Detained by a member of the initiative group of Vladimir Pravalski

Society Yuri Pravalski, a member of the initiative group of presidential candidate Vladimir Pravalski, detained in Vitebsk on the evening of October 15. Told "Freedom" Vladimir Pravalski. The police refused to disclose the reasons for the detention.

Yuri Pravalski was arrested evening of October 15 on the way home from work. Four men in police uniform surrounded him, forced into a car and taken to the First Department of Internal Affairs of Vitebsk.

As the presidential candidate Vladimir Pravalski, the police denying him information about the reason was arrested his brother, and exactly where he is right now.

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Bearded Vladimir: Save NOT hide, and the case

Society The former commander of Special Forces Brigade Vladimir bearded man asked for political asylum in Germany. Today, he gave an exclusive interview to Radio Liberty.

Vladimir bearded man: "This is not an end in itself — to take and save your own skin. Goal — to find ways to effective, normal, good, allies, supporters and finish this thing."

Radio Liberty: What is the situation with your request for political asylum?

The bearded man: "The procedure is quite complicated. Goes verification of documents on all lines and structures. Usually it lasts for 3 months. Here the situation is such that

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CEC warned Neklyaeva

Society Vladimir Neklyaeva initiative group issued a warning. The decision was taken by the CEC.

12:50 "We acknowledge our mistake that somehow lost part of the initiative group identity, and they fell into the wrong hands. But we absolutely insist that no orders for printed products we did not put. And I think that 100 thousands of leaflets, which are printed in Samara — this is a provocation against Neklyaeva ", — said the head of the Central Election Commission warning of the initiative group Neklyaeva Andrey Dmitriev.

"I was struck by the Secretary of the Central Election Commission Nikolai

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Nyaklyayeu (biography)

Society Nekljaev Vladimir Prokofievich (biography by IN-BY.NET)

He was born July 11, 1946 in the town of Smorgon, Grodno region.

First married at age 19. His wife Ludmila was 5 years older than Vladimir and the child. With Lyudmila Nekljaev lived for 35 years. In addition to his daughter Ludmila — Ilona, they have also shared the daughter of Eve.

The second wife of Vladimir Olga is 20 years younger than Vladimir Neklyaeva.

Belarusian. Orthodox.

He graduated from high school number 1 Smorgon.

1961-1966 Minsk College of Communication.

1969-1973 correspondence courses at the Faculty of Philology of the Minsk Pedagogical

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Garkun — chief observer in Moldova

Society The head of the CIS observation mission to the parliamentary elections in Moldova was appointed First Deputy Chairman of the CIS Executive Committee Vladimir Garkun. Parliamentary elections will be held here on November 28 and the first observers will arrive on November 8.

The CIS mission will monitor campaign. The plans of the observers — a meeting with representatives of the political parties and the officials, employees Election Commissions.

As a result of the application will follow the CIS mission, which will be expressed as These elections correspond, as national legislation and international obligations of the Republic of

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Putin said he would sign a law banning the media called national criminal

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved a bill banning mention in the media of national suspected and convicted, according to RIA Novosti. The relevant amendments to the head of state of his meeting today with the Council asked the legislators to support the Moscow City Duma Speaker Vladimir Platonov. According to him, the draft law provides for penalties up to locking media. "I agree with you, the offender has no nationality: what's the difference, which ethnic group is the man who broke the rule of law?", — Said Putin. "Therefore it is necessary that the

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Vladimir Putin considers it necessary to return the military acceptance

System military office in Russia to retrieve, order to control the properties of military products. This was stated by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, Speaking at the Federation Council.

"As for military office, its just virtually eliminated as a class, that is bad ", — Putin said, answering a question of Senator.

"It needs to be restored, because without an effective running, operating system military office we will have great difficulties with the quality of military equipment, "- said the head of the country.

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