Red banner won the Ukrainian parliament

Society The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a law providing for the official use of the red flag next to the national blue and yellow on May 9 and during other celebrations associated with the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

This initiative was supported by 260 deputies of the factions of the parliamentary majority. But the opposition has condemned the use of the red flag next to the government, calling the initiative of anti-Ukrainian.

The law "On uvekavechanni Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 (on the order of official use of copies of the Banner of

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3rd Patriotic War

Speech at the Congress of the Russian State Council, June 12, 1992, in the "Independence day"

Many years ago, I visited East Germany, then called German Democratic Republic. After leaving the train, I saw flags waving in the town and asked my colleagues that now the prazdnichek? "Day of victory" — told me. When I asked who they defeated in the present day? — They are somewhat sheepishly replied that it was "a day of victory over fascism." With all the fears of fascism, I did not believe that the Germans are reforged, that their hearts beat at the

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3rd Global: the war of all against all

What conflicts could flare up in the world of tomorrow

Outbreak of tensions on the Korean Peninsula, the newly spawned debate about a war that could begin almost tomorrow. "What is this war, Fear of God. No one with whom to wage war not is going to have 40 years of so. Ordinary local businesses, "- writes in his blog, recognized expert on Korea Andrei Lankov. Indeed, most experts converge in this world view, neither of which "hot" war speech does not go.

Really great wars in the world before the last 65 years. With the proliferation of nuclear

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Third global war already begun?

3rd Global war start 100 years after the first and will take hundreds of millions of human lives. Such a forecast is given some experts. Scientists say war is already in progress at the moment just completed her first step.

The scientific concept of the circumstances and timing of the steps of World War III has developed the first vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical problems, Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov. In general terms its own forecast, he laid out in an interview with "free press".

On the ground, according to Sivkova, stepped global, civilizational crisis. It is generated

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Greetings from France: World War I, the memories of Americans watch online

From 1917 to 1919 year 2 million young Yankees came to fight on the fronts of Europe — the army, which is rapidly forgotten. We wish to honor this 20-year-old soldiers who crossed the ocean. (Coming from the movie) Suggested for you movie will explore the case between the United States and France during and after the First World War (1914-1920). It offers tours to places of France, where the South American troops were stationed, and which have been restored with the help of the U.S. for the period from 1919 and 1932 (Boulogne, Bordeaux, Paris, Nancy …) Despite

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Catastrophe Russian prisoners of war (Holokokauszt es Tarsadalmi Konfliktusok Program, Hungary)

The war in the settlement of

In December 1940, Adolf Hitler began to plan an attack on, which consisted then in alliance with Nazi Germany, the Russian Communist Alliance. The operation was codenamed "Operation Barbarossa." During the preparation of Hitler gave to understand that we are not talking about the classic seizure of territories, and oh-so-called, the war on liquidation (Vernichtungskrieg). In March 1941, he said the management of the Wehrmacht did not enjoy a lot of military victory and the eastward expansion of German contemporary space (Lebensraum). According to him, the Russian Communist Alliance, "… to kill using

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History of the Third Reich in the newsreels watch online

This documentary TV series filmed in the eyes known South American director Mickey Shepard knows about the history of the Third Reich, a true mosaic of newsreels and other historical documents that were drawn up at the time of the spread of fascism in the world. This documentary episode was filmed specifically to show the tremendous impact Hitler to the European masses, indicate the main favorites of the leading states of the error when they set up a bet on a particular supporter of fascism. After that, the leader of Germany's imprudent act immediately took control of all media,

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The disaster Macedonian Slavs

The Balkan Peninsula has long been known as one of the most volatile regions of the planet. This is a "powder keg" of Europe, there are facing Islamic project, West project and the Slavic world.

After the bloody disintegration of Yugoslavia, formed in its place a number of artificial, non-viable entities, one of them — is Macedonia.

Macedonians (South Slavs), unlike the Serbs, Croats, Bosnians, lucky to secede from Yugoslavia without a civilian war in 1991.

But it did not make life measured Macedonia, during the war in the area of Kosovo Albanian diaspora received the "recruitment", in addition to

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The disaster-long 10 years

The bombing of Deh Ravud was only a mock war, and just as deadly occupation that followed.

The first in July 2002 South American planes took off bombs on the small village of Deh Ravud (Deh Rawud), where he played someone's marriage day. Located just north of Kandahar, the village seemed protected thanks to mountain ranges of the region. For a time the inhabitants thought that war, which at prazdnichek nobody called, they will not touch. They had fun, and as it is necessary for the triumph of tradition, at times fired into the air.

But the happy event

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One who fought the war

— The greenish grass, greenish grass … — he stutters. — Soundly … peace … in manure pits in the funnels are they riddled with bullets, shells shredded, covered swamp … EM Remarque "The Return"

War and destruction are not creepy in the movie — the characters are killed by malehankih neat holes in the heart. Gryazyuka, blood and fear the true war is always behind the scenes. But specifically for the actual combat was created Russian fighter-bomber Su-17. "Dry" flew there, where has been no official television reports, which do not have the ability to distinguish from

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