CAF to vote on new HQ.

The Texas-based Commemorative Air Force (CAF) has recently decided to update its planning strategy in order to increase its profile and the relevance of its message to the general public, reports Richard Mallory Allnutt. The organisation will establish several «Airbases» around the USA which will be, for the most part, existing, well-established facilities within the CAF structure, featuring some of the more prominent aircraft within the fleet. However, each of these operations will transition into a more formal aviation museum, open to the general public on a daily basis with interactive displays, educational activities and events, which will include an

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Valery Buffalo: Elections were not held, hosted their boycott

"Most of the Belarusian people did not go to the polls. Such data CCP BPF polling station receives both the capital and several regions. People, especially students, some labor groups administration, deans driven by premature vote, and now on nationwide there is a void at the polls. Come one. Even funny to watch as the police, security, members election commissions bored. We can say with certainty that there were no elections, held their boycott. "

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Do you recognize the election?

How is the voteSMS message from Ales from Polotsk"Selects Lukashenko with the vertical, and people only vote."Man: "At the voting power premature trying to drive as many people: the army, the police and students. Driven to premature voting systems. Stallion understand why it is done. Principal, who is there and how to vote — these voices will be given to candidates from power. Just because already so called democratic elections can not recognize, like it or wish Alexander G. ".Spades: "These elections again showed all gnilasts Lukashism. Opposition many times met to decide to take part in elections to the"

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Shklovsky constituency: the villagers do not go to vote

Members of election commissions of Belynichy th Kruglyanschiny planning to visit the house 10s rural voters, who until This time did not vote. Thus, according to the opposition candidate Gregory Kastusiou, the lists that precinct commissions urgently concluded designated more than 100 villagers. For example, sovereign states Kastusyou precinct commission in the village Esmony that Belynechey, going to visit the 250 villagers. Here early 150 people voted. Just a list of sites indicated by 499 people.On Kruglyanschine village Teterin 161 people voted early, and up to 172 voters Commission meets to come back home. A total of 634 sample plot.Such

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New members will be called NIGHT MODE

Preliminary results of the election chairman of the Central Election Commission Lidia Yermoshina promises to announce in the first half of the night. Struggle for parliamentary mandates continue to 263 candidates. In the vicinity of 15 names inscribed on the ballot only 1st challenger — liberate the people there do not have. Midst of candidates — 70 from one list of the United Democratic Forces. Again wish to receive a mandate 32 current deputies. Midst of applicants — 59 ladies. For earlier call names new deputies promise to only half of the first night. And the results of voter turnout

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12 hours 39.2% of voters voted

In Brest south voted 36% of voters in the Vitebsk region — 47.5, Gomel — 41.6, Grodno — 37.3, Minsk and Mogilev — to 40.2 in Minsk — 33.2 percent of voters.

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Police did not know anything about the felled ballot box

Representatives of the OSCE observer mission on the incident in Bobruisk know nothing. They are told that they will understand the situation. The incident is not recorded by the police th Bobruisk.Yarmoshina now stated that one of the sections in Bobruisk OSCE observers pushed "knocked the ballot box on the floor and thrashed her legs" and one observer from the OSCE gave annotation, so voters gave him the papers, and threw urns spotless sheets of paper.

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Observers point to coercion on premature vote

Observers from the UDF indicate mass forced premature vote. Workers living in hostels, lamented the enormous pressure to force them to go to a premature vote. By Bukhvostova, there posed puzzles, 70% voted early. The same situation was observed in student dormitories. For example BSUIR students who did not vote were not allowed in the hostel. In BSTU posed puzzles, early voting 100%. For example Kolasauski surrounded by 2-sites in four a day or more than 90% voted.In Rechitza friend electoral commission Oleg Shabetnik denied the right to sign the ballot paper. Usually it is signed by three members of

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A.Buhvostov: nothing has changed

"Nothing to viewpoint democratization process failed. It’s all in a style that exists in Belarus, when trying to rub all points that Tipo have any changes that we all give equal rights, equal rights but no no. I sure like this MP candidate. Leading the agitation, I beheld works for whom Administration of Industry district of Minsk Their is a "separate" candidates, in which they operate. And so everywhere.Observation suggests that the same principles are preparing to rig. This premature vote when all the people are forced to go to a premature vote in different ways — coercion, intimidation or

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Early vote more than 26% of voters

This figure is in the air BT filed CEC Chairman Lidia Yermoshina. The biggest characteristics premature vote achieved in Vitebsk and Gomel regions (31 and 29%, respectively), less — in Minsk — 22%.In the presidential elections in 2006 early voting 31.3% of voters — almost a third of the electorate.In 2004 elections and referendum voted early 17.39% of Belarusians, in the presidential elections in 2001 — 14.3%.According Yarmoshina now in elections House of Representatives began in regular order, without any excesses.

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