Center for Regenerative Medicine was opened in Vologda

Be treated in the new health center will be able to patients with pathologies of the nervous system, orthopedic and bone — muscle, brain injuries, strokes, and after operations. The medical equipment he the only one in the Vologda region.


One of the novelties of the center — rehabilitation robotic complex. It will help speed up the recovery of people completely or partially lost their ability to move.

Now go to the heart of the final preparations for the official opening. It is scheduled for April 23.

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Construction of the first Ice Palace began in Vologda

Today, January 26, in the street Pugachev met the regional authorities and the Olympic champions of Russia and the USSR Vyacheslav Fetisov, Alexander Karelin, as well as a native of the Vologda region, Anatoly Alyabyev. Together with the Governor and the heads of the city of Vologda, guests signed a letter descendants and put it in a capsule, which is laid in the foundation of the Palace of the young athletes. In addition to hockey and figure skating in the new indoor Ice Palace will be watching more and curling. Oversee the construction of the sports complex will

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Nestle is expanding production in Vologda

On the territory of the Vologda branch "Nestle Russia" the first stone of the future of the production of children‘s cereals. For these purposes, the company invests more than 1 billion rubles. With the commissioning of the new plant will create about 50 jobs. The raw material will be used products Vologda farmers.


The history of the world-famous firm cooperation and the regional center of Vologda began 8 years ago. Since 2005, the company was to produce children’s porridge "Nestle". Enter a new plant for the production of children’s cereal is scheduled for February 2013. In

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Olympus — original, modern and reliable bus from Vologda

Those who have recently been in the ancient Russian city of Vologda, certainly noticed the new buses with a very original design, serving the city routes. Them under the name "Olympus" produces local Vologda Machine Works (VSW), leading its history to 1946.


In the well-known Russian tanks and tank semitrailers this company, earned a good reputation among operatives. Active interaction with VSW OJSC "KAMAZ" to develop the production of tanks on the truck chassis has led to the emergence of a new perspective on plant activities: production of a line of low-floor buses multiplace.


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The new shop opened on Sheksna poultry (Vologda region)

Shop with modern equipment was launched in May of this year. All the summer there was what is called a break-in. And on October 18 the official opening of the production, which visited the governor of the Vologda region Vyacheslav Pozgalev. Now it employs 120 people, 80% of the production is mechanized. Power equipment is 6,000 birds per hour. On the construction of the workshop was spent almost 200 million rubles.

In the Vologda region opened a new fitness center

The village Nyuksenitsa Vologda region inaugurated a new sports and recreation complex, built at the expense of "Gazprom".


Sport and Recreation Center (FLC) — multi-purpose sports facility with a swimming pool, driving range, basketball and tennis halls worth 215 million rubles. The total building area is more than 3, 5000 square meters. Simultaneously, the Fox may be engaged in 184 people.

Vologda molkombinat updated equipment


At the Vologda Dairy Factory completed commissioning of the new line of Tetra Pak cheese production capacity of up to 3000 kg per shift.

On the new line has two manufacturer of cheese Tetra Tebel OST, pre-pressing table Scherjon Pre Press vat, and the automatic control system.

Tetra Pak equipment installed Vologda dairy in the framework of its modernization program, to optimize processes and improve product quality. The line was developed by Tetra Pak to the needs and may combine to produce a cheese of the reservoir ("Gouda") and bulk ("Russian").

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The festival opened in Vologda young European cinema

Festival of Young European Cinema «VOICES» has opened in Vologda. Film Festival will be held in the regional capital, the second time, it will feature the debut or second films by young directors.

The festival will be presented to the attention of Vologda 70 tapes of different directors, will be master classes. Among the honored guests of the Second International Festival of Young European Cinema also known directors: Paolo Taviani, Krzysztof Zanussi, Paul Loungine, Garry Bardin, Alexander Sokurov, Nana Dzhordadze, coordinator of the Year of Russia — Nicolas Shibaev. The jury was headed by British director Hugh Hudson.

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Russian flax -2011

Exhibition-Fair "Russian Flax-2011" opened in Vologda. This is one of the largest exhibitions demonstrating the revival of traditions of Russian flax, innovative technology, processing of flax, the development of the textile and garment industry, increase the investment attractiveness of the industry.

The exhibition runs at the International Festival of flax. Vologda receives visitors from 17 countries and 36 regions of Russia.



During the festival days for Vologda will work several exhibitions. The Kremlin is possible to visit the trade fair centers of lace and competitive exhibition of "Labyrinth lace." The Museum will

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The new building of the rehabilitation center for the police opened in Vologda

In Vologda opened a new building health of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Vologda region — healing lodges for the police. This is a truly momentous event for the Vologda region — centers equipped with the latest medical equipment, including a full range of rehabilitation measures of regenerative medicine, in the North West is no more.

September 4th center began its work in full.

The need to build a rehabilitation center for law enforcement officers came to the area in the late 90’s when the police were coming back from the "hot

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