Brampton 18-year-old activist on trial for distributing advertisements RL

Vladimir Shulzhitsky of personal initiative on small sheets of written notice listing the waves Radio Liberty i scattered them in mailboxes.On the page, he was finishing its own mobile phone in case anyone did not get ready receiver. So him and found the police.That’s what he knows Vladimir Shulzhitsky:"They called me before work, and we this man agreed encounter. He referred me to the address. I went to the address that, and there is practically right under the door waiting for me, and the district has a policeman. "Policemen uttered that seek out the thief who enters this Tipo porch,

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Colonel Vladimir Zametalin openly spoken about the relationship with the opposition Lukashenko … West

"Star""Star" in 1927, explains: "In the Lenin Institute come from individuals and institutions inquiries regarding what day — 22 or April 23 — finds the correct date of birth of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. Vladimir Illich was born April 10, 1870 on the old one style or 22 to the newcomer, as in the 19th century the difference between these styles was 12 days. Due to the fact, that at the moment adopted a new style, the correct date of birth of Vladimir Ilyich should be considered specifically April 22. ""Lim"In 1937, "Lim" to the 5th anniversary of the decree of

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In Kurapaty — new vandalism +

Listen: Broken, fallen and tilted crosses saw Vladimir Juho, which is one of the organizers of the farm and in the tract now came first.U.Yuho "Feels that it was made knowingly""Today I came in and saw Kurapaty terrible things that happened a day or two in the past. I was there on Thursday and everything was normal. And now come, and saw the broken crosses — here on the avenue crosses four broken. Also on the side of the field, which put around Kurapaty. Some crosses cranky — want to break, but they were very. Felt that it was manufactured

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Vladimir Orlov in the clinic

Voice Orlova cheery as usual. "Will not wait!" — Own beloved answer to the question about the health of the writer is not mentioned, but after the operation he was heaviest voice sounded quite cheerful and optimistic.Emergency surgery, which made the Republican Scientific-Practical Cardiology Center in Minsk, on doctors, was successful. Currently Vladimir pencil is in intensive care and rehabilitation starts.A few days reverse the writer was in London where he performed on and Dzyady participated in kalekviyume dedicated Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas. The theme of his speech — "Care of the poet with a clear announcement: version Kupala

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V.Semashko visits energy facilities in China

At a meeting with the chairman of the China National Nuclear Agency Shove Tsynem and chairman of the group process "Tong Yuen" Chen Weigen Specific questions of creation of legal framework for cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy.The parties discussed the implementation of larger projects vkladyvatelnyh concerning the reconstruction and construction of coal-fired thermal power plants.Vladimir Semashko also met with the head of the Chinese power equipment companies in realization of the Belarusian energy projects.As reported by official sources in Belarus, incidentally, Vladimir Semashko visited a number of Chinese power plants, which will be built counterparts in Belarus.

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Gomel public activists have not given the ability to challenge arrest

Sovereign Kostrikov referred to the fact that activists missed the appeal deadline of administrative arrest. Vladimir and Vladimir Katsora Shitikova arrested recently Will a day or. The Tribunal found them guilty of hooliganism. Activists believe the decision of arrest politically targeted. They turning their attention on a subsequent event. During his stay in prison they do not had the ability to pay the court fee for appeal. And according to the newcomer with the Administrative Codeto do this it was necessary to for 5 days, they spent behind bars. Besides activists not had the ability to consult an attorney. Pictured:

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Radunitsa Kurapaty

Arriving at eleven in Kurapaty, notice how the cross for "sufferers Belarus" in the midst of pine stands taciturn man Incline age."I’ve got no one is buried. But I was sent in 1940 after, as it is "reunification" with the Bolsheviks. They came, and repression began to Belarusians who lived ornate and worked perfectly.His father was arrested and sentenced to 10 years as socially insecure content. When I was three months old, the whole family deported to Siberia. We lived in the village Simakovo Korelichsky Grodno region. Yefim Rusetsky father was, and I — Misha Rusetsky. "Misha Rusetsky indicates certificate

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Editor of Stars has resigned

Vladimir Narkevitch controls only Belarusian-state everyday socio-political newspaper "Zvezda" since 1988. In This year he wrote a letter of resignation addressed to the Minister Vladimir Rusakievich disk imaging. In late March, a statement of the Ministry Board considered and did not satisfy the appeal of the cerebral editor "Stars." The Emperor himself Narkevitch currently on holiday, from which will come April 24. He says that such a step was required to go for health reasons.

In the House of Writers forbade talk about the victims of Stalinist repression

Knows the Organizing Committee Secretary Vladimir Romanovsky."We had 12 people. We then went to the lounge next to the cafe. Decided that we will quickly master documents — text" Appeal to the citizens "," Address to the veterans. "But did watchmen of the building houses a literary regime object. They uttered, so we immediately left the premises. Eventually a policeman came, and we pronounced it would soon finish and go … "Typically, members of the organizing committee meets once a week on Mondays at the Company’s office whiteRussian language. But now do failed as TBM organized their own event. "The

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Brest human rights defender, was fined 310 thousand rubles

Velichkina recently detained in Brest Will a day or: Police thought he was behaved suspicious and directed the attention of passers-by. During the 2-day awaiting trial Vladimir Vyalichkin was in temporary detention.But Tribunal over human rights activist a couple of times transferred and only now been recognized Vladimir Vyalichkin guilty in a small hooliganism, for which he was punished by a fine of 10 basic units (310 thousand rubles).

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