Geopolitical and economic difficulties existed and will exist at all times. This is the bacteria that dwell in bolshennom body and activating its activity only under certain conditions. While some bacteria can exist quietly expense of others. The current global economic situation is completely resembles the struggle of most germs within a single organism, because in fact refute the fact of globalization, the very little naive. To suppress the activity of some microbes bolshennomu body needs to run an other who are able to force the time forget about the need for a radical cure.

On the basis of

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Nuclear war for many thousands of years ago is gone!?

Alas, alas! No matter what has written a well-respected and adored by Charles Darwin theory of the origin of man on Earth, but it looks like he is deeply mistaken! And the ancestors of modern humans were not monkeys. Not so long ago, completed a study in which, in addition to NASA scientists participated and French experts. This project was a major scientific achievement in recent years.

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The findings,

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From the steam carriage to the armored car

Auto Troops 100 years

Lorry "Russo-Balt T40/65" with protivoaerostatnoy gun Tarnovskii / Lender. 1916.


Grandparent's car — a steam wagon for the first time made in 1769 by order of the French military department captain Nicolas Joseph Cugnot. The Army has once again acted as the engine of technological progress.

In the middle of the XIX century in several countries issued travel locomobiles steam. In Russia, the first experiments with the new means of transportation were on the ice of the Neva River and the Gulf of Finland in the winter 1861-1862 period. Along the route

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From the Bosporus to the Bosphorus: globalization versus globalism

Russian Security at close East-West

Relatively recently, globalization and globalism seen as synonyms. These concepts in the near future are increasingly began to act as polar opposites not only in politics, and in the geo-strategy. This is clearly evident in the first decade of the XXI century with the announcement by Washington after the September 11, 2001, "the global counterterrorism war" (Gatwick). Another anniversary of the catastrophe "911" coincided with the 2 — September APEC summit in Vladivostok. His lack of perceptible at this summit, U.S. President Obama explained to the outbreak in the U.S. presidential race, as their role

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From the marines to Black Death

This year, regular, already the 305th in a row, will be celebrating the anniversary of one of the most famous arms of the Russian armed forces — the Marines. Alternated era changed the municipal system in the country, changed color banners, shape odezhki and arms. One thing remained constant — the highest craftsmanship and the highest moral and psychological level of our marine, is an image of the hero, capable of only one stern look to break the will of the enemy. For already more than three centuries of the covered themselves with everlasting glory Marines took part in almost

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Base 211. Antarctic stronghold of the Third Reich

Many historians believe that the plans of Hitler's government recently took the colonization of Antarctica and its use of virgin resources in the war for world domination.

In 1938, the German ship Swabialand with seaplane on board explored a large section of Antarctica, now known as Queen Maud Land. Were found vast areas of land, ice-free, and according to some, even a system of underground voids. Surveyed area was named New Swabia and was declared belonging to Germany.

The study results so impressed the leaders of the

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Does the U.S. military world leader?

At the beginning of this year, U.S. President Barack Obama, according to the views of his followers, made unpopular move, supporting the latest military doctrine of the country. Brand new policy provides for a significant reduction in defense spending, which, in the views of the President, does not affect the country's military an advantage.

Forming factors latest strategy was the end of the military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, defense cuts because of the financial crisis, increasing military the potential of China and Iran.

In his own speech, Obama said the future value of the U.S. military

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Features of PMC

Job descriptions PMC:In PMC adopted the military system and are ranked the same qualifying feature called SSI. Established by the Council of the special rank of military officers in order of reference adopted in similar states of the American continent, for the most part the analogy USA (territoriality incorporation), because in the civilian missions comfortable form of "Correspondence". In the U.S. Army adopted a similar form of control — the title (internal ranzhdir) — a post. That is, each position we corresponds spetszvanie. But just the title or SKU (special control code) reflects the analog level of training staff,

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UAV-invisible death

  World market drones is on the rise. But that the impending arms race «drones» will bring to our world? Every couple of years in the English Farnborough, in the height of summer passes Aerospace Exhibition. Civilian and military delegations customers enter into contracts for the 10-ki billion dollars on buying aircraft. One of the most popular exhibits at the show this year was the exhibition of unmanned aerial vehicles. Noteworthy that designers and traders prefer not to call their devices «drones.» They believe that once a control scheme is a person, then the device can not be considered absolutely

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Liberation of Russian Union of Western Belarus and Western Ukraine

Berlin, September 1, 1939 invaded Poland, throwing her against almost all the major powers and all the armored units, the western border was exposed. In the armed forces of the Reich had the full benefit of the Polish army, they are three times higher than the number of tanks and combat aircraft.

Polish troops were inferior in firepower, almost immediately gave way to heaven, another factor that undermines their power, was a state. Ukrainians and Belarusians in Poland which were treated as slaves, did not seek to defend the independence of Poland.

Well, the Polish military and political elite,

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