In Minsk, the exhibition dedicated to Korotkevich

Society Evening of February 10 at the State Museum of the History of the Belarusian literature, an exhibition dedicated to Vladimir Korotkevich. It was organized by the Union of Artists of Belarus.The exhibition — illustrations of famous works of Vladimir Karatkevich made by Eugene Kulick, Ales Marochkin, Arlen Kashkurevich, Aleskm Nikita Vladimir Basalyga. As well as portraits of the writer, written at different times of Michal Budaveem, Ales land. And a lot of thematic works devoted to the life and work of Vladimir Karatkevich. This work, mainly related to his second homeland, as well as places that are mentioned in

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Vladimir has opened a new perinatal center

December 28 Vladimir ceremony of putting into operation the Perinatal Center.

Center was built in 1990. The cost of construction has exceeded 600 million, most of the money — from the city budget. Complete construction of the object in its entirety let the program "Modernization of Health Vladimir region in 2011 — 2012 years." Also in the framework of the program for the Perinatal Center purchased an additional 67 units of medical equipment worth 80 million rubles.

Currently completed construction — assembly work in the blocks "B" and "B" of the total area of 4917.9 m2, received permission from

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Vladimir has opened a modern children’s tuberculosis ward

Vladimir renovated outdoor children's TB department of the city hospital number 2. It is located in a separate one-story building, which is in dire need of renovation.

As told in the press service of the regional administration, thanks to a dedicated during the 2008-2011 years, nearly three million rubles from the city budget were able to replace the roof of the building, window and door frames, as well as repair the water supply system. And last year, at the expense of the allocated 8.9 million rubles from the regional budget in the building of children's tuberculosis

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Vladimir opened the school playground and MFC

In Vladimir, under the city program "In a healthy body — healthy mind" open multipurpose playground in high school number 16. It is fully equipped for lessons on mini-football, basketball, volleyball and track and field.

Total funding for the construction and renovation of school playgrounds in 2012 was allocated 11.9 million rubles. (3 + sites stadium).

September 13 Vladimir opened multi-purpose center for public service delivery. Total center-based work will be done on 53 services.

Vladimir region develops downstream processing of timber

The administration of the Vladimir region as a priority encourages the development of deep processing of wood — one of the main natural resources of the region. Since 2008, in the Vladimir region began implementation of priority investment projects in the area of forest. Applications for participation in the tender for the implementation of investment projects submitted 13 organizations.

One of the largest wood-processing companies in the region — "Highland lesokombinat".

Main activities combine — harvesting, production builders' carpentry and joinery. The plant produces a wide range of planed products (wood panels, furniture fronts, euro wood) produces log houses made

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Vladimir Polyakov showed the world the sky in sapphires

Stavropol businessman Vladimir Polyakov was engaged in business in 40 years — in 1994. Served as a starting capital of the proceeds from the sale of "Moskvich".

Now, according to "Forbes" magazine, Polyakov is worth about $ 500 million. Good, however, the profit "Moskvich" brought 🙂

At the end of 2012 the share of the company Vladimir Polyakov, "Monocrystal" in the global market used in electronics sapphires and sapphire substrates grown from 20 to 28 percent.

Vladimir Kramnik won the Chess World Cup

Kramnik won the Chess World Cup

Vladimir Kramnik

Vladimir Kramnik Photo: Olga Maltseca

Russian chess player Vladimir Kramnik and Dmitry Andrejkin September 2 tied in the final match of the 2013 World Cup in chess. As the"Interfax", the game ended on the 34th move.

Thus, of the four-game final round three ended in a draw and Kramnik, who won the only victory for the first time won the World Chess Cup.

Vladimir Kramnik is one of the strongest players in the world. As of September 2013, he ranked third in theFIDE

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Vladimir Osipenko: He opened the door and froze on the type of diver with a shield

Society This morning, the deadline for serving a sentence for a person involved in terrorism cases, partner Vaukavysk businessman Autukhovich, a former military man, Vladimir Osipenko.

Exactly two years ago, February 8, 2009 in his apartment in Vawkavysk was arrested Vladimir Osipenko — a former military colleague and Autukhovich to work in the firm "Nika-Trans." That morning, Vladimir was going with a friend to go fishing, catch pike from under the ice, and could not imagine that for almost two years to get myself hooked.

"Call me and without any fear and apprehension went to open the door,

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The new lawyer promises not to abandon missile

Society Journalist Irina Khalip will protect the new lawyer — Anna Bakhtin. Presidential candidate Nyaklyayeu expect additional medical examination. Khalip and Nyaklyayeu remain under house arrest in their apartments under tight restrictions.


Parents of Irina Khalip on Monday completed all the formal legal process to hire a new lawyer for her daughter. They became Anna Bakhtin — known for her participation in the processes of political prisoners Enira Bronitskaya and public organization "Union of Belarusian Writers."

Earlier, Irina Khalip tried to protect lawyers Vladimir Toustsik and Tamara Garaeva. Last abandoned the work the day before. Anna Bakhtin

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Roscosmos buried Rus-M

October 7, as part of a specially organized Communist Party faction in the State Duma government hour before deputies spoke today head Roscosmos prince Popovkin. Parliamentarians have organized such a meeting in order to learn from Vladimir Popovkin prerequisites latest failures Space Agency of the Russian Federation. In fairness, it should be said that some nedavneshnie fiasco Roscosmos has occurred when the former head of sovereign Perminov, but the fire had to take concrete Popovkin.

Everyone expected that the Head of Roscosmos tells MPs only on why mistakes were made in the preparation of several gallakticheskih devices and booster module,

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