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Bold and adventurous or painstakingly intricate, weaving a story into the fabric of an interior is a technique stretching back centuries. From metallic tiles to experiments with digital printing, Annie Reid investigates a number of recent projects in which the devil is in the detail.


Queensland-based design firm, COOP Creative, uses bold wallpaper selections in many of its designs. “Right now, wallpaper designs tend to be more graphic, with many wallpapers being more experimental with proportion and scale,” says senior interior designer, Katherina Sparti.

For the refit of a barrister’s office in the Brisbane legal precinct, COOP applied the

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“You really need to edit what you have: clothes you don’t need, books… getting rid of them really frees up a lot of space”

His initial solution to this problem was to use a curtain as a divider. At the time, though, he was spending a lot of time caring for a sick relative, and “all the curtain options I saw reminded me of hospitals,” he says.

He chose instead to build a wall that stops about half a foot from the ceiling. “It still lets the light in from the bedroom windows, but when you’re in bed, you don’t

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Cow palace.

When Кeith Kellenberger of Elgin, Illinois, built this project for his son, he set his sights on accessibility. Kids can open this barn up and play inside it—the wall folds down, a roof panel lifts off, and the doors swing open. Then, when the cows have been rounded up and the hay’s in the barn, it folds up to provide ample storage for livestock, tractors, and implements.

For Starters, Lay Out and Cut Some Quality Plywood

1. To make the plywood parts, start with a sheet of good 1/2″-thick plywood. (We chose Baltic birch, which comes in 5×5′ sheets. To

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‘A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse.’ In retrospect it might have done Richard III more good if he had asked for a castle! These defensive medieval buildings are found throughout the country, and exploring the dark, dank passages, the scary heights of the look-out towers, the primitive living conditions and the dungeons where the prisoners were held makes you glad that you live in the twentieth century.

This castle, I am glad to say is a far more friendly building and gives great scope for playing ‘baddies and goodies’. It is made entirely from standard plywood sheets

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Regardless of your design style, the bathroom is one room where good design can be displayed in all its glory and still provide a highly functional space. Here’s a host of inspiring projects and products to get your creativity flowing


«When extending and refurbishing their home, the owners of this property wanted space. The end result is a bathroom so large, with spaces so carefully defined that visitors are impressed constantly. The clients’ wish list included separate shower and toilet areas, space to set down clothes, and as much natural light as possible. A skylight directly above the

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Political crisis worsened vkladyvatelnuyu attractiveness of Ukraine

The crisis in Ukraine is an example of problems faced by the parliamentary system, when MPs change their political orientation. In countries with democratic traditions davneshnimi have special mechanisms for the settlement of similar situations.Talking about a situation where some deputies from the opposition scamper in the ruling coalition. There are different approaches, but so called old democracy, allowing parliamentarians to change the political orientation, and have stronger mechanisms for crisis prevention. In the U.S. Congress, for example, act so called "Whips" — so called people whose work in the party is almost getting elected deputies to maintain the position

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Uralkhimmash sent to another unit Syzran column equipment

JSC "Uralkhimmash" manufactured and shipped to the customer stripper (stripper) 3-VC2002, designed to Syzran (NK "Rosneft"). This equipment is used in the hydrogenation of the hydrogen sulfide stripping, the hydrocarbon gas, water and light gasoline. Dimensions of the column:

weight — 58.5 tons; length — about 33 meters.

The column has a rolling diameter of 3800 mm with a wall thickness of body 24 mm, 2700 mm with a wall thickness of 22 mm, the diameter of 1700 mm with a wall thickness of 18 mm housing. The equipment operates at temperatures up to 400 ° C

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Retail and office center Gagarin

"Gagarin" — the only major trade-office and entertainment center, located within the city limits and accessible to everyone. And the only one where there is a world-class entertainment area: 1,500 m2 professional ice!   In the Ice Palace, we are trying to 190 people: free, without the hustle and queues in locker rooms, dressing rooms and rental. There are international and Ukrainian hockey competitions, discos on ice, working groups for children and adults. And even declared a set of the women's hockey team!

This level of entertainment and there will be no other shopping and entertainment

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Construction of the subway under Moscow City (MIBC)


Photos 28/1/13:

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Then the story goes on the lower level (the level of the platform and paths). Under this scheme are now working only between the axes P-K. From the axis and to the right — as long as everything remains in the "virgin" state.

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Between the axes of the P-P located a trailer down substations. Closer to the "Exhibition" was originally built CCI, which feeds Filyovskaya line, including the "Exhibition" and "Mezhdunarozhnuyu." At

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Cardboard America

The so-called "one-story America", which is so admired our teleakademik Posner, actually represents a ticky-tacky flimsy shacks, literally falling apart from one blast of wind. Even in two-and three-story homes intercommunication overlap such feeble, of such thin wooden bars that just when you walk through the rooms, everything shakes. But dancing is not quite officially advised on any floor of the house above the ground.

Not stronger and walls. In the best case, they are made on the frame of a wooden block with a shoulder about 6 inches on the outside are thin 8-mm chipboard or hardboard, and

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