Americans are afraid of flooding

Americans are seriously concerned about the possibility of flooding as a result of their cities raising the water level in seas and oceans due to global warming on our planet. Today, more than 4 million people in the United States from Los Angeles to the East Coast live in homes that can be flooded due to the onset of the ocean, according to Associated Press.

According to experts, the highest risk flood prone residents of American cities like Florida, Louisiana and New York. New York, which were previously considered not susceptible to flooding, according to the calculations

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Not so scary global warming, as it is painted journalists

Recently, in the southeastern part of Michigan notes four devastating tornado. This is unusual, because in the previous half-century the devastating tornadoes in these places there were a total of eight times.

Examining the rubble of their homes, and listening to the news about the record number of tornadoes that hit the U.S. in 2011, many michigantsy wonder — is this not a striking confirmation of climate change on the planet? "Not everything is so simple and fast," — says michigantsam site meteorologist Meghan Evans. In her view, a direct link between more frequent tornadoes and

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Scientists have found traces of previous global warming

An international team of scientists from several universities in Europe, Japan and the U.S. to complete the collection and analysis of core samples in Greenland glaciers

According to research experts reported on two very significant temperature jumps, which occurred during the last Ice Age. Experts say that these races have had a significant impact on the circulation of atmospheric flows on our planet passes Sybersecurity resource.Ice samples showed that in the northern hemisphere of the planet were two significant warming period — the first took place 14,700 years ago, when just 50 years of global temperature jumped immediately to

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Greenland may completely melt

The Greenland ice sheet is probably more vulnerable to global warming than previously thought. Temperature threshold at which the local ice melts completely in the range 0,8-3,2? C above pre-industrial levels.

The most likely estimate — 1,6? C, the researchers of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (Germany) and the Universidad Complutense (Spain). It should be noted that an increase of 0,8? C is already registered.

Earlier models were given 1,9-5,1? C with the best evaluation in 3,1? C.

It's no secret that a significant long-term melting of ice will contribute to sea level rise of several meters,

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Global warming in the Mahatma Letters. The cause of the current warming

July 24, 2012 11:52

Earth in flames

Climate change is already noticeable to average citizens. Scientists say global warming, but no consensus about the cause they do not. Modern science can not tell the public exactly what is happening to the climate.

Forecasts, built by some scientists say, for example, that if all the other polar glaciers from melting will decrease with the same acceleration as in recent years, it is still in this century, global sea levels could rise by more than 1 meter. In turn, this means that many of the coastal countries will lose much

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Because of global warming birds before returning home

Observations 35,000 volunteers for a decade have allowed scientists to figure out how to change the behavior of migratory birds in eastern North America due to global warming. It turned out that each degree of warming causes the birds are returning to their homes from one to six days earlier.

Bird watchers in the past few decades, watching how global warming is changing the behavior of migratory birds. It turns out that sometimes change their routes, but more often these changes relate to the time when the birds begin their flight. Scientists from the University of North Carolina

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Predictions of global warming predictions changed the Ice Age

Scientists continue to frighten mankind global cataclysms. So recently the world prepare for global warming. To combat this phenomenon has contributed more than $ 10 billion. More recently, the UN has raised the issue of banning myasoedstva. They say the greatest emissions of CO2 produced meat processing plants. But the anomalous cold in Europe and Russia, dramatically changed all forecasts. So the heat will not be.Now that is on the ground in 2 years will begin a new Ice Age.A simple man, with such diametrical projections raises two questions: what, scientists do not really know nothing, or they beat out

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No need to panic about global warming

  "The Wall Street Journal", USA — January 27, 2012 "No Need to Panic About Global Warming"

There is no convincing scientific argument for drastic action to "decarbonization" of the world economy.

Candidates for public office in any contemporary democracy may have to consider that after all to do with "global warming." Candidates should understand that the oft-repeated claim that nearly all scientists urgently need to take decisive action to stop global warming is not true. In fact there are many — and the number is growing — outstanding scientists and engineers who do not agree with the fact

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Weather events in Europe

While Europe's reigning "Siberian winter" in Spitsbergen (Svalbard) is abnormally warm weather. On Wednesday morning, there was registered a record high temperature in February of seven degrees.

Weather events have caused problems in Longyirbyuene, the largest settlement in Svalbard. Some schools were closed because of avalanches and landslides. Svalbard — it's mostly glaciers and permafrost. When it comes to melting permafrost and glaciers, on the roads of the island there are complex conditions. Local people complain that they have such a temperature in February is unusual, and besides, the streets became too slippery, and there is the risk of

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The retreat of the glaciers in the Altai Mountains of Siberian rivers threatened shoaling

Because of global warming, the glaciers in the Altai Mountains annually decreasing length of 10-15 meters.

Among the dangers that may come from this process — reducing the supply of fresh water and the drying up of the Siberian rivers. These findings come scientists Altai State University.

"Altai glaciers fed by mountain streams that flow into the Ob River, which flows through Siberia to the North Arctic Ocean — said today Associate Professor of Physical Geography and Geographic Information Systems, Faculty of Geography of the Altai State University Oleg Ostanin. In high school, he has focused its glaciology

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