Top managers of municipal companies accused Putin of possession of profits abroad

Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation December 19, conducted a working visit to Khakassia. Sayanogorsk is a meeting of the Government Commission on the development of electric power industry. Putin also took part in the inauguration ceremony of the first hydraulic unit at Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station, also visited the village of Cheryomushki, which is home to the main plant workers.

Prime Minister flew to the station by helicopter. Immediately upon arrival Vladimir Putin went to the observation deck. There he was told about the restoration of the station, Life News describes the day the prime minister.


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Smorgon activist summoned to the police

Society Vladimir Shulzhitsky now in Smorgon police department. Last night in his apartment was searched: seized two air rifles and air pistols one.Himself Shulzhitsky during a search of the house was not present, because now works and lives in Maladzechna. According to him, his mother called and informed of the search as well as the fact that today in the morning he has to come to the office.

Vladimir Shulzhitsky surprised that he had seized air guns, because, He said, until now it was not necessary to record and could freely available in sports shops.

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Corporation of Ukraine. 200 companies — 2012

The companies that are included in the list of the top 200, prepared by the Ukrainian edition of Forbes, employs 1.1 million people, or 5% of the labor force in Ukraine. Here is a collective portrait of the Ukrainian business. It helps to better visualize the economic geography of the country, the contribution of different sectors to her well-being, the place of Ukrainian corporate sector in the world.

 In Ukraine two corporate capital. Staff? Apartment of 55% of the companies are located in Kiev. Their total revenue — more than 500 billion hryvnia. In the eastern

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Corporation Bioenergy cooperation in the region

Corporation "Bioenergy" and a delegation of Yaroslavl Region Administration held a working meeting on the exit businesses Vladimir bioenergy cluster

During a working visit to discuss issues of cooperation in the sphere of small and medium bio-based turf, the exchange of experiences and perspectives of development of bioenergy cluster of Yaroslavl. The meeting discussed the development of a joint program to convert boilers Yaroslavl region on peat fuel.

The participants visited the production site of the cluster, including municipal boilers running on the turf. So, in the framework of the visit, held a working meeting with the Head of

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Alexander Fyaduta — about books, which he did not have to an American

Society Transfer books to prisoners of exhibition space 2010 is prohibited. Political Prisoners offer to read agitpros of prison libraries, catalogs are close and not those works which wants freedom-loving soul and an inquiring mind. Released on bail from the KGB prison, known as "American," Alexander Fyaduta — the books that can not read a political prisoner.

Alexander Staganovich. Memories of the ambassador.

Minsk, "Limaryus," 2011

This is the first book of the new series "Belarusian memuarnaya library" that we have come up with Natalia Gordienko, a few months before the events of December. She came out just at

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After a near-death volgogradets became a healer




Vladimir Kravchenko — Here's a eye started to come to me from a coma.

In other worlds, easy and fun

Remember the Hollywood movie "Flatliners", where the heroine Julia Roberts with friends — medical students experienced the state of clinical death? In the movie, the young people

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Already today, April 14

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

Cloud …

…but occasionally vyblisne sun. Low: 1 — 5 ° C.


In Berlin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel meets with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Also in the Berlin meeting of foreign ministers of NATO member countries.

In Washington meeting of finance ministers of the G20.


In 1871, in Berlin, German parliament was set up — the Reichstag.

In 1920, in a village near the town of Strashava to Bialystok born Belarusian writer Alex Karpyuk (d. 1997).

In 1930 he

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Epic hero Ilya Muromets

Heroes. Picture VM Vasnetsov (Ilya Muromets — in the middle)

Epic hero Ilya Muromets — whether he was in reality, in which years he lived, where he was, not his relics are in the caves of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra? History is silent. But there is information about it in the noosphere layer of the Earth. In this article it is presented and received by the author.

Ilya Muromets — the real hero of ancient. Served at the court of Prince Vladimir the 1238 to 1255 years. Hailing from the village was really Karacharovo near Murom. At twenty years

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The company IntelLeks was awarded Company of the Year-2012

October 23, 2012 in Radisson Royal Hotel were awarded the prize "Company of the Year — 2012". The project of "IntelLeks" "Fleet Management technology-based ITM» was awarded in the section "Software" for the contribution to the real economy.

Technology Intellex Transportation Management (ITM) solves the problem of control of their cars due to the fixup request shippers. On the basis of the specified criteria, the system finds the optimal set of bindings of empty cars to the claims of the consignor. In accordance with the calculated binding is the automatic registration of transport documents.

In the current system based

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Beating Neklyaeva not yet investigated

Society Former presidential candidate Nyaklyayeu together with a lawyer Vladimir Bukshtynavym finished familiarity with the criminal case on the events of December 19. In the near future it will be forwarded to the prosecutor's office. The case consists of 29 volumes.

"This is a criminal case — one for all the accused, "- said the lawyer.

The lawyer also said that the beating of a presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva evening of December 19, 2010 the year will be investigated in another criminal case. The procedural decision this issue is not accepted, the website of the "Tell the truth."

Nyaklyayeu was

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