Aggressive house

Here, on the island of Russian, I was new: just took over as commander of the reconnaissance and sabotage Special Operations Group Intelligence Pacific Fleet. As expected, the company commander was happy to immediately hang up on me every churn (this is the inevitable fate of groupers) and I'm off the bat atonement responsible for the company of …

Night adventure

In the building of a military unit inhabited by aggressive something

I had to be on duty during the day. To spend time with properly, stocked book smart specialization — "Manual on small business. 7.62mm Kalashnikov machine

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Kondyukov. Types of modern Kondyukov

Modern Split Systems consist of 2-blocks — internal and external. Indoor units are of different types: floor, walls, ceiling, column, channel, cluster. Compared with window Kondyukov, Split Systems run virtually silent and can be mounted in different positions. From all of this contrast more popular wall indoor units — 85 percent of all sales of split systems are specifically they are. Such a choice of buyers explained with 2 factors. In 1-x, Split Systems other types of capacity from 1.8 to 3.5 kW practically not produced. In 2-x, prices Split Systems Wall-type lower prices of other types.

When there is

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Studio apartment in Moscow — new, but highly popular format

The bright and spacious studio apartments in many years used the great demand among creative people, but for this time they have not lost their popularity, and now are even more commonplace konkurentnst "Odnushki." Become owners of such apartments in Moscow, would not refuse any single successful entrepreneurs, neither students nor couples, even more so when you consider that the cost of their order of magnitude lower than the price one-room apartment, because many initially intending to stay in St. Petersburg, prefer to purchase a studio.

Some time reverse these studio apartments equipped with people without the help of

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Secrets of the «walls of Babylon»

In the reality of ancient Babylon, scientists believe with difficulty, and not immediately. Evidence and views of ancient scholars and philosophers, such as Herodotus and Strabo, not taken seriously even in the fifties of the nineteenth century, because it was assumed that they, like children very much like to exaggerate.

Indeed, according to Herodotus, circle wall fencing Babylon stood at almost ninety miles! Although ancient philosophers such as Diodorus and Strabo were significantly less "generous" (they wrote that the Babylonian walls are only 70 miles long), and did not believe them. Even the capital of Great Britain, London, with

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Egyptian archaeologists have discovered a brick wall, protects the Sphinx


Natalia Popova

CAIRO, Nov. 2 — RIA Novosti, Nadim Zuaui. Egyptian archaeologists discovered during excavations at the Giza plateau fragments of brick wall that protected the ancient Sphinx from wind, said Tuesday the Supreme Council of Antiquities of Egypt.

"Preliminary investigations by the archaeological mission at the site showed that a continuation of the wall, which is located to the north of the monument," — said the head of the Board of Zahi Hawass. Previously, archaeologists believed that the extant wall,

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The last heavy rain with thunderstorm caused the emergency in Cheboksary

7.06.11.Proshedshy torrential rain and thunder caused the emergency on the street for water pipes. Hardly the owner of "Reno" went to the store, as his car fell concrete beams, which were collected from the wall.

— Thunder roared and shook the floor. There was no one near, the rain came, no one. Immediately flooded with water from above — says witness the accident Anna richer.

The owner of the car said he had left the car for long. I decided to wait out the rain in the store, and when he returned, just could not believe it.

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Who built the Wall of China?

A group of British archaeologists, led by William Lindsay, the fall of 2011 could make a sensational discovery was found part of the Great Wall of China, which is located outside of China — Mongolia. The remains of this huge structure (100 km in length and 2.5 meters in height) were found in the Gobi desert in the south of Mongolia. Scientists have concluded that the discovery is part of the famous Chinese landmarks. In the materials section of the walls are wood, earth and volcanic rock. Building itself dates back to the period between 1040 and 1160 years BC.

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Methods to capture the city in ancient Russia

In Russia, there are two basic ways to capture cities and fortresses, "have traveled" or "Banish" (equestrian squad broke into the strengthening of the gate, which did not have time to close, or through holes in the walls left by the recent siege) and immediately the siege (long, sometimes passive "oblezhanie").

The main meaning of "oblezhaniya" was to deprive the city of food and water when thirsty and hungry opponents give up without a fight. In ancient writings of the siege was also called "hardships", "obsedaniem", "The Society" or "obstupleniem." It was the most common way to mastering the

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Found in the Caucasus, Russian Stonehenge

A striking finding Russian ethnographers in the North Caucasus. In Cherek gorge revealed cyclopean stone wall 20 meters high of unknown origin. The wall of the family of attractions of the southern region of Russia and become a tourist attraction.

Found in the Caucasus, "Russian Stonehenge» © Photo: Victor Kotlyarov

Local residents have long known about this phenomenon of stone, but only recently have shown its scientists. Wall as it blocks a mountain pass and is an array, a height of 20 meters and a length — more than 50. In this huge blocks very precisely adjusted to

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Display the image of her late husband on the wall


The frightened widow was forced to ask for help of a Catholic priest after the image of her late husband began to be shown on the wall in the bedroom. 41-year-old Andrea Samuels (Andrea Samuels) says that four years after the death of her husband, the image of his face began to appear all the more clearly on the wall of her bedroom at home in Carlisle (UK). Andrea also says that he heard howling her dead dog when he is in the bathroom.

On Wednesday, her father came Dedson Paul (Paul Dadson)

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