Incomprehensible formation on the skin: what to do?

Almost all the people on the skin, there are small cosmetic defects of different types and sizes. Some of them are safe, but not very aesthetic, the other is better to quickly get rid of. To understand how to include your own, consult an experienced beautician, a dermatologist.

Remove all the excess skin from the best in the winter — the lack of sunlight and heat will allow the process of healing take place peacefully.

Growths on the skin that removes cosmetologist, are divided into two groups:

those in which the occurrence of fault infection Benign enlargement of any

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Warts— Infectious benign tumors of the skin, having a form of nodules or papillae. The disease is caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). At the moment there are more than one hundred species (types) of HPV, some of them are harmless, others cause warts, others hit the genitourinary organs.

The virus that causes the development of warts, is transmitted by direct contact with an infected person, as well as through the common goods.

Contamination contributes to skin irritation and microtrauma — warts often occur in the course of scratches, cuts, etc. Tight and synthetic shoes can also

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Diagnosis and treatment of warts


Not all warts can be and should be removed. If they are of small size, are not subject to permanent injury, do not cause discomfort and cosmetic located on the genitals, the operation is not necessary. The basic approach in the treatment of warts is not to cause more harm than the warts themselves. Go to a dermatologist should be handled in the following cases:

If you notice a change in the shape warts or it hinders you in your work (for example, when it is located at the tip of a finger); if wart is painful,

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Papilloma: treatment time

If five years ago the most "fashionable" was diagnosed with chlamydia, but now his confidence has pressed HPV infection. She is more common and more difficult to be cured, but also can cause malignant transformation of tissues.

Just how dangerous this disease and how to treat it, says MD, gynecologist Luxury Marina O. Lazebnaya (Medical Center "VITAMED").

— Marina O., as transmitted human papilloma virus?

To date, the human papilloma virus (HPV) is one of the most common and important sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The virus infected the majority of the sexually active population. Infection (infection) occurs through

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Civilized methods: how to remove warts today?

The origin of warts

Anyone who has ever faced the warts — and studies show that more than half of all adults in the world! — Probably wondered why they were there with me? Indeed, no apparent cause can not explain the formation of warts on the skin — as the fact that the disease is viral in nature.

Virus — And in the case of warts are a type of human papilloma virus

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