Poland invited the OSCE observers to parliamentary elections

After the meeting with Ambassador Christian Strohal, who heads the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights OSCE, which is located in Warsaw, Minister Foreign Affairs Anna Fotyga said that "the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the OSCE agreed that the conditions for election observation in Poland.""The OSCE said that Poland — a country with a measured democracy" — identified Ms. Minister, specifically those words first waiting for the Polish side of the OSCE after Two weeks back the Warsaw refused to accept the observer from this organization."This puts us on a par with Third World countries," — then said

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At the Warsaw stadium are no longer trading

Tatiana — from western Belarus, the stadium trades for about 5 years. She asks her neighbor, an Armenian keep watch product — fake fur, and she goes to buy cosmetics Chruch:"I still need to go there … ordered shine for lips, lipstick … "Tatiana does not want to have a conversation recorded, agrees to say only a few words — she regrets that trade in the stadium will not be;"All traded, traveling, and everything was perfect — both for us and them."Authorities in Warsaw and many inhabitants of the Polish worth, but think differently — Stadium which is quite far

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Polish border guards and customs officers left Warsaw Bridge

Only 105 days Poland officially join the Schengen area. But the Polish border guards and customs officers have already left "Warsaw Bridge".Here’s what he said now, our correspondent from Brest:"At the border crossing" Warsaw Bridge "no queues. On site number 1 out of Poland — about 20 cars, mostly with Polish rooms. At the exit there are eight control strips. Serve them only Belarusian service. Polish customs officials went to Terespol. Joint inspection anymore. border with Poland became more standard. More orderly. "According to the Municipal Customs Committee of Belarus, through the "Warsaw Bridge" in This year moved more than

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In the center of Warsaw held a picket in support of Alexander Kozulin

"Due to the fact that we are in a democratic country, they will not have any permission from the authorities on such actions, we come to the very center of Warsaw, to express solidarity and to remind Poles that in Belarus there are political prisoners in our country must be returned to democracy "- said Igor Krishton.The picket participants held white-red-white flags, large portrait of Alexander Kozulin and banners reading "Dictator in jail", "Freedom for Kazulin", "Belarus to Europe — Lukashenko to The Hague."

Solidarity picket was held in Warsaw

Now held in Warsaw on the occasion of a day or a picket of solidarity with Belarusian political prisoners and politicians. About 10 ka Belarusians living in the Polish capital, gathered in the center of Warsaw, near the presidential palace and monument to Adam Mickiewicz with state flags, portraits of disappeared politicians and placards reading "Freedom to political prisoners", "dictator in jail."One of the picketers Adolf Droplet said correspondent our radio:"We are always mindful of those who disappeared, who is in jail at the moment and especially in today in solidarity with them. 16th of every month we go out

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Belarusian Popular Album in Warsaw

Lyceum Director Vladimir Kolos states that "People’s album" fascinating first that neither young Belarusians, Poles or do not know much about the history of Western Belarusian lands in the interwar period.Kolos: "People’s album," I think is fascinating to me and others that restores plastic culture, which has already destroyed. In the 20s-30s in Russian Belarus reigned genocide, and for some ordinary dreams and aspirations of the people were simply killed. And here is the "Simple words and ordinary things," as sung in one of the songs. " At the Warsaw premiere came in the midst of other recognizable director Miroslaw

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Belarusian lyceum show in Warsaw Folk music performance

Lyceum students demonstrated a musical performance by the "People’s album" is a 2-Polish towns — in Zakopane, Gdansk."We are looking for young people first with artistic opportunities who wished would dedicate two weeks vacation on their own role in a certain Polish-Belarusian play "- says Katarzyna Pergul with studio" Everest ", which is the producer of the play and immediately takes on the movie directed by high school students.In Warsaw, the jury headed by director Vladimir Kolosov Lyceum could not find a sufficient number of Poles who wished would take the role of in the play — maybe prevented the

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After studying what the enterprises?

Acting salting Belarus to Poland Pavel Latushko in an exclusive interview our radio studies referred helpful:"Holding such meetings helps to get the latest information on the socio-economic development of the country, which is needed in the implementation of our national interests — for As the last, and in Poland. For example, in line with the Belarusian-Polish relations motivate me meeting in the Ministry of Energy, the Belarusian Potash Company, in commercial enterprises of Belarus. "Belarusian Embassy in Warsaw note that the dynamics of Belarusian exports here as before persists. In This year it is 11%. But as stated Latushko salting,

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Our homeland Poland and argue about the meat supply

Pronouncing in Moscow Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Warsaw should "see a positive signal from the Russian side," namely the willingness of Russia to open up its own market for the export of live cattle from Poland. Meanwhile foreign minister Affairs Anna Fotyga said that such statements indicate an increase Putin embargo."I wish to say is true — up This time Russian embargo bows live animals, so Putin’s words — it’s almost an extension of the embargo, and not some "positive signal" — said Mrs. Fotyga.Meanwhile Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Agriculture Minister Andrzej Leper, commenting on Russian president

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In Warsaw, picketed the Belarusian Embassy

The building of the Belarusian Embassy in Warsaw, about 15 people came — Belarusians and Poles. Participants of the rally held white-red-white flags and sought to end the trial of activists "Junior Front. "By picket organizer Sergei Marchyk, shares support abroad are important for those who are in Belarus.Marchik: "The regime has made concessions. During the week vyzvaenyya from prison three political prisoners. Do not know what exactly it is connected, but the pressure of international organizations, for sure, had a value here. ‘Cause you need to continue the action, show foreigners that people dissatisfied with the regime a lot.

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