In Gus-Crystal (Vladimir region). Opened a high-tech glass fiber production

October 31 at Gus-Crystal a ceremonial launch of upgraded production capacity of high-tech production of "SALT Glass."

Investment in the project amounted to more than 2 billion rubles.

The company since 2007, is part of OWENS CORNING (USA)? world leader in the production and processing of fiberglass. Products are used in the construction and medicine, engineering and instrumentation, automotive, energy and aerospace industry.

In 2012, in the Vladimir region plans to make operational 17 new productions, on which to create 1,653 jobs. The volume of investment in these projects will be about 6.5 billion.


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The company IntelLeks was awarded Company of the Year-2012

October 23, 2012 in Radisson Royal Hotel were awarded the prize "Company of the Year — 2012". The project of "IntelLeks" "Fleet Management technology-based ITM» was awarded in the section "Software" for the contribution to the real economy.

Technology Intellex Transportation Management (ITM) solves the problem of control of their cars due to the fixup request shippers. On the basis of the specified criteria, the system finds the optimal set of bindings of empty cars to the claims of the consignor. In accordance with the calculated binding is the automatic registration of transport documents.

In the current system based on

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In Omsk, created a flying relay for ESU TK

MOSCOW, Oct. 26 — RIA Novosti. Experts have created a repeater-based unmanned aerial vehicle capable of providing high-quality digital connection created within the framework of the Russian Armed Forces Unified tactical control, the shortcomings of which have previously President Vladimir Putin, told RIA Novosti on Friday, Chief of the Army Intelligence Colonel Vladimir Marusin.

In July of this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin drew attention to the development of military and disadvantages ESU TK. The Head of State noted that the prototype of this system does not fully meet the specified requirements of the Ministry of Defense.


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In Minusinsk (Krasnoyarsk Territory) established the production of water-jet cutters

In Minusinsk two thousand kilometers from Krasnoyarsk Sea develops its own shipbuilding. There produce water-jet cutters. Production of the new company are at odds throughout Russia and the CIS countries. The main plus Minusinsk boats — a truly fabulous cross. A convenient waterway may be even the smallest rivulet.

Vladimir Panov found a job for everyone. Apply your knowledge to the fullest and deserved reward for the engineer failed either to Minusinskom electrocomplexes, no cars at service stations. Now Vladimir pleased with everything. Each boat — like a child requires attention and care.Vladimir Panov, designer-technologist RADIOELETRONNOY EQUIPMENT: "The

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* Alexander Lukashenko: "I guarantee and promise that answers will be absolutely sincere and honest. What I probably could not be suspected. "

* Vladimir Putin: "You know, sometimes I come home, turn on the TV. And suddenly, the leading national TV channel says: "Today, the president made an important statement." But I did not say anything special. "

* George W. Bush: "The only thing I am very sorry that I can not often go jogging. This is one of the most distressing aspects of the presidency. "

* Alexander Lukashenko, "I thought of myself: Thank God that there


Referees and inspectors matches of the 1st round

March 12 (Friday), "CSKA" — "Amkar" V. Pettai (Petrozavodsk), A. Lagoon (St. Petersburg), S. Barabash (Stavropol) Inspector — C. Anokhin (Moscow) March 13 (Saturday), "Anji" — "Spartak" Nalchik A. Nikolaev, T. Kalugin, S. Hraltsov (all — Moscow) Inspector — A. Butenko (Moscow), "Rostov" — "Tom" A . Kolobaev, V. Bobyk, Kulagin (all — Moscow) Inspector — Yu Vergopulo (Moscow), "Wings of the Soviets" — "Zenit" Yegorov (Nizhny Novgorod), V. Hodeev (Voronezh), A. Malorodov (Saratov) Inspector — Frolov (Ramenskoye) March 14 (Sunday), "Spartacus" M — "Dinamo" S. Karasev, A. Averianov, Drozdov (all — Moscow) Inspector — Spirin (Moscow) "Ruby" — "Lokomotiv"

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Peat: from the fields to the battery

Twelve hundred of the boiler in the Vladimir region in this cold season, will move to the new fuel. Burning in boilers, peat region braces will bring savings in other resources, from which officers will be satisfied, and the business will be able to earn. The correspondent of "Business Navigator" was held on peat fields and visited the halls of the boiler in order to understand how to get the money out of the land which is under our feet.

360 hectares of money

By Vladimir Gusev to the district by car — an hour and a half. We

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Open a command post exercises Kavkaz-2012

17/09/2012 at the site Raevskii (Krasnodar Territory) opened the strategic command and staff exercises "Caucasus-2012", which were visited by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Photo: Vladimir Anosov / Yugopolis

Polygon 7th Airborne Division "Raevskii" It is 22 kilometers from the Novorossiysk.

As expected, the President visited the Centre for Strategic Management, staffs of promising experimental modules and mobile communication hub, watch the work of advanced communications and tactical control, to get acquainted with the work of the inter-service training complex.

During the active part of the teachings of the head of state will oversee the

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Vladimir opened the school playground and MFC

In Vladimir, under the city program "In a healthy body — healthy mind" open multipurpose playground in high school number 16. It is fully equipped for lessons on mini-football, basketball, volleyball and track and field.

Total funding for the construction and renovation of school playgrounds in 2012 was allocated 11.9 million rubles. (3 + sites stadium).

September 13 Vladimir opened multi-purpose center for public service delivery. Total center-based work will be done on 53 services.

Corporation Bioenergy cooperation in the region

Corporation "Bioenergy" and a delegation of Yaroslavl Region Administration held a working meeting on the exit businesses Vladimir bioenergy cluster

During a working visit to discuss issues of cooperation in the sphere of small and medium bio-based turf, the exchange of experiences and perspectives of development of bioenergy cluster of Yaroslavl. The meeting discussed the development of a joint program to convert boilers Yaroslavl region on peat fuel.

The participants visited the production site of the cluster, including municipal boilers running on the turf. So, in the framework of the visit, held a working meeting with the Head of Administration

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