Human rights activists and election results

Belarusian human rights activists followed the elections in 86-minute vicinity of 10 100. In long-term follow 280 activists participated, 210 more joined in the main election day. Observers were trained in the techniques and tips OSCE.


Chairman of the BHC Hulak, that observers did two fundamentally conclusions: "Itself for itself political election campaign noted certain positive changes in comparison with previous campaigns. First — the political prisoners were released, that softened the atmosphere of horror. Also, the power did not en masse obstacles candidates, including democratic in their campaign. We take note of the fact that yesterday people

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Human rights activists do not trust the information CEC

"We do not can say, that the results of others, but we have reason to believe that this is true numbers, "- as rated by the Central Election Commission data on the outcome of voting in elections House of Representatives Hulak, Chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee. He noted a number of shortcomings in the conduct of elections, starting from the formation of election commissions and ending with the main funny day voting. Ales Bialiatski referred to premature vote "dark hole." By him, particularly during the preparation of voting in many areas there was falsification. By Valentin Stefanovich, design of

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Observers reported ballot box opened

"Honest elections have been held. Our observers documented many violations and even the fact that the ballot box for early voting at one of the sites was revealed. That’s all we have documented. "According to information available to the team Fur, he received more votes than voiced district commission. But now there is no disorder, says Fur:

Alexander Fur"I was able to distribute about 20 thousand leaflets with my applets. Virtually every family. Vo-2, I spent 90 meetings, each meeting was for 50-60 people. Visited Kobrin and enterprises, and in the villages. Everywhere us very badabout perceived. "Currently A. Fur

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The European Commission is waiting for the final report of observers

The relevant statement after the announcement of preliminary results of voting in parliamentary elections now made in Brussels, European Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner.She urged the Belarusian management to initiate a dialogue with the OSCE observer mission to translate their advice for the future.In his comments regarding parliamentary elections in Belarus, the Ferrero-Waldner noted that in the past observers findings contained both positive and bad comments."It is necessary that election observers had full access to the terminating steps elections, then we will closely examine the final report of the observers," — said Ferrero-Waldner.The statement specifically noted that as a result of voting

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West will have to find the wording …

Drakakhrust: "Authorities constantly stated that they will do everything to make these elections were about democratic and transparent. Still premature to vote voluntary-coercive way to gatherand 26% of voters. By the way, according to the survey NISEPI, voluntarily want to go for a premature vote 14% of voters. But even on such supplies of gold for some reason early voting now on areas where ran favorites opposition observers were not allowed. Why? Well, it would seem, premature to vote all excellent, hunting same international recognition, well, let the observers, let see. Why even come in handy here and kill the

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U.Nistsyuk Observers as political tourists

Independent MP candidate, who is running for Masyukovschinskomu constituency in Minsk Vladimir Nistuk said:"Now open a discussion late voting process. Indeed, international observers, no matter how much they may be, do now function of political tourists. They show that it is necessary and possible to show. They have not apprehend any of the issues that we raised a year earlier. They do not make a profound study of what actually happens during the elections. They are not worked that needed work for 5 days early voting. "According Nistiuk democratic forces have not developed a unified concept of election observation."And to

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Do you recognize the election?

How is the voteSMS message from Ales from Polotsk"Selects Lukashenko with the vertical, and people only vote."Man: "At the voting power premature trying to drive as many people: the army, the police and students. Driven to premature voting systems. Stallion understand why it is done. Principal, who is there and how to vote — these voices will be given to candidates from power. Just because already so called democratic elections can not recognize, like it or wish Alexander G. ".Spades: "These elections again showed all gnilasts Lukashism. Opposition many times met to decide to take part in elections to the"

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Elections in regions: Chronicle violations

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Sealing of ballot boxes hidden from observers

First calls were from Brest and Minsk region. Human rights defenders Vladimir Vyalichkin, Sergei Housha, Leonid Markhotko testified that before sealing the ballot boxes in areas left without control. Says watching the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Viktor Dashkevich of Kopylov"All the boxes were sealed until 7:30, when neither the 1st observer was not there. It is also surprising that the other day, before closing the site was one digit of those who voted, and now know that these were 30 people. Therefore sealed ballot box without anybody. " Normal 0

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Observers point to coercion on premature vote

Observers from the UDF indicate mass forced premature vote. Workers living in hostels, lamented the enormous pressure to force them to go to a premature vote. By Bukhvostova, there posed puzzles, 70% voted early. The same situation was observed in student dormitories. For example BSUIR students who did not vote were not allowed in the hostel. In BSTU posed puzzles, early voting 100%. For example Kolasauski surrounded by 2-sites in four a day or more than 90% voted.In Rechitza friend electoral commission Oleg Shabetnik denied the right to sign the ballot paper. Usually it is signed by three members of

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Voting ended

Belarus — Central election commission sitting Minsk, 04Sep2008

Belarus — Alyaksandar Klaskouski, the editor analytical bulletin "Belarusian Week", Minsk 11Jan2008 "Revolution now not take place" Own eyes on the election campaign chief editor offers analytical bulletins company BelaPAN Alexander Klaskouski.Shklovschina: found evidence of election fraud Shklou member Electoral Commission Peter Migursky a symbol of protest came from its structure. He states that witnessed how going to falsify the election results. Mogilev watching expelled from the polling station Observer-independent Boris Buhelya removed from the premises where the members of the precinct commission number 95 Mogilev-Kastrychnitski neighborhood counted

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