Vladimir Orlov in the clinic

Voice Orlova cheery as usual. "Will not wait!" — Own beloved answer to the question about the health of the writer is not mentioned, but after the operation he was heaviest voice sounded quite cheerful and optimistic.Emergency surgery, which made the Republican Scientific-Practical Cardiology Center in Minsk, on doctors, was successful. Currently Vladimir pencil is in intensive care and rehabilitation starts.A few days reverse the writer was in London where he performed on and Dzyady participated in kalekviyume dedicated Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas. The theme of his speech — "Care of the poet with a clear announcement: version Kupala

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Three months waiting for doomsday Belarusians in the bowels

 Efforts of negotiators from the Orthodox Church, psychiatry, municipal officials have no fruit: people leave shall be removed from the ground. Without trial and eventually remain faithful through the impact on their spiritual favorite Pyotr Kuznetsov — Police twice brought home to his dugout, but the entreaties of "Messiah" by his followers can not be. Attorney Bekovsky area Penza region Alevtina Voltchkova says: we have to deal with a very motivated people. But it would be better that this trait bring them in another direction:"There’s constant duty police, the criminal case also continues rassledavatstsa. Configurations cardinal did not work out."Reporter:

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Night siege January 29

Guests Forum Portal tut.by discussions are news that the Ministry of Justice of Belarus prepares bill to the Polish side about the loss, as a result of the strike of Polish customs.Al-07 says: "He does not fans usvoyut Lenin and Stalin and Hitler, as the presence of the security services, heavily armed riot police can be given to people to make their constitutional right to strike … What kind of negotiations that help compromises their batons over the hump , kastsetam teeth, kicked in the tummy, head on the asphalt … "mmixer1: "Oh, about carriers loaf. 5 years they were

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Prospects of Belarus in Europe

This is the eleventh Minsk Forum. But for the first time, as expected, in his opening perceive the role head Presidential Administration Vladimir Mackay. According to chairman of the forum Rainer Lindner, "Germany, as the EU, think about how quickly to include Belarus in the European Neighbourhood Policy." During a press conference, he expressed the hope that a forum will promote relations between Belarus and the EU. The forum perceive the role diplomats, politicians, MEPs, representatives of the Belarusian democratic opposition and the official Minsk.Also expected to visit the chief of the political department of the General Secretariat of the

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U.S. Attorney Generals Office authorized the execution of citizens without trial

Any citizen of the United States, representing a threat to U.S. national security and being abroad can be destroyed without the sanction of the court. This statement U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder issued a service Bi-bi-si. The prosecutor noted that the country is at war, and deal with the enemies to the laws of war — to indulge in consumption without charge or trial.

"When these people take up arms against their own country or collude with" al-Qaeda "to kill American citizens, can only be one answer. We must do everything to stop them, in full accordance with our

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What awaits us in 2012?

In 2012, the projected increase in the risk of man-made disasters. Such problems will cause an increase in solar activity, according to the head of the Institute of Space Research dealing with Leo Green.

Ground waiting for man-made disasters. In 2012, the various man-made problems can and should wait, because the Sun's activity increases. Facts are known to all. In Canada, during solar flares have failed a lot of transformers. Despite the fact that the year 2012 will not be for some of our country is very difficult, it is

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When will the alien invasion?

When waiting for a large-scale alien invasion?

Perhaps you once a long time peering into the star-like sparkling diamonds, trying to guess where is pulsing with life, where the blaze spark of reason, where as peering into the cosmic distance eye extraterrestrial beings. And then you begin to overflow thoughts and feelings, hopes and fears …

Hope for what?

The fact that the aliens that will someday be able to overcome the huge interstellar space must help in solving many, if not all, of the urgent problems of humanity. Make each of us, and the society as a whole,

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Misha Hazin — Obama is a nightmare without end

Very fascinating and informative interview on the subject, which expect the world due to the accession of the new Snow White in the House Obama, from the standpoint of the economy.

As you know, narrow-minded economists use an unlimited number of different definitions and concepts and, often, their calculations are simply incomprehensible to most ordinary people. Shevchenko tried it and, I must say, with success, to force Khazina all the usual plain language to explain though what even the furthest person from the economy, what is the essence of the current crisis, and how to go crisis later, in connection

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Collect signatures for Neklyaeva banned

Society Bobruisk City Council does not allow to August 15 rally to gather signatures in support of the director of research and educational institutions, "Moving Forward" by Vladimir Neklyaeva delegate to the Fourth Republican People's Assembly.One of the applicants picket Elena Medvedev"Failure argued that the application does not indicate the date of the meeting. If it takes place, is unknown. Moreover, in the response of the Executive Committee stated that we have broken the application process. It must be submitted not later than fifteen days before the rally. I filed an application on July 30. Basically, I did not expect

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When will the contamination watch online

In today's world do not subside armed conflict. That here and there, local wars break out. Countries and governments need resources, which no longer exists in its own territory. Many spices they say: not far off 3rd Global. What will it be? The creators of the film are afraid that we can expect the worst scenario of all possible — bio war.

They analyze the information that is publicly available: the words of sanitary doctors and military oligarchs and heads of state. Around the world, every year there are new, more insecure strains of viruses. They are

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