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It’s no secret that Singaporeans love to eat and shop. Even better when it involves the thrill of the hunt, coupled with the unique and the unusual. Enter Pasar Bella, a new retail and dining offering that looks set to tick all the right boxes. Singapore’s first indoor multi-vendor gourmet farmer’s market, Pasar Bella is currently home to over 30 traders under one 30,000sqf roof. And here, it’s all about the experience.

Pasar Bella’s off-the-beaten-track locale lends itself to the whole experience,

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On the day I speak to Andrew Smith, his photographs are on show in Sheffield’s Winter Gardens — the black and white tones of his work set on rugged metal display stands which act as a sharp contrast against the leafy, succulent backdrop of the glass house interior. It’s a little snowdome of the Sheffield landscape in general, where heavy industry shares space with green parks and rolling hills.

His Steel Soul exhibition, and the book which has been released simultaneously to celebrate 100 years of stainless steel, tells the story of life in one of the city’s biggest, and

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Olivia Ripper, 27, married Robert Morton, 26, at Lime Wood Hotel, Hampshire, in August 2012. She says:

Lime Wood Hotel seemed the perfect choice for our wedding as Robert had proposed there. We held the ceremony in it’s enclosed courtyard — we opened the sliding glass roof as the weather was good.

We decided on a white colour scheme because it suited the neutral interior of the venue. I wanted a clean, unfussy look.

I wanted them to be white, abundant and candlelit to create a romantic scene.

We had three different designs for the centrepieces, all using


Perfectly Planned.

A shared vision strengthens a Michigan couple’s bonds.

Phil and Denise Swy had heard that undertaking a major project, such as building a home, could stress a marriage. They’d have no part of that. Instead, they sat down and drafted a 25-year plan leading to the completion of their dream home in northern Michigan. They stuck to the plan and, when all was said and done, found that their shared experience strengthened their relationship.

The plan began with buying a pie shaped lot on Lake Michigan and building a 25-by-40-foot log cabin from Maple Island Log Homes to use as

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DESIGN MAKEOVER spreading the word

Bishop Willie E. Bruce, Jr., is an active minister in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., and with his wife, Rev. Dr. Heather Bruce, founded Word Healing Outreach Ministries, Inc. (WHOM,I) about 10 years ago. The Bruces do missionary work in Jamaica, Lesotho, and Trinidad, and they have a mission in the town of Mbale, Uganda.

WHOMJ’s mission is «one of service,» says Bishop Bruce. They teach people how to use local resources, extend microcredit to help them start businesses, and hold workshops on hygiene, nutrition, and disease prevention.

Bishop Bruce launched the WHOM,I website in 2006—updating it a little in

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Wanted. Judas kiss watch online

Documentary Film investigation of artistic reconstruction of events. Conducts program from Prof. detective, a retired police colonel Sergei Avdienko. The program "Extra not safe! "is dedicated to identify the criminals, fugitives from justice. From the detention center" Butyrka "escaped extra unsafe offenders Zhelezoglo, Kulikov and Bezotechestvo. The offense of talk shows on the air — on the television itself was not yet! Dubbed the example program on the day or anger: "Warning! Search!. "From the viewer's call to arrest two fugitives took only two weeks. Third detained later. At the studio, law enforcement officers, forensic scientists and psychologists with

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The head of the Federal Migration Service wants to return to Russia of serfdom

Photo: RIA Novosti

The head of the Federal Migration Service Konstantin Romodanovsky proposed to deprive the citizens of Russia registered place of residence in their virtual absence for three months. This was a Thursday, February 2 reports According to officials, this measure will help to fight the "rubber" flats, where it is prescribed by a few hundred people. In this Romodanovsky noted that at present no FMS or other services can not do anything to oppose the practice. If the offer is accepted the official, the FMS will have the right to control the movement of citizens

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Dmitry SURBA released from custody by a court in Prague

Society Today, the court in Prague has released the fund manager "Open Belarus' Dmitri Surp, who was arrested on Saturday on the grounds of Investigation Interpol.

After the rally in Prague on Wenceslas Square Dmitry SURBA that zhyyve in Warsaw and has the status of a political refugee in Poland, came to a section of the police and asked whether the Czech Republic to detain political refugees from Belarus, Minsk which the official serves on the wanted list through Interpol. Dmitry Surp asked to produce documents, and since he was wanted by the Interpol, he was arrested.

SURBA: "Some time

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Word of the desires

September 16, 2012 20:13

You may wish to all, but be aware of the consequences.

You live in a wonderful world of collective illusion which seems to you in your life where your every thought, desire becomes, has the ability to manifest in the mind as a material object or event. Thinking about something, you create the intention, providing an impact on the formation of a collective illusion, influencing the future course of events in her apparent. Thinking about the desired or undesired, you attract it into your life. And what you have now — this is just what

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