A man with an accordion

Based on the story Anatoly MAKAROVA writer — Alexander Borodyansky director — Nikolai Dostal operator — Yuri Nevsky artists — Alexander Boim, Alexander Makarov composer — Alexander Goldstein sound technician — BORIS Vengerovsky

Roles performed:

Dmitry Gromtsev — Valery Zolotukhin

Lelia Glan — Irina Alferov mother Gromtseva — ARINA Aleinikova

Savely Mikhailovich — VLADIMIR Soshalskaya Uncle Kolya — Michael Pugovkin

Savka — Sergei Milovanov beauty Tamara — ELENA Pletnev

Kostya Elkin — Stanislav Sadalsky Aunt Fenya — LOVE Malinowski

Lopatin — Evgeni Evstigneev son Lopatin — Sergey Kolesnikov

Nina Vorobyov — Irina Shmelev

Kohl Prikhodko — ANTON GOLUBEV Prikhodko mother

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February 26 marks 75 years of writer Alexander Andreyevich Prokhanov

With Prokhanov I meet almost every environment: in the tram is going on "Bauman" Krasnikursantsky to travel, time to read a newspaper editorial "Next day". "Russia — the salvation of the world". "Petersburg shipbuilding". "Pskov earth and heaven". "Holy Stalingrad". "Ideology — the mother of the state"… These colorful language, honed by thought-writings appeal to help statist patriots see the light, regardless of their position and rank, occupation and previous achievements. Newspaper, led by Prokhanov, the matter said, concerned the state of creation.

By Prokhanov began to listen to

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Motors War

In Moscow, the third meeting of collectors and restorers of military equipment «engine of war».

The three-day meeting of fans of military automotive history has passed on the basis of the State Military-Technical Museum in the vicinity of Chernogolovka, which arrived about 8o restored cars, motorcycles and tanks. And all of them were released before 1945! The post-war domestic appliances and a few who joined her pickup Hummer Hi stayed outside the fence formal exposure without passing the age limit.

Risen from oblivion

View at the exhibition was something. For example, light artillery tractor GAZ-64 commander and GAZ-61-73. They miraculously

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Once a brave captain

Scriptwriter — Svetlana Karmalita director RUDOLF Fruntov operator — Oleg Martynov artist — VICTOR Zenko composer — Mikhail ZIV soundman — Nicholas Kropotov

Roles performed:

Chizhov — ALEXANDER Kulyamin


Makarevich — Igor Yasulovich

Cheremish — Andrei Gusev

Andreychuk — Yuri Duvanov

Valerik Os’kin — Vasily Petrenko

Agnes — CLARA Lucko commander of the flotilla — Vladimir Chizhov Druzhnikov father — Pavel LYUVESHKIN

Glafira — Svetlana Konovalova Sergeant Cooper — January ALEXANDER

Chuhlyaev — VLADIMIR NOZZLE sculptor — tieBreak Tsuladze

«Mosfilm». 1985

Wide and Widescreen.


Imprint according to the permissive certificate.

3.1 / 3.


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In your heart

Script writers — Boris Vasilyev, Cyril RAPOPORT directors — Shulamith Tsybulnik Galina Shigaeva operators — Mikhail Ivanov, Igor Mom artist — Eugene STRILETSKY composer — Alexander Zlotnik verses sound technician Robert Rozhdestvensky — TATIANA Chepurenko

Roles performed:

Tamara Zernov — OLGA Bityukova

Pyotr Trofimov — Yuri Grigoryev

Gregory Zernov — Dmitry BRUSKIKIN

Katerina — Olga Sumskaya

Onishchenko — MICHAEL Golubovic

Drobot — Vasily Petrenko

Polikashkin — Sergey Head artuchilischa block of wood — PAUL KORMUNIN chief of staff — ANDREW-armed Major GRAD — Nikolai Oleinik

Olechka — Alain Kostyleva

Dovzhenko Film Studios, 1986


Color. 8 pieces, 2163 m. R

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In the coming weekend at Ohio State will make its own final flight of the famous bomber since the 2nd World War II B-29. «For their survivability and firepower of these rotorcraft called» Superfortress » / Superfortress /. After almost 70 years, the plane, named fighters gentle French naming «Phi Phi» until that time flies, as in the old-timey «- said Fox News Channel now second bomber pilot Paul Mapin. He noted that the aircraft took part in battles during the second world war, namely, the Japanese bombed the town of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. «Phi Phi» — The last of

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U.Lyahovski: leftist BNR in 1918 had no chance

Shupe: When, under what criteria BNR could really happen? That the history had little to turn around the other side? What were the chances?Lyakhovsky: In 1918, the Belarusian elite was very hard to achieve this goal of a number of circumstances. During the First World War had destroyed the economy. In refugee status has got more than 1.5 million people, 400 thousand of them have not returned to their homeland. About 800 thousand were mobilized into the Russian army, 100 thousand of them died in the First World War. Next it must be emphasized that not all political band formed

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66 years ago, the Nazis killed in Mogilev four thousand Jews

At the moment the place is ghetto personal sector is quite close — a new bridge over the river Dubrovenka. The inhabitants of the houses do not even know what was once on the site of their estates. On the walls of houses NO signs, which would resemble the events of 66 years ago.Mogilev City Executive Committee promises to set in place a memorable symbol of the ghetto. In the executive committee they say that Tipo already adopted a resolution concerning the establishment of the memorial sign.With sovereign Litin we met at Jewish cemeteries. In 1944, then reburied the remains

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O.Trusov: BNR could save Europe

Shupe: G. Zaichikov you — archaeologist …Pant: More precisely — building archaeologist …Shupe: Can I have your specialty BNR read about archeology?Pant: Fact, that there arhealegiya twentieth century. This, for example, excavations any buildings, killed in the First, the Second World War. And we in Belarus arhealegiya — it Kurapaty. And there are many of the founders of the BNR …Shupe: Do you like the other books in the genre of history, utopia, dystopia?Pant: I was always interested in the prodigious literature, and my beloved writers the same countryman of Smolensk Isaac Asimov, Abe Koba, Roy Bredbery, Strugatsky, Efremov. Fantasy

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Minsk — city on the bones

"To find a document in the attic of the funeral at the cemetery Minsk grandfather did not give school history teacher Novoselskaya rest. Wanted to see, where to find your own peace of endless full Cavalier Cross of St. George, who died of his wounds in hospital Minsk September 24, 1915. Exactly 50 years later Petrovich, as it was called, and close relatives boarded a train "Sverdlovsk — Brest" and raced to the burial site. But in Minsk on military fraternal grave nobody knew. In Minsk city help, the Academy archives, Minsk City Executive Committee — everywhere in one voice

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