Operation Jihad — the blood after the elections

Summer 1996 was the first after the second presidential election, which defeated Boris Yeltsin. One of the numerous promises his company was the end of the Chechen war, why the government was forced to sign an agreement in Nazran. Under the agreement, Russian troops were evenly output from areas of the country, and the order was provided by local police. But in practice, the separatists were not suppressed, and the command output perfectly understood the danger of armed forces from the troubled region.

Yet, the conclusion was planned, because the question of the cessation of hostilities was standing in

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Unsafe surprises the second world war

How long since ended majestic Russian War, but its eerie ghosts continue to haunt and modern humans.

This is due to the fact that, in spite of all the work carried out by combat engineers to sweep areas of the remnants of various explosive devices guarantees that during the digging is not an explosion, no. The facts of such accidents unlimited.

One of the most terrible events happened in one of the small towns in the Odessa area. Three teenagers in one of the abandoned quarries found metal, work was carried out on a very Professor level. Available

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They have come to ruin someone elses home … (Rot Fuchs, Germany)

Constantly flashing incomprehensible discussion of German prisoners of war in the Soviet Union leads me to share with readers his thoughts on the matter. At the end of the second World War 11.2 million Germans from the Wehrmacht and the SS were held captive by the Allies. About 8 million of them were Anglo-American, and more than 3 million — in Russian captivity. The Germans were waiting for the respective states, that their prisoners be treated in accordance with the provisions of the Geneva Convention of 1906, the Hague Regulations of Land Warfare 1907 or the Convention on prisoners of

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They wished for happiness

This photo I came across almost the case. A small cardboard suitcase fell on my head when I poke in the pantry. Under a pile of scattered papers stood out in black and white shot with serrated edges. On the tarnished image: with the children in his arms — my grandmother. "Kiev 1941st" — I glanced back and remembered the mother's story about the war.

Dark August majestically first Russian war; dark — in the smoke. Germans were able to break into the city a day or for a day. Opposite the house, where my grandmother, broken windows smoked sausage

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They were the best?

The large flow of disk imaging, virtually collapsed in the near future on all of us, sometimes plays a very bad role in the development of thinking guys coming to us for replacement. And you can not say in advance that this information is incorrect. But here in our own "naked" form, without a reasonable explanation, it sometimes carries within it a terrible and self-destructive nature just temper.

How can this be?

Let me give you an example.

Already a generation of boys in our country grown hard by the conviction that our illustrious pilots Kozhedub Ivan and Alexander Pokryshkin

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October, which rescued the country from the swamp. The required experience of the revolution

Basic to nedavneshnego time — well, now a memorial — the date of our ceremonial calendar is celebrated at the moment is quite a funny way. The official statement said on Red Square parade held in honor of the parade, held on November 7, 1941. Technically this is true: that of a parade on the day really was. But our government smuschyaetsya say, and in honor of what, in fact, there was a parade. A parade was, as you know, in honor of the 24th anniversary of the October Socialist Revolution stateliness.

And the celebrations in honor of the action

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Outskirts of Europe

They say that the title comes from the Balkans, 2-word, "ball" means honey and "kan" — the blood. And this interpretation of the name of the south-eastern part of Europe is quite justified, because the conquerors really drawn here, as in honey, and sometimes conflicts arise much blood has been shed since the beginning of the last century to the present day.

In autumn of the year today, specifically on October 8, the population of the earth marked the centenary of day or the beginning of the war against Serbia, Montenegro and Turkey.

Armed conflict headed for his own

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Ocean Monsters. Last marina

This post is not about the United States and even the stately warships. Post is dedicated to the reverence for itself, its own history and its own people! Why do they relate to their own history, its monuments, to the education of pride in their history and the armed forces?

And why we do everything to ensure that Americans have the same (well, we do), we do not respect?

"Arizona" (English USS Arizona) — one of the ships of the U.S. Navy, stationed in the Bay of Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941 and destroyed by Japanese aircraft. (34 photos)


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The unipolar world on the model of Pax Americana (Rebelion, Spain)

In 1991, in connection with the collapse of the Soviet Union left the United States the only superpower in the world, that he gave them the opportunity to establish a new world order on the model of the South American Peace (Pax americana).

Bipolar world that existed in the period from 1870 to 1945 and was characterized by the struggle for the redivision of the world between a handful of European and non-European powers, was unreliable and caused two world wars (1914-18 and 1939-45). Was unreliable and bipolar world that existed from 1945 to 1991, when the U.S. and

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One of the most unique bikes since the second world war

Welbike — An extraordinary bike Second World War, was in service in the English intelligence and sabotage service. It weighed only 32 kilograms.

Single-speed bike to a top speed of fifty miles per hour. Without refueling could travel up to 145 km.

After the war, military killed almost all of the remaining stories, because they were considered unsafe for use on the public highway use in England, because they were equipped only the rear brake and no lights.

After the war, the manufacturer Excelsior continued to produce such scooters, and one of the first of favorite British

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