Belarusian and Russian politicians: Lukashenka finished badly …

Society Russian NTV channel on Sunday showed a film in which the name of Alexander Lukashenko due to his political spobornikov disappearances in Belarus, and also made a lot of other criticism of the Belarusian leader. Almost simultaneously with the transmission of sharp criticism of Lukashenko come out yet on the other two Russian TV channels "Russia Today" and the First Channel. How to comment on the appearance of these films and broadcasts Belarusian and Russian policy?

Gregory Kastusyou


Boris Nemtsov

Vladimir Ryzhkov

Potential presidential candidate of the BPF Gregory Kastusyou believes that the screening of the film

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Death to Spies: Moment of Truth watch online

In 2013, the famous "Smersh"Said the 70-year anniversary. He was made immediately after Battle of Stalingrad, which became a turning point in the war, Russian majestically. After the defeat of the winter, and in fact the full transition to the defense, the enemy was obliged to urgently change strategy. Not only on the battlefield. German intelligence agencies have tried new ways of espionage, tried to make their 5th column in the rear of the advancing Red Army. Had to be reconstructed and the Russian military intelligence agencies. By the spring of 1943, army security officers gathered enough experience to

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Vladimir Ryzhkov: It is obvious that the Kremlin has a plan '

Society Well-known Russian politician Vladimir Ryzhkov did not rule out that the show on NTV antilukashenkovskogo film may be continued in the form of other "fighting" against the Kremlin Alexander Lukashenko. "Over likely that in the information war will resume milk and others. Russia has proven technologies, there Gennady Onishchenko, which at the right moment to find Koch's bacillus, or even some kind of crap. There are State Standard, which also finds anything anywhere. In general, experience shows that the Kremlin starts such information wars, having a plan of action that goes far beyond the display of a single film.

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What do we know about the Yugoslav war?

Yugoslavia, being one of the largest European countries, there is always a common home was listed for Croats, Serbs and Muslims. But in the 90 years she has been plunged into an acute interethnic conflict.

1992 year was the year of the disaster state of Yugoslavia, which claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, or what's the innocent people.

Although 20 years old by the standards of history is very short term, it is worth remembering these dramatic events also reflect on their antecedents and consequences.

Background of ethnic conflicts between the peoples inhabiting Yugoslavia, have deep historical roots. Since

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What are you still doing to us, the Motherland?

Berdskaya GRU team disbanded … There was a memory …

About the fact that the team's Berd Special Forces disbanded in the process of military reform, the rumors went not so long ago. And suddenly — news Berdskiy SWAT bids farewell to the banner! Berdchane inhabitants and Surrounding Regions — the backbone of Berd special forces, many do not even believe … How so, why one of the more combat-ready military units of the Russian army disappears before our eyes, and even in such a hurry? I called the fellow countrymen to find out details about the real situation in

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What will happen to Iraq?

In 2003, during the NATO intervention led by the U.S., Iraq was invaded. At the current time, the U.S. withdrew languid arms, but in Iraq remained fairly significant forces, including mercenaries private companies.

At the current time, Iraq — this is a very unstable territory, whose weight problems.

— Goes guerrilla war against the Yankees and the pro-Western government, terrorist attacks, shootings — this is everyday life.

— The question of the final withdrawal of the South American contingent, including military trainers latest Iraqi army of mercenaries and private military companies.

— The Kurdish problem of the Kurds want to

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Black bottom reddish flame. On the 95th anniversary of the February Revolution in Russia

The fact that the revolution in Russia was "inevitable", says much. Others in this unshakably convinced to this day. Indeed, the destruction of historic Russia is preparing for a long time, more than half a century, counting from Karakozova, out-of-society "Hell" and a blank in 1866, shot in the Emperor Alexander II. But the revolution is afoot in Europe, is preparing a global revolution that was also considered imminent.

Haters of the Russian state had the means, the plan and the will to achieve the triumph of the revolution. Amplify their role and ability not necessary. Yes, and belittle

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What to teach? Which war cook?

Termination of a set of students in higher educational institutions of the Defense Ministry, apparently shocked many prominent members and military and civilian community of our country. In general, here fit again for the umpteenth time to talk about the mind-boggling passivity of the respective structures in the leadership of the Armed Forces, which obliged to explain the essence of the reform of the army and navy.

But the decision not to take any of today or in the future, the applications from those who want to dedicate lives Ratna case there are many questions. Yes, maybe we really

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The more soldiers and officers are different from military

Every day brings something into our lexicon new. Some foreign words and signs to often cause a subconscious protest. But the new words, crafted from their parts, usually cause no special feelings. Therefore get used to them faster. Even if they are on first glance does not look quite natural.

Not a lot of people do not know the word "foreign car". Word More from the Russian era — one of those times when the whole country was one semi-closed shop, where these same foreign cars repaired at least some species. Word understandably, has worked for the same language rules

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What should the world of Russian Soldier-Liberator

At the current time is an angry attack on our memory of stateliness Russian war. Perhaps only in Russia, Belarus, Armenia, and partly in Ukraine remained true awareness majestically War and our victory. There are not so quite a few years, when the last participants of these events live can pass their memoirs young generations.

At the sight of our latest design reality: even the phrase "The Great Russian war"Substitute" the Soviet-German war. " In 2010, the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly adopted a resolution which equalized the role of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany in the outbreak of the second

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