The church honored the memory of Vladimir Karatkevich

Society In the cultural and religious center in Vitebsk Merciful Jesus came the solemn reception dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Vladimir Karatkevich.

I remember the evening staged parishioners and intellectuals of the city, and her keynote speech was a classic of Belarusian literature "In Belarus God lives."

During the evening sounded poems, excerpts from plays, for dramatic works, as well as a voice recording of Vladimir Karatkevich. At the completion of the joint Mass in memory of Vladimir Karatkevich, reports the website

Sannikov Lukashenko promises to bring to justice

Society Today the Democratic candidates for president of Belarus is predominantly held meetings in the regions of Belarus. Andrei Sannikov visited Brest and Kobrin, Nyaklyayeu Orsha, Gregory Kastusyou visited Sluck, Yaroslav Romanchuk Orsha, grains and Kohanovo, Vitaly Rymashevski visited Vilnius, where he was to participate in the program "Belsat". What was remarkable last week of the campaign?

Gregory Kastusyou SlutskPicture story

In Moscow, the presidential candidate Gregory Kastusyou speaks at a rally on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the uprising Slutsky. Why is he to go?

"The threat to independence, there is no less than at the time.

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Nekljaev: Economic problems rest on the political

Society November 26 at the First National Channel were scheduled performances presidential candidates Vladimir Neklyaeva and current head of Alexander Lukashenko. But there came forth a Nekljaev. Instead of Lukashenko's electorate had to watch the movie "Earth Belarus. Origins. "

The leader of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth" Nyaklyayeu began his speech by Belarusian against a poster — "For Neklyaeva." He began by saying that he wanted to talk to people like human beings. But listen to the dreams of the people, he says, the country already has one talker who speaks for days. The task of the head

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In Orsha celebrate the 80th anniversary of Vladimir Karatkevich

Society The famous Belarusian writer was born in Orsha, November 26, 1930. And since the 1990s — from the beginning of the Belarusian independence — that date to celebrate his native land every year. Originally, it was the initiative of local community activists, but later joined the state structures: city hall, the museum complex, educational institutions and libraries.

This year — the anniversary, so the events on the day of the birth of Vladimir Karatkevich in Orsha planned very much. November 26 at 11:00 was held for the traditional day for this event — to lay flowers at the monument

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Vladimir Korotkevich — 80. The writer currently

Society November 26 Vladimir Korotkevich turns 80. Many questions classics for more than a quarter-century zadash not, but you can get some answers. Ruslan Gorbachev in the online edition of the "Solidarity" prepared a "Favorites" Vladimir Karatkevich interview.

The text uses the expression Vladimir Karatkevich from the autobiography "The Road, which was" as well as answers to questions and Tatiana A. Gubich Shemyakin. Photos —

— During the war, when you, Mr S., was still a child, was killed your brother. Are you in the evacuation were in boarding school. Why?

— There was a common thing in

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Even today, 26 November

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.


…and the breeze. And Frost: -3 … 0 C.

Do not pass:

Concert Dmitry Vaitsyushkevich dedicated to the memory of Vladimir Karatkevich. Minsk, DC Railway, starting at 19.00.


Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin goes to Germany.

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych is going to Russia.


In Constantinople in 1855, died on the Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz (born in Belarus in 1798).

In 1909 born French playwright Eugène Enesko Romanian origin (d. 1994).

In 1930 was born Belarusian writer Vladimir

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Vladimir Korotkevich — 80

Society November 26, the day of the 80th anniversary of Vladimir Karatkevich in Minsk will be two musical party in honor of the prominent national writer and social events at the place of his burial in East Cemetery.

The first celebration for the 80th anniversary Vladimir Karatkevicha place in Minsk on November 23: poetic — in the Pushkin Library and music at the Philharmonic. November 26 filyarmoniya continues his three days ago, the program that organizers called the "Apostle." Artistic director of the event Victor Skarabahatau says that the band returned and will be treated to the works Karatkevich.

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ANT taken up arms to J: Morse

Society Popular group «J: Mors" fell out of favor to the ONT. Manual Channel team suspected of unwillingness to participate in activities under the general title "Belarus — that's us," imposing a moratorium on the presence of musicians in the air. But the trouble does not come alone: there was a risk cancellation of the concert, scheduled for December 11 in Minsk Palace of Sports.

The news of the nepragnazavanyya problem in his blog said the leader of the group «J: Mors" Vladimir Pugach. Back in October, the administration has proposed ONT team will join a series of traditional "lozungOvy"

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Wreath memory. Vladimir Datskevich

Society Today in Kamenyuki that Kamenetz district, Brest region, Vladimir Datskevich buried. Environmentalist, researcher Bialowieza Forest died at 83 years on November 22.

Vladimir Datskevich known as one of the first Belarusian environmentalists that called for the violations of international expertise in the Bialowieza Forest.

Ph.D. in Biological Sciences George Kazulka said that it was Vladimir Datskevich said aloud that Bialowieza Forest stolen by officials and does not correspond to the status of the territory, especially guarded:

"For the Bialowieza Forest it was a unique person. There is very little in the forest. He really puschanets. In the forest

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In Orsha started the event on the 80th anniversary of Vladimir Karatkevich

Society The famous Belarusian writer was born November 26, 1930, and in Orsha, in his native land, traditionally celebrated every anniversary of the famous countryman. This year, in honor of the 80th anniversary celebration, the celebration of the Vladimir Korotkevich, will be held a few days in a row, from 23 to 28 November.

Jubilee celebrations in memory of writer-countryman prepare and City Department of Culture and the local community of writers and museum complex "History and Culture of Orsha Land," and actually Orsha Museum Vladimir Karatkevich. The museum director Galina Jurkiewicz told that the first event will be held

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