Commander of the Navy has denied the rumors about landing

Recently, around the paratroopers are many rumors. It was reported that on the basis of their supposedly will create the National Guard. That winged infantry throw to cover the Russian military bases abroad. What will happen with the "blue berets", which tasks they perform, in an exclusive interview with "RG" said Navy Commander Vladimir Shamanov Hero of Russia.

Vladimir, where such a buzz about the assault? As far as I know, after all these rumors and you personally touched.

Vladimir Shamanov: I think this is a provocation of information. The media reported that I was

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Mackay against the nonsense of the Kremlin

Society Head of the Presidential Administration of Belarus Vladimir Mackey called absolute nonsense Russian media reports about the alleged imposed on them by the limitations of the Belarusian authorities.

Thus in an interview with BelTA he said to Interfax, which an anonymous source in the Kremlin said that "on the territory of Belarus made regular restrictive measures against the Russian media … The decision of the Belarusian authorities, of course, as previously warned, complicate the lending side of Belarus Russia ".

It should be noted that on May 27, Alexander Lukashenko said the possibility of ending work in Belarus, some

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Highland electromechanical plant begins production of ants


Of "Highland Electromechanical Plant" (KEMP) is launching a new product — a mini-loaders «Ant» («Ant"). A small, manoeuvrable machine lives up to its name.

"Ant" in his bucket capable of lifting 650 kg of snow or sand to 3.5 meters into the back of any truck. Also, when changing attachments, he turns into a clever assistant, performing a variety of activities: street cleaning, spreading agents, kneading concrete and digging trenches. Office mini-loader is using the levers cabin is equipped with a two-speed heater. The machine is equipped with a hydraulic Danish, English, engine, other equipment —

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In Gomel applied for Chernobyl rally

Society Gomel social activists Vasily Polyakov, Vladimir and Vladimir Siekierki Katsora sent on April 8 City Council request to hold a rally on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.

The rally will be held on 26 April at 12 o'clock in the said city council seats for the events — the Palace of Culture Deaf Society "Vipra".

Vladimir Katsora

Vladimir Katsora"We want to draw attention to the unresolved our country Chernobyl problems, publicly discuss the socio-political issues in connection with the accident at the Japanese nuclear power plant Fukushima-1 and intention Belarusian authorities to

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In the Kuban Swan 5 years protects injured girlfriend

Several years ago, a flock of white swans on a pond settled in Masty region of Kuban.

In the fall, when it was time to fly to the south, it turned out that one of the females seriously damaged the wing and can not get up in the air.

A flock flew away, but with sick birds on the pond was her devoted friend. Since then, a pair of white swans live here, keeping each other that same legendary "Swan" loyalty.

A pair of swans settled on the pond recreation of the "South" in the fall of 2006. All this

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Anastasia Palazhanka: How can one characterize the event in different ways?

Society Deputy Chairman of the "Young Front" Anastasia Palazhanka commented on the final charge. Journalist Natalia Radin called home. Convicted activist Mikita Lihavid have not abandoned the intention to hold a hunger strike. Chief of Staff of Andrei Sannikov, Vladimir Kobets have not yet begun to familiarize with the case.

April 7 deputy chairman of "Young Front" Anastasia Palazhanka was summoned to the KGB. Anastasia has read the materials criminal case and witnessed it with his signature. Woman accused in the organization of activities that breach public order, or to participate in them. An activist pleaded not guilty. Having

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Belarusian Lyceum landed in Gdansk

Society According to the web site of "Belarusian News" in Gdansk is preparing to open high school where all subjects will be taught in Belarusian.

Classes with the Belarusian language learning relevant class 8-11 Belarusian High School, will start work on 1 September this year. In the early forms will be combined inpatient and home schooling, depending on the wishes of the parents. As a result, students will be educated in accordance with recognized in Poland and European Union standards.

Lyceum will be at the expense of the Polish budget, said Vladimir Kolos, founder of the National Humanities Lyceum, which

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Vladimir Vysotsky. The history of songs watch online

January 25 — a day of birth of Vladimir Vysotskogo.Emu would have turned 75 years old. Vladimir Vysotsky made history as the author and performer of his own songs under the seven-string acoustic "Russian" guitar ..

Historical figures, people of destiny

Vinogradov and Homichenko Fedorkevichey expose charges

Society Investigation Department of the Minsk police preliminary investigation continues to exhibit charges protesters on December 19.

On the eve of the charge on the second part of Article 293 of the Criminal Code ("participation in mass disorders") was delivered another 5 persons — Dmitry Drozdov, Vladimir Lobanov, Eugene Secret, Sergey Kazakov and Vitaly Matsukevich.

It is reported that on Tuesday will make a charge Pavel Vinogradov, Vladimir Homichenko and Andrew Fedorkevichey.

In this case, the Interior Ministry denied media reports that "Andrew Fedorkevichey and Vladimir Homichenko were provocateurs and agents of the Belarusian law enforcement agencies."

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Vladimir Khalip not believe the prosecutor's office, which denied Ales Mikhalevich

Society Father journalist Irina Khalip Vladimir Khalip said the test results the prosecution of Ales Mikhalevich statements about torture in the KGB. Another four activists charged softened. Dmitry Dashkevich kept in a cell in the "Volodarka" with an HIV-positive. Statkevich in prison started using glasses.

According to the Deputy Attorney General Andrew Swede, Could not verify a single fact of torture and abuse of prisoners "American" referred to by former presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich. April 4, at a specially convened press conference on the results of the verification of statements Michalevic, Mr. Swede said that in the KGB detention

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