Pyongyang threatens Seoul with nuclear war

After the official Moscow has announced the cancellation of the 10-billion debt and the DPRK said on the probable realization of large-scale joint projects for the construction of the gas pipeline and transmission lines to South Korea for the remaining non written billions of dollars of debt seems to be the case Pyongyang and Seoul should be able to transform overnight in light. North Koreans should be able to will throw in the hot embrace of Koreans southern and south — to the north … kissing, hot handshake, solemn promises of peace and economic cooperation … But, for some reason,

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Russian fighter path — through the lens. Photo exhibition since the second world war.

In the Ukrainian capital now opened an exhibition of Russian war photographer Yevgeny Chaldean. It holds about 200 photos of the second period of the world, 30 of which are located in the first time. So makarom exhibition organizers wish to draw attention to the creative legacy master, and also to honor the veterans who died in the war days of winning the other day.

About 200 photos of military TASS correspondent, who shot the installation of reddish flag over the Reichstag in the 45th, everyone can behold the exhibition "Eugene Chaldean. Painter. Warrior. Man '. The exhibition was

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The path of the victim in the Hunter

In Western countries, first in the United States, at the municipal level, created an effective system of information warfare. Full temper their means and time of implementation of this doctrine allows the ruling elite of the West to solve the main tasks of geopolitics without the introduction of the armed forces, or limited their use. In other countries of the world such a system is not created.

Information warfare is the totality of the processes of mutual influence of the opposing countries, aimed at the destruction of the information environment of the enemy and preserve the integrity of its own

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Putin: There is no danger of China

Our home should not be afraid of China, the rumors that the multi-million dollar Chinese army at one point takes immense area of Far East, very exaggerated. This was stated in Sochi premier-minister RF Vladimir Putin before Russian spices.

As reported with reference to the Russian.china zabugornye media during his own visit to Sochi, Putin said Russian spice: "China is not a safety hazard of. We maintain good neighborly deeds already for several hundred years. And over the years we have learned to respect and understand each other. "

Russian Prime Minister noted that China does not have sufficient resources

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Great Raids of World War II watch online

During the second World War some sabotage operations were more significant than the big fight. In the air, on land and at sea, these raids were applied crushing blows to the principal strategic military targets and German companies. The people who carried out these risky missions, well aware that they can not return back. But such was the cost of the overall victory. A careful study of those years newsreels, interviews with veterans and computer modeling allowed to reconstruct the details of these operations to the smallest details.

2nd Global war

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Putin: Samples revise the results of the second world war are mercantile lie

Samples revision of the results 2nd World War and Holocaust denial is not just a mercenary lies, and forgetting the lessons of history. This is stated in the letter of Russian President Vladimir Putin at the ceremony of opening of the Jewish Museum and Center of Tolerance in Moscow. Greeting read Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

"Congratulations on the opening of the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, is convinced that this event is further evidence of the special relationship between our two countries and peoples, — the message says. — The largest in the world museum Jewish history in almost

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Putin says NATO cool throwback to the times of war

Russian President Vladimir Putin said NATO's current form, "atavism cool time war "and calls for early transformation of this block in the political campaign.

"Why it exists today — is unclear. This (NATO) To a large extent throwback to the times of cool War "- said Putin at a meeting today with soldiers of the 201st Russian military base in Tajikistan.

The President noted that our homeland would wish NATO do not go beyond the limits of its own statutory activities and expanded the scope of its activities and became a global organization.

According to him, Moscow is interested in

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Putin and Russian

When we are at the moment they say about the march of millions, or about the Russian Revolution, all in almost everything rests on the figure of Putin. The main motto of the intelligible, put forward by the opposition, which say like a mantra: "Putin, go away! Our homeland without Fishing season!"Etc..

Russian nationalists have this motto is largely divided and also require care Putin. Why? So they said: "What, in fact, Putin has done for Russian for his 10 years of rule? He once remarked Russian general objectives? He once tried to enter into dialogue with the Russian

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Bullet-fool, the bayonet-fellow

All foreign military writers, historians and journalists, fiercely critical of the Russian Imperial Army, always had a tribute to the art of war, which the Russian army possessed in perfection. This is the art of bayonet fighting, it our forefathers had no equal. This glorious military tradition is reflected in the label's famous aphorism, the leader of the AV Suvorov's "Bullet — a fool, the bayonet — well done", which justifies the importance was given to bayonet fighting in the ranks of the army of the Russian Empire.

Bayonet — a symbiosis of strength, ability, fencing, martial arts, and

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Guns in the general system of the Red Army in the Russian war stateliness

During the second world war fraction of infantry armed with machine guns to change. Decreased production of self-loading rifles, and small effective range of fire of submachine guns have become a prerequisite for increasing the value of machine guns in action at medium (up to 1 sq m) and large (up to 2 sq m) ranges. Rifle company in July 1941, had six machine guns across the state, in July 1942 — 12 manual (with all this in the company of German — 12 single or light machine guns), in July 1943 — an easel and 18 machine guns, in

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