Vladimir Neklyaeva were taken to check the stomach

Society Nyaklyayeu met with lawyers and doctors examined him. Paul Seviarynets in "American" reads the Bible and wrote a novel. Relatives Irina Khalip hope it will be possible to conclude an agreement with the "reliable counsel."


February 5 Nyaklyayeu met at his house with lawyers who defend it. This is "Radio Liberty" said the wife of former presidential candidate Olga Neklyaeva. Since January 30, Vladimir Neklyaeva kept under house arrest at his apartment. Talking to journalists, talking on the phone and Internet access policies are prohibited. Including to Vladimir Neklyaeva not let his daughter Eve. Mr. Nekljaev sent

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The search for Vladimir Siekierki

Society Three employees of the KGB searched the apartment in Gomel, the chairman of the Gomel regional organization of the party "Fair World" by Vladimir Siekierki. The search took place in the absence of the owner. In this time Vladimir Siekierki Rechitza was in a party meeting.

The search was conducted in connection with criminal case, related to the events of 19 in Minsk on December.

According to his wife Tatiana, KGB officers seized a computer. She also noted that Mr. Vladimir was interrogated by the KGB, and on December 19 was at polling station.

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Jubilee Mulyavin partially reconciled singers

Society For the first time since the tragic death in 2003, the leader of the legendary "Pesniary" Vladimir Mulyavin reached a settlement agreement between the individual members of the famous team that claimed the legacy of the classic. In particular, decided on concerted action in the CIS state ensemble "Pesnyary" led by Vyacheslav Sharapov and "Belarusian Pesnyary" Vladislav Misevich. The Parties recognize that it is the most sensible step in the anniversary year of birthday founder of the "Pesniary" Vladimir Mulyavin that January 12 would mark its 70th anniversary.

Meanwhile, to still remain inconsistent relationship of both groups with

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Believers are asked to let go of Nastya Palazhanka

Society With a special letter to the faithful of the Protestant church of "New Generation" of Navagrudak appealed to the Prosecutor General's Office. From there, replied that the letter be sent for review by an investigator who works on this case.Pastor of the "New Generation" Vladimir Kachaguru says Anastasia Palazhanka, which is now contained in KGB jail in Minsk for participation in the Square — a parishioner of the church, they are well aware of it and are willing to vouch for it. Moreover, the claim that they are ready to take it on the investigation into Navahradak.


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Nekljaev complains about the torture of prisoners at the UN

Society Ex-presidential candidate, the leader of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth" Nyaklyayeu turned to Juan Mendez, the UN special rapporteur on torture.

— Today, Belarus has created a situation where even the relatives of prisoners have the opportunity to to see them — said the correspondent of "People's Will" Nyaklyayeu. — Relatives are unknown. The situation of prisoners is just terrible. Many say that the cells they are under pressure, but the public does not know who crushes on them, what methods is that pressure.

All attempts by the public to open the "veil of ignorance," in this issue

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Prisoners of American began to familiarize with the case

Society Ales Otroshchenkov began to acquaint with the case of participation in the riots on December 19. Anastasia Palazhanka left in the KGB prison. Alexander Fyaduta questioned again.

WithAles Otroshchenkov, former press secretary Andrei Sannikov, met in "an American," the lawyer Vadim Mushinskiy. According to the lawyer, Ales began to acquaint him with the criminal case. Wife of inmate Daria Otroshchenkov does not exclude that in the case within a month her husband can convey to the court:

"He is charged with article 293, part 2 — is involved in the riots. He pleaded not recognize any letters to Lukashenko

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Pay bills on electoral

Society In the new list of the European Union — nearly three dozen regional Belarusian officials and other officials who were involved in the repression following the presidential elections on 19 December 2010. This is primarily prosecutors, judges, heads of territorial election commissions.


"The punishment worthy officials, as they completely controlled the process of election fraud"

Entry into the European Union banned Mogilev oblast prosecutor Edward Sienkiewicz, chief of the regional KGB Igor Syarheenka, chairman of the regional election committee Valery Berestovoy, as well as his predecessor Nicholas Metelitsa.

Valery Berastau working as head of the Central

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Lukin has suddenly become a supporter of legalization in Russia gay marriage

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KGB limit contacts families of political prisoners

Society Released under house arrest journalist Iryna Khalip and presidential candidate Nyaklyayeu remain under severe operation conditions. Intelligence agencies to limit contact with the outside world, even their home.

The only source of contact with family, friends, colleagues and journalists to Rockets, enslaved in his apartment for two days were her parents. Vladimir Khalip, in particular, said that his daughter has no limits except in contact with his son, and settled in an apartment two KGB. Today, however, to answer any questions Vladimir Khalip refused:

Vladimir Khalip

"No, I can not answer — get me."

Reporter"Before you had a

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Wreath Memory: Vladimir Conon

Society Lost Vladimir Conon. Eminent philosopher and literary critic, Ph.D., professor left this world on the night of June 6. April 23, he was 78th year.

Vladimir Konan — the author of thousands of articles and dozens of monographs, compiled several collections of the Belarusian literary and folkloric heritage, one of the most active participants in the national revival of the country. Says the poet and philosopher Igor Bobkov, who worked with Mr. Conon.

Igor Bobkov

"I first heard about Vladimir Konan from Larissa Chernyshevoj. It was in the middle 80s. Then the department of history of philosophical thought in

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