Reducing combustion accelerates global warming

 European climate scientists led by Dr. Peter Cox (Peter Cox) performed at the BBC, a statement that the fight against global warming but on the contrary — accelerates and amplifies it.

The reason is that, thinking of greenhouse gases, people pay little attention to the other component of emissions from fossil fuel combustion — sulfur dioxide.

Meanwhile, the particles in the atmosphere reflect sunlight, according to calculations of scientists, nearly balancing the effect of greenhouse gases.

Reducing emissions, and reduces the effect of humanity "global dimming", which leads to more heating of the surface of the planet.

At the

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Climate skeptics go back down (Video)

A group of scientists known for their skepticism about the theories of climate change, to re-examine two centuries of global temperature data and found strong evidence for the fact that the Earth is hotter.

Lead author Richard Muller of the University of California at Berkeley (USA) only at the beginning of this year, members of Congress, there are concerns that in the XX century, there was a significant warming.

And his project Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) has completed processing of the temperature, since 1800, from 15 sources, including the World Meteorological Organization and

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Global warming: melting not only ice, but animals

Global warming, as it turns out, affects not only the size of the ice cover in the Arctic, but animals with plants. According to a recent study, the gradual increase in the Earth's temperature will lead to the fact that even large predators over time much ground. But this is not the worst.

According to the Singapore scientists, many animals and plants are gradually reduced in size by global warming, according to Sky News.

This is due to the fact that by increasing the temperature of the planet, the animals will have to spend more energy and this

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Global warming is a mirror of the national policy

AP PhotoDespite the abundance of evidence of skepticism about climate heating increases

Lost in the 460-page first issue of one of the American Journal of Science for 1975 publication did not attract attention. Although the title was bold: "Are we not on the brink of global warming?" It is in this article, a climatologist Wally Brecker coined the term, which is destined to live long.

Scientists estimate how much carbon dioxide accumulates in the atmosphere over the next 35 years, and how it will affect the temperature rise. His prediction was accurate. Over the years, new compelling proof of the

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Ocean masks global warming

According to calculations made by experts from the National Center for Atmospheric Research (USA), the world's oceans for decades, can absorb and thus "mask" the excess heat, causing global warming on the planet. Such findings, scientists have made based on the study of computer models, recreated temperature processes occurring on the surface of the Earth.

According to Gerald Mila, the head of research, ocean uptake of heat is one of the reasons why global warming is non-linear and has a pronounced downturns. Recently, in the study of satellite data and comparing them with the results of monitoring the Earth's temperature,

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Horrors that await the earth with global warming

Researchers at the University of Calgary, argue that the Earth's climate will warm up only in …… Next one thousand years, without any dependence on whether humanity will cease to emit "insulate" substances into the atmosphere or not.The scientists built a model of global climate change, the deletion of the human factor. In the end, it turned out that one way or another, but the Earth will warm, leading to the melting of Antarctic ice, which in turn will lead to growth of deserts.The researchers found that the southern and northern hemispheres differ in how they are affected by warming.

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Apocalypse began with the Arctic

The participants of the Russian-American expedition discovered a major new release of methane in the northern regions of the Laptev Sea and the Bering Sea. According to the researchers, everywhere in the Arctic shows signs of global warming.

Expedition Arctic Research Laboratory Pacific Oceanological Institute, Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences headed by Professor at American University of Alaska-Fairbanks Igor Semiletov. Preliminary results, he told reporters on the phone right from the board of the research vessel "Academician Lavrentiev."

As explained by the scientist, methane, deep origin passes through the thickness of ocean water and

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Global warming is hiding in the depths of the ocean

According to studies by the National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA (NCAR), the oceans of our planet can absorb enough heat to equalize the rate of global warming for 10 years, although the long-term warming trend is preserved.

The study, based on computer models of global climate, points to the fact that the layers of the ocean at depths below 300 m may hide heat. It may shed light on the mystery of the "missing" heat in the last ten years — when was observed gradual increase in the temperature of the planet. The fact that the

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Protest against global warming at the American Physical Society

On Tuesday, September 13 Nobel Prize in Physics in 1973 Ivor Giaever left the American Physical Society. The scientist said he made the decision to withdraw from this, the most prestigious and influential among physicists, scientific organization, because it does not agree with the official policy on global warming.

American Physical Society officially supports the theory that the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide, associated with human activities, leading to serious climate change on the planet.

Although Giaever takes a different view, the theory of global warming he treated fairly quiet until the American Physical Society did not

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Time of the global warming debate is over

Published new compelling statistics about climate change on Earth

Has released new data on climate change on Earth. During the last 250 years the average temperature at the Earth's surface has risen by 1.4 degrees Celsius, with 0.8 degrees of them in the past half century. This means that all the recent cases of extreme temperatures, as Moscow summer 2010, the catastrophic drought in the U.S. in 2011, or the deadly heat wave in Europe in 2003 — the direct result of already hard-reaching global warming.

Waged with varying success heavy and prolonged fighting in

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