Oil would be superfluous

Society Belarus is ready to pick up the entire amount of oil that it gives Russia, plus the use of four million tons of Venezuelan.

This was reported today by First Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Semashko, answering the question of "Liberty" on the source of oil in Belarus in 2011. And although he did not rule out that Belarusian refineries may have problems with processing such a large amount of oil, refuse, even on the part of Belarus is not going to feed.

Today in the House of Representatives passed a preliminary discussion of the program of the

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Lawyers Toustsik and Garaeva while work

Society The Ministry of Justice denies that the lawyers Vladimir Tolstik and Tamara Garaev denied licenses.

The fact that the Justice Ministry has decided to deny a license lawyers Vladimir Toustsik and Tamara Garaeva, Media said Vladimir Khalip, the father of journalist Irina Khalip, who is under house arrest in the case of the events of December 19.

Vladimir Khalip

"The official reason for withdrawal of the license — ostensibly because the lawyers refused to defend Irina. Ministry of Justice" protects "law, saying that if the lawyer has concluded an agreement with the client, he has no right to refuse

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Belarus asked Russia for a loan for $ 9 billion

Society This was announced by the First Vice-Premier of Belarus Vladimir Semashko. The money, according to the deputy prime minister will go to the construction of nuclear power plants in Astravets.

Thus Vladimir Semashko emphasized that 9 billion will be required for the construction of not only the station, but also the entire infrastructure.

Belarus asks a loan for 25 years.

"It will be a government loan, but we pushed for the commercial," — said Semashko.

The agreement between Belarus and Russia on all issues concerning the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant could be signed on March

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The Russians gave the Belarusian oil is 2.5 times less than promised

Society Concern "Belneftekhim" revised in January 2011, 617,000 tons of oil, even though it was in the plan and a half million tons.

About This was announced Today is the first vice-premier Vladimir Semashko in House of Representatives, where the preliminary discussion of the new government's plans for the next five.

In this regard, Semashko said the government will continue to work to diversify oil supplies — due to Venezuela and Iran.

Vladimir Semashko said that This year, will budavni tstva Belarusian NPP

"Although we are somewhat delayed the construction of nuclear power plants, but the main task is to

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Alexander Arestovich released from the KGB prison

Society Alexander Arestovich political prisoner was released from the KGB jail on bail. This is Radio Liberty reported relatives prisoner KGB. No letters or explanatory authorities activist did not write.

Alexander Arestovich was a trustee of the presidential candidate Statkevich and was arrested after the events of December 19 2010.

He is accused of organizing and participating in the "riot".

Alexander ill with diabetes and served in the KGB prison for more than 50 days.

As theRadio Liberty and wife Alexandra Arestovich, all contact with the press are forbidden him.

Previously, the KGB prison to house arrest were

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Prophecies of Vanga come true one by one

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In the Far East, sleeps veiled threat

Vladimir G. Sakhno, Chief Scientific Officer of the Far Eastern Geological Institute, professor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, told what natural disasters can trap Primorye.

Almost his entire life has been studying Vladimir Sakhno volcanoes. He has traveled halfway around the world, studying the most complex volcanoes and believes this activity is especially useful. Both for society and for the economy.

Apart from the danger, volcanoes may still offer benefits. Iceland, Mexico, Italy, they all use the volcanoes as a source of heat. For example, in Iceland, 90% of the heat produces geothermal station. The

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Artist forgotten genre. Vladimir Shubarin watch online

He was called a man-spring, a flying boy, and could not come up with the title of the genre in which he worked Vladimir Shubarin — unique dance, pop, jazz… His popularity in the 60-70s was mind-boggling, love of the audience — a large and fate took shape on the stage hard. This he danced with unusual ease, jumping high, flying across the stage, spun yuloy masterly belabored tap dance, but won the right to be the country's only jazz dancer really hard.

Historical figures, people of destiny

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Vladimir Basov. Duremar and beauty watch online

For their own fans, viewers and colleagues Vladimir Basov was a successful actor and director. But not enough people knew that a couple of times in his life he was on the verge of death, that he — big-eared and awkward — Fall in love themselves the most beautiful women of the country. Not enough people knew about his love for money, for fame, expensive and beautiful things. For others it has always been resilient, prosperous, spouting. Bass really try to watch this, but he knew what it cost him. He nearly died in the war. Shell-shocked after the

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Revived Preobrazhensky Regiment

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree "On the assignment of 154-th separate commandant regiment honorary title."

As the press service of the Kremlin, in the text of the decree states: "In order to revive the glorious historical traditions of the military, and also considering the merits of the personnel of the regiment, I resolve to appropriate 154-th separate commandant regiment the honorary title of" Transfiguration "and continue to call it: the 154th separate curfew Preobrazhensky Regiment. "


Recall the decision to revive the Transfiguration and the Semenov regiment Putin said

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