

By Vladimir Gusev to the district by car — an hour and a half.

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Bobruisk: entrepreneurs have not received responses

Biznesmenka Tatyana Lazareva said "Freedom" that Vladimir Krasnevski assured: all those who will lose a job, get a new place, but some will have to be retrained."As long as we learn, we will pay an allowance of 85 thousand rubles. Is it possible to live on such funds? And if they give us work, but we did not want to go, what next? "- So, according to Tatyana Lazareva, some entrepreneurs responded to assurances Vladimir Krasnevskaga.According to Tatyana Lazareva, Vladimir Krasnevski promised that during the 2-day entrepreneurs get answers to their questions.

D.Myadvedev — Candidate of power in the RF President

Incumbent President Vladimir Putin said that one hundred percent of the nomination. Vladimir Putin said that "knows Dmitry Medvedev closely and fruitfully worked with him over seventeen years. "Vladimir Putin said that he considers the real ensure continuity of power in Russia, taking into account the fact that four parties have put forward one presidential candidate, while two of these are parliamentary parties in the Duma and have sustained the most.For its part, Dmitry Medvedev said that consultations concerning his candidacy, will be continued in the coming a day or two.

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What is the cost of gas for Belarus in the coming year?

Vladimir Semashko says that this cost can be reduced for 7-8 bucks. So makarom, price increase relative to today will be only 10%.This approach does not fit fully in the formula calculations, which approved the Russian and Belarusian side. And she looks so 2008: 67% of the average European price minus shipping costs.Economic analyst Valentin Mackiewicz explains:"The cost of gas is dependent on the price of oil. Now I’m interested in the latest information. And the average European price looks like $ 300 per a thousand cubic meters. Based on this, the 67% goes somewhere around two hundred bucks.But in

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Guest on Freedom — Vladimir Basalyha

He is 67 years old, from Slutsk. Father — Samus Stepanovich — died in 1945 during the Berlin operation. Mom single mother with three kids, fine weaving towels deryuzhkami, tablecloths. Since then the artist’s admiration for special folk art and crafts. Vladimir Basalyha creativity as a graphic artist design begins with the collection of poems by Sergei Grahovski. Among the most fascinating works in book illustration — Illustration to the book "My Iliad" Vladimir Korotkevich, "Lamentation Cranes" Maxim Tank "of Nevada Neman" Larissa Heniyush … Since the end of 1970 and all of 1980 working on a graphic Basalyha series

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Mikola Kupava: So fruitful congress in my memory has not yet been

According views Mikola Kupavy, members of the creative association "Pursuit" of the Belarusian Union of painters, one of the features elected chairman Union Vladimir Savic — devotion state idea. And yet — the closest to reality programm. Mikola Kupava argues that the so fruitful congress on his memory was not: "Many proposals have brought in a total resolution. With regard to prices for works of art — they are now completely ridiculous; growth of pensions … Proposed to start the restoration, reconstruction of houses in Vankovich Slyapyantsy, are presently just stands without the owner and the house itself is worth

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