Zdanowicz recommends U.S. president to visit Belarus

Vladimir ZdanowiczVladimir Zdanowicz, the committee chairman House of Representatives 4th convocation, in their own parade U.S. President was very laconically: "Come here, to see how people live Belarus.’s Quite the reverse policy change, compared with the one that was to This time ". Tags: elections, states

Shield of the Fatherland is forged on the Sevmash

Vladimir Putin in Severodvinsk dot the «i» in the history of state defense order.

 Photo source:sevmash.ru

November 9 Vladimir Putin visited the Production Association "Sevmash" — the only company in the country, with shipyards which are launched nuclear submarines for the Navy. Here, in the presence of Vladimir Putin signed several key contracts for the design and construction of submarine classes of "Ash" and "Northwind" and the rescue vessel of 21,300, as part of the state defense order for 2011.

 Photo source:arms-expo.ru

This signing brings the performance of the state armament program for 2011-2020, in which

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Vladimir Crook (1927-2008)

With its naming related the whole story of the Belarusian culture second half of the twentieth century, he painted on tyschah unique photos. He was the 82 th year.In 1951, Vladimir Kruk came to work in the newspaper "Literature and Art" chauffeur. Vozyachy correspondents in Belarus, and he began to take pictures. And uniformly fatamaystram became real. Knows the last editor of the weekly "Lim" Mikola Gil:"It is hard to overestimate what he did for 50 years in" Lima. "He did the work of the whole institution. He gave almost all the actions of literary and artistic life of Belarus

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Text of the interview with Alexander Furs KGB officer


Served in the original language)Vladimir Ghalashki: — Good morning. Have a seat. You know, we always meet and only one. So everything is fine … (Bad heard. — Ed.) … How then-nibudt again — you.Andrew Basko: — Alexander, well, for you it means …Alexander FUR: — Let’s introduce myself: I — Fur Alexander, engineer of GDS.Andrew Basko: — But ah well! I — Head of the KGB Kobrin Basko Andrei Antonovich.Alexander FUR: — That you have called me, I think?Andrew Basko: — Neuzh that you have such a small memory?Alexander FUR: — Well, I do not remember … I

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M. Mushroom: Lukashenko allocates according to personal trust

"Everything is done on the basis of personal trust. Who leads the personal protection of the president, who has the best chance to get a more senior job. Who operates the coming Assistant to the President, Vladimir Makey, then also has advantages in destiny."Vladimir Mackay may be the best admin — more educated than its predecessor Gennady Nyavyhlas believes M. Mushroom."But there is no chance of any configuration, as all power remains in the same hands. Who and where will rearrange — it does not matter. Officials can change what you want, but the system power remains the same."

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Lukashenka’s administration will rule career diplomat

Vladimir Mackey came to the Foreign Ministry of Belarus during the management of the Office of Peter Kravchenko, was on the team that organized the historic visit of U.S. President Bill Clinton in January 1994. Vladimir long time represented Belarus in Mackay Council of Europe in Strasbourg, where he reacted positively. Previous Belarusian diplomat Misha Botian Vladimir knows Mackey. "I faced it in Vienna, when he came before the visit Lukashenko at a conference dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Chernobyl. Stern, an experienced diplomat. Do not know what it is admin, but as a diplomat, I think he’s one

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Drogichin: share Dzyady ahead of the police

The initiator of the planned rally "Dzyady" Managing Drogichin department BPF Vladimir Kazeko said "Freedom", the aim was to establish a new cross in memory of those killed:"Back in 1937, these burials were in order. After were abandoned. Former crosses rotted. And we decided it must return cross, put a new one. Agreed that withdo it on Saturday, and now spend a little rally there. "According to the source, the preparations for the "Grandfathers" explored the police. On Friday, they raided the apartment of Vladimir seized special issue of "Here and now." On Saturday and now the house where Vladimir

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Language remained two years

The law will take effect on September 1, 2010."All organizations — municipal and personal, nationals and stateless persons, foreign citizens residing on the territory of Belarus, written using the Belarusian language must be controlled by these rules, "- said the Chairman of the Commission on Education, Culture, Science and Scientific and Technological Progress Vladimir Zdanowicz, introducing the bill.Vladimir Zdanowicz convinced that the new rules were "a Belarusian, more patriotic, more peaceful, in contrast to earlier — militarized and politicized."Chairman of the Commission said that revised many rules. For example, with great little letters are written the names of all the

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V.Naumov offers punish prostitutes Bullpen

Such a proposal has brought now Minister Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov, speaking House of Representatives.Under current law, the penalty for prostitution. "And this leads to the" — Minister highlighted that "ladies owe more actively engaged in this work."Administrative detention is imposed only by the tribunal.Responding to a question about the personal attitude to the legalization of prostitution Vladimir Naumov said: "If legalize prostitution, it should legalize and drunkenness and other vices, and we have the moral principles and so is not very high."

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Belarusians — internationally powerless

Previously, for 3 years there were manyNumerical written appeal to the higher bureaucracy of the Central Military hospital, ministries, military prosecutors General yes. In response, one — "in satisfaction of the requirements of refuse." "Correspondence ended formal replies!" — Counts Zinaida S.. Now Ms. Grohotova not drawn, and asks:"I demand the purpose of military pensions and benefits, compensation for moral costs my only son — for the physical suffering, the spiritual breakdown. Before offspring was opened a bright path in the work and personal life. Yet turned into broken dreams — we live in an area of 20 meters .

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