1988г. — четвертая пластинка “No Exit” (Meta! Blade), записанная с новыми продюсерами Роджером Пробертом и Максом Норманом (работал с Ozzy и т.д.), а также инженером Филом Магнотти. С уходом Арча в группе некоторое время был Крис Кронк (ex-Jag Panzer), которого в свою очередь сменил 20-ти летний Рэй Олдер из техасской группы Syrus.

Джим Матеос:

— Их менеджер помогал нам с выступлениями в Техасе. Когда выяснилось, что нам нужен новый вокалист, многие стали присылать нам свои записи. В их числе был и Syrus. Нам понравилось что и как делает их вокалист. Интересно было, что Рэй сможет сделать с нашими композициями. Мы


Prosecutor’s Office warned Grodno-independent journalists

And Natalia Makushina and Ivan Roman refused to testify against himself. Attorney Oktyabrsky district Grodno Valery Povedayko Makushino showed several printouts of materials from the website "German Wave"."It was a film about how the police found a bomb in the building where the congress of the movement" For Freedom! "In Grodno, and a material 2006 festival of national cultures. That there could discredit their country, I do not know, "- says journalist Natalia Makushina.The prosecutor refused to give Natalia Povedayko Makushino copy of the written warning, although he said that it can appeal it in court:"And that appeal, if I

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Liquidation threatens another three opposition parties

As stated by the Ministry of Justice, despite the requirements and warnings, these parties to This time did not do the right amount of organizational structures. According to the law, political parties are required to have a Minsk city and regional organizational structures more than 4 fields. Ministry of Justice threatened that may put the issue on the termination of the parties or their liquidation in court.BSDP (Gromada) has registered four regional and Minsk city organization. According to managing affairs Sidorevich Anatolia, in the prevention of Justice have confusion in the documents:"Maybe bureaucrat was instructed, but confused. Certainly, the bureaucrat

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Artur Finkevich denied premature release

In May 2006 Artur Finkevich was sentenced to two years restrictions on freedom of graffiti. Since the summer of the same year he is serving his sentence in Mogilev commandant.On present day Arthur has three warnings from the administration of the commandant’s office. If you get another, it can be transferred to jail. Artur Finkevich said: "If will be accepted a political decision for my release, then all of these warnings may be terminated within 5 minutes. "Artur Finkevich sentence comes in December This year.

Grodno: first warning candidate BPF

Posters with the content "BPF Party for social guarantees", the "European choice Belarus"" In a free market "were posted in the town. Vadim Saranchukou believes that the County Commission does not had rights, when she brought him a warning because, in his opinion, the party at any time of free to advertise their ideas. Vadim is Saranchukou a candidate Grodno Zanemanskaya constituency number 49. He is the Managing municipal organization BPF "Revival".

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BAJ journalist asks to cancel P.Guzaevskamu

In an article that was posted in the room "Hantsavichy time" of 8 December and was the reason for the prevention, P. Guzalevski knows how difficult and at times impossiblecould obtained from the responsible persons — including chairman of the district Election Commission — information on the election campaign and, namely, candidates for deputies. Creator draws attention, it is a violation of electoral legislation and notes feature of elections in the region — "on each claim by District one person. "But an employee of the local prosecutor Sergei kill saw violation of the law in the content articles Guzaevskogo. As

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Preparing new coming on press freedom?

The law, which currently regulates the media in Belarus, was adopted in 1995 and, according to the views of the executive branch and legislators date. Since 2002 there are new bills — a total of four clear — but the adoption of the law always postponed. By BAJ, presently this process new impetus. In the National Assembly created a working group, which holds if not everyday meeting. Activists-independent journalists do not exclude that the law in the first reading already perceive the following week. Meanwhile to the draft text, which hit the BAJ many claims. BAJ experts shared at a

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Prosecutor’s Office issued a warning to the company that is building a plant in friendly

When the scan has warned the Russian company "August-Bel" warning about the inadmissibility of violation of legislation in the design and construction of a plant for the production of plant protection products.The prosecutor’s office stated that "Bel-August" did not fulfill some requirements of annotation assessment of the environmental impact of economic activities. This abstract published by the Ministry of Health of Belarus.General Prosecutor’s Office issued a warning to the Acting Director of "August-Bel" about violating the law and ensure public access claimed at all steps of the project activity to the materials that relate to the planned impact assessments of

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Grodno booked for a concert of the Polish group

He issued a warning for violation of fire safety.Indoors, which employs UCP hosted a concert of Polish folk group "Transkapela". On the basis of this protocol was made with reference to the fact that this space is only one way.

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Cards minors Vitebsk activists

Delayed them odinadtsatiklassnitsa secondary school number 17 Yulia Mikhailova received a warning from the administrative commission for minors Railway Executive Committee a day or three back.Members of the commission considered the arrest report compiled by police for his role in an unsanctioned rally: April 16 girls together with other members of the "BPF Youth" made "human chain" along Lenin Street near summer amphitheater, picking up portraits of Alexander Kozulin, Sergei Parsyukevich and Andrei Kim .In acquired girls regulations on the prevention says that in the case of the upcoming arrest for violation of public order ancestors Yulia Mikhailova and sisters

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