Tanks. Blitzkrieg. Scenario victory

Show during the First World War, the tanks have gone through a turbulent period of evolution from awkward machines designed to break the stalemate of trench warfare, and maneuver up to a massive iron monsters that produced the latest strategy and the strategy of warfare.

Tanks. Blitzkrieg. Scenario victory

The tanks were burning like a candle

In the battle of Syanno participated twice more tanks than in Prokhorovka

About 15 years back, as a correspondent of the national newspaper, I often had to travel to the capital from time to time — in the police car, which was immediately given a few correspondents, who used it in turns. On the way to Minsk, the driver is usually folded into the parking lot around the memorial complex "Khatyn" and we hastily snack at a roadside cafe. There was also a large restaurant, which seems to was called "Guerrilla Forest", but we did not go there: it

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Tanks of the 2nd World War, England

The emblem of the British tank industry in the years between the two world wars-name was hard pyatibashenny tank AT Independent. This car has become the object of attention of professionals in many states and, no doubt, served as the design layout languid Russian T-35 and the German Nb.Fz

As is known, the construction of tanks, the British started back in the days of the First World War to its end, they were numerous and institutionalized tank forces — Royal Armoured Corps (RAC) — Royal Tank Corps.

In the next 20 years, the British tank building was almost "freezing

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Tank died, long live the tank

It turned out it the truth now? Tanks on the way out? For several decades, the main battle tank was declared obsolete. As the ship and the other armament, dependent on the huge guns and thick armor, the tank is considered as inevitably destroys more than the high-spirited, more massive and more than a cheap tool. The first modern battleship was launched in 1906, but less than half a century aircraft and submarines have made the ship out of date, and no such ship was built after 1945. The tank has survived longer. For the first time appeared in

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Grim fascination of Adolf Hitler watch online

Adolf Hitler — a favorite with the rich culture of the country in the very heart Europe. Man, incapable of normal in a human relationship, devoid of sympathy, full of hatred and prejudice. Yet for a long time before the second World War Hitler to read about the ruthlessness of his political opponents. Hitler's hatred will lead to the Holocaust, and his thirst for conquest leave the floor Europe in ruins. And yet this man — the embodiment of evil — was once like in the millions. And if it were not for the action in world history would

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Steel Beasts watch online

Lofty Russian war ended with the victory of the Union of Russian, who would have to think that a few decades back unfold debate about how it started, how to develop actions and what was the role in all of this tank forces. But for most of the debaters tank — It's only four shaped as letters on a sheet of paper, that it's still the same kind of car that she can, where, and how has used tanks and self-propelled guns in World War II battles, you will learn in the documentary War movie "Iron animals." An interesting

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War of the invisible. Secrets of the front-line intelligence watch online

This documentary film tells us about the hard service of the soldier and the dangers that they experienced being in the rear of the enemy and the exploits they have done in the course of this terrible war. Details of mouth, historical records, the chronology of events — all this will bring clarity to the role that was played by all the people in the bloodiest war.

2nd Global war

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The Taliban are starting to take Afghanistan

Almost every day, reports coming out of Afghanistan (and here is the refutation) of the peace talks between the representatives of the Kabul government and the movement "Taliban" assure that the negotiations will not only have a place, but it came out of the initial phase of establishing contacts. And that process is developing rapidly, despite the Taliban's unwillingness to agree on anything with the "corrupt Karzai puppet clique," as they called him contemptuously.

1st meeting people Hamid Karzai and the Taliban took place in January and May 2010 in the Maldives. They were informal and hidden, for all that

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Is the U.S. army is invincible?

The myth of its power has long been called into swing

The greatness of the Yankees, bloated in their minds, based on at least the last five definitions.

First — they are the most affordable. 2nd — they are the richest. Third — they are the strongest. 4th — they are the most devout. And finally, the fifth — everything that happens in the world is made by the will and under the control of the majestic country. Hudson is associated with the Tiber. Snow-white house with Capitol. Means they are followers of Rome. And since they are the modern

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Cyborgs of the Soviet Union!

American historian Jeff Strasberg in his book "The Secret Weapon of the Soviets" leads a lot of evidence that from 1936 to 1941 in the Soviet Union was working on a particularly secret project to create a super soldier. He argues that the experiment involved about 300 volunteers Komsomol age and cites numerous eyewitness accounts.

No, the war is not being fed any chemical agents and doping. Their brains were implanted gold electrodes, preventing the emergence of pain, and limb bones replaced with titanium prosthesis that will protect the soft

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